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  1. yesterday whilst driving to get DD from school I saw a 'suited' man standing by the boot of his car, in a layby, removing his trousers - i had to double take as he was just stripping in broad day light!!
  2. Eastleigh out - we are no but there's always next year
  3. Hi all, Just heard back and the confirmation is "Children must be 9 by 1st January following auditions" Neil - guess we will see you there next year
  4. Thank you for all the fab info balletmademum We have done a couple of big shows in our nearest City so have no issues with commitment. Also doing the chaperone role I've dropped them a line just before the suggestion on here - fingers crossed.
  5. Hi Spanner - i was the last person to post on the thread LOL I'm still trying to understand the age requirements vs dates for application / audition / show. Even if my friend doesnt follow thru with this, i'm pretty sure we will be but with a late summer birthday, events are often 'just missed' like the summer school in London this year, we were told NO as 4 days too young thankfully a couple of other places have been pretty pragmatic about being that close to the borderline
  6. A friend of mine has asked me to post the following questions (I have an interest too but for the future) as she doesn't have Internet access easily. How do you get involved in the London children's ballet audition process? Is the age taken at application, audition or for show date? When and where do they do rehearsals? Does cost much - costumes etc And any other info greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  7. In that case I guess we can stop letter box watching until Newcastle letter are out at least
  8. I didn't hear them say anything about email or letters at the Eastleigh one. Email would be super as we are 'ooop norf' for must of July. Can anyone confirm one way or other about this?
  9. Thanks for all the replies! Lots of stuff to look at now
  10. Hi all, DS was telling me a friend has recently auditioned for Matilda in London - he is desperate to gain audition experience for shows, musical / Dance. I was curious how people get to know what auditions are taking place - is there a website to look on or are they recommended (by the dance schools they go to etc) I've searched and found lots of 'adult' auditions but nothing for juniors (he's 8, 9 in the summer hols). any advice greatly recieved (location - London / south)
  11. thanks JLAEI - i think it stemmed from using heels but couldnt understand that as they use heels in Character work
  12. My DD was picked for her school squa but we were told in no uncertain terms that ballet and gym do not mix I wont hijack the thread but i've also heard ballet and tap dont mix - any thoughts appreciated
  13. If it helps, we had an email acknologing recept then a few weeks later got the letter with session on it... that was for the Eastliegh Audition but assume its the same process?
  14. Heard some confusing conversations yesterday I'm hoping someone can enlighten me You can audition at any venue and if offered a class take classes at whichever venue you like? This seemed confusing to me - if they offer x number of places out and nearly everyone then chooses the same one location surely you'd get a huge class and several small ones elsewhere? Could a child audition at two different venues?
  15. hey Ballet sister - we were there lot less competitve than i expected and seemed quite calm
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