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  1. Hi, my daughter has done both a couple of times. You have to pay for EYB, auditions are done in front of parents through one round. The whole rehearsals and show are over with within a month - 6 weeks. A nice experience, costumes are good and all the children enjoy it. LCB is based in London and is free of charge. The 1st audition is done, then if successful you are invited to stay for call backs. You then receive an invite to finals if successful again, this happens a month later. If you are then lucky enough to get in you are invited back to casting. Whole experience from audition to show is from October - April. A wonderful experience, very professional. My daughter loved LCB and performing on the west end. Hope this helps. Nancy x
  2. Thank you. What a wonderful read. Good luck to your son and daughter for the future years!
  3. Yes it looks to be cut in half, the audition process started in November, with first round, call backs and finals. Then casting early December, rehearsals started first weekend in January X
  4. LCB is definitely a worth while experience. My DD has taken part in main company for last three years and is now sadly too old to audition this year. We weren't London based and it was a whole family commitment to get to rehearsals each weekend. With the new reduced rehearsal programme it's not such a big commitment, it took over our lives from November through to April. If you can make London easily, I would highly recommend auditioning. The auditions themselves are great experience, so worth having a go just for that reason, plus the chance to see Central school of ballet!!
  5. Hi everyone, just wondered if anyone has a grade 7 RAD DVD they want to sell, before I order one from website. Nothing on eBay at the mo so thought I'd ask here. Many thanks Nancy X
  6. Hi everyone. I'm now on the look out for RAD grade 7 DVD if anyone has one they wish to sell. Many thanks Nancy X
  7. So LCB little Lord fontleroy finished yesterday. Did anyone get to go and watch, and what did you think. I thought this years production was amazing, utterly spellbinding. Congratulations to all the beautiful dancers, my DD loved every minute of the experience and was so sad this was her last year.
  8. Well done!! A truely inspiring story. Thank you for sharing X
  9. Sorry for all the no's. But please do try again, my daughter got to finals the first time and had a no. But then has been successful the last 2 years. I'm pleased to report I've just received a yes email for this year. It will be her final one so she's so excited!! Well done to all for getting this far x
  10. Oh really?? That's interesting. Hate to throw this about but last years 'no's' were out first!
  11. Good luck all. This is a brilliant achievement to get this far. Last year the cast were told that all who made finals were up to standard dance wise and a lot is based upon height and look at the final audition. This will be my daughters last LCB if she's lucky enough to get in!
  12. Last years results came out on the Thursday after Sunday's finals. Hoping this year will be quicker if coming via email!! Fingers crossed for everyone x
  13. Good luck too all auditioning. It's a wonderful experience. Too get this far is an amazing achievement. x
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