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  1. I’ve just followed you☺️
  2. Devastated when I heard this news yesterday. He was not only an exceptional teacher but the most wonderful man with the biggest heart. He will be sorely missed by many in the dance world whom he inspired, encouraged and mentored. My heart goes out to Liv and Polly I can’t imagine how they are feeling😥❤️
  3. I suffer a lot with my shins and have found that not stretching out my calves has really really helped. I roll out my calves in the nights but the last couple of weeks have stopped stretching them out and touch wood the pain is more manageable. Also icing my shins just before bed rather than throughout the day is better.
  4. Going back to the OP’s question I just wanted to share a little of my experiences. I am coming to the end of my third year at Ballet West and I couldn’t be happier with the training and care I have received. My journey was far from straight forward believe me. A major injury half way through my first year left me pretty much off dance for six months and I would say I wasn’t fully recovered for the best part of a year. It was during this time that I experienced the care and compassion of all members of staff who took the time to make me feel included and part of the school community. On the night I got injured I had to be transferred to Glasgow for an emergency operation and a member of staff drove me there and stayed with me for 5 hours leaving at 5am even though he was teaching at 9 that morning. In my experience I can’t fault the pastoral care. I know that if I have a problem there is always somebody who I can pop and speak to. I have been given invaluable experiences through the annual tour and yearly showcase and have had the chance to perform in three full length productions as well as a solo in last years showcase and soloist roles in two Ballet excerts in this years showcase. These experiences coupled with the great all round training I have received over the three years I have been here gave me the confidence going into company auditions this year and just this week I received an offer of a contract from a UK company for next season. I have achieved more than I ever thought I could and have been pushed and encouraged to fulfil my potential even when I believed that I didn’t have any. Obviously these are my own experiences and other people’s may be different but just wanted to share my thoughts. I don’t want to make this any longer because I seem to have a habit of doing that😬 but feel free to PM me if anybody has a specific questions they want answered and I would be more than happy to have a chat🙂
  5. Hi, I’m currently in my third year at Ballet West feel free to send me a PM and i’ll be happy to answer any questions that you have🙂
  6. Thank you will take a look at the products you recommended. yes most days I just wear concealer with the foundation kept for assessments and things like that
  7. I don’t really wear foundation every single day just for assessments and things now usually but if my skin is really bad I don’t feel confident enough to go without it. It’s a vicious circle really. Do you have any recommendations for a good powder?
  8. Hope this is the right place to post a question like this if not feel free to move. I’m in full time vocational school and just wondering if anyone has any recommendations for makeup, especially foundation that stays put through multiple classes. I have quite oily acne prone skin and struggling to find things that don’t just melt off half way through class and leave me patchy. thanks in advance🙂
  9. I have sway backs and at school (Ballet full time) they tell me to stand with a small gap between my heels. Otherwise I’m technically standing on bent legs which causes issues with stability etc. Hope this helps, feel free to pm me with any other questions if you have them x
  10. anaballerina

    Genee 2017

    I am. I'm in third year🙂
  11. anaballerina

    Genee 2017

    Give a cheer for all the ballet west girls competing from me🙂🙂
  12. I have two brand new Revolution dancewear tutus for sale. one is white and gold the other black velour and white. They are both a size adult small and have never been worn. immaculate condition on original hangers and costume bags. Selling for £50 plus postage Pm me if you want to see photos or want anymore details about sizing etc they are absolutely beautiful tutus but need to sell as we are moving and have less storage
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