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  1. I am puzzled about the Elmhurst finals. I understand they took very few boys last year compared with girls. I am really curious as to why there appears to be so few spaces for boys. I don't suppose there is anyone on here who would have an idea of the number of boys spaces for this year and/or how many have been asked back for finals.
  2. Quick question about Elmhurst finals! I have been told that Elmhurst always invite all their J.A's back for the final audition. Can anyone confirm this or is it just a silly rumour?
  3. To all the parents of smaller ds's out there who are reading this and thinking "oh no"! please have heart! I have just finished reading about the hottest current talent of the ballet world, Ivan Vasiliev, dubbed "sex on legs" He is current principal dancer and in huge demand. So, being 5 ' 8" has certainly not harmed his career. When asked if he thumps his associates when they refer to his height he says "no, I just do what they cannot do, jump higher and pirouette faster and better" Big or small, where there's a will, there's a way!
  4. Thank you all! I have now found an excellent and highly respected dance physio who believes that the rolling in is reasonably mild and has given exercises which should correct the problem. It will take several months of working on the exercises daily but hopefully we will see results. When I looked on the internet it said that this problem had to be dealt with before the age of six but the physio assured me this was not so. He wasn't keen on the use of orthotics and said he felt it more important to train the feet through exercise in the first instance. We have to go back in two weeks to see if they are starting to work, fingers crossed!
  5. Thank you! Sorry, should have said, he mentioned this to me quite a long time ago now but I stupidly thought it was something that would correct itself. I guess the dance physio, when I get hold of one, will be able to help. How would I go about finding orthotic insoles? I have never heard of them. Gosh what would I do without you all and how on earth did I cope before I joined this forum, so weird!!
  6. Oh dear! I thought my ds needed help with flexibility/splits but it seems there is something more to worry about. Speaking to his ballet teacher tonight ( an amazingly knowledgeable man whom I trust implicitly) it seems my ds has a problem with rolling in his feet. Now as I have said before, I know nothing about ballet, but he asked my ds to demonstrate this and I could see immediately what he meant by it. Is this a disaster? Has anyone come across it before and can it be corrected? He is just 11, doing ballet for 2 yrs 4 months. I am now very worried (just for a change) which isn't great as we are off to Tring tomorrow.
  7. Bou......... I may have given the wrong idea by my post. I wasn't aiming the comment " be nice to people on the way up etc" at you. I was coming from the angle of some of the parents you meet along the way, and there are some but most are lovely. I think you were just voicing your opinion and I was saying take care on here, cross wires. I don't know how long your daughter has been doing ballet but here is what happened to us regarding JA's. My ds fell into ballet (long story) by accident. Three months after starting his teacher suggested the JA audition. Less than six months after his first lesson we were at the JA audition,him knowing virtually nothing. One of the parents of a super bendy boy, when enquiring how long my ds had been dancing said " never mind, he can always try again if he doesn't get in" well, he did get in and her super bendy boy never did appear at the classes. The JA's are an amazing experience! My ds has loved every minute and has made some lovely friends there and so have I. Remember a possible no is not the end either. The only boy from our JA group to make it to White Lodge finals was only successful on his third attempt to get into JA's. With RBS you really can't second guess anything!!! Good luck to your dd x
  8. Hi Bou. as JulieW has already said, be careful what you say on here as we would all be surprised at how many people we know if all identities were revealed. I had a message from one of the dads saying that my ds should do ok as he knew who he was. There was nothing sinister at all but it made me think. I know you say you are not concerned but in my experience it is best to keep opinions under wraps. I have come across quite a few power mad parents but to be honest I just smile and try not to be drawn into conversation with them. It's a funny old business really but to be honest you are better just focusing on your dc and her talents. You will always get someone who thinks their dc is amazing but the proof of the pudding is in the eating as they say. I know my ds is not the most amazing dancer ever but he has an amazingly kind heart and for me that will always win over the perfect pair of ballet feet. I am not criticising you by the way, just saying be careful. I heard a saying once that I try to remember, be nice to everyone when you are on your way up. You may meet them again when you are on your way down.
  9. Sorry about your no tomuchtallent. Must admit we were very upset re White Lodge but you soon move on. Good luck at Elmhurst!!!
  10. Thank you dance momma and billyelliott. I have decided to ask nothing and just forget White Lodge. There is no point focusing on what you can't change better to look forward to Elmhurst finals and Tring on Thursday.
  11. I will probably pluck up the courage to ask his JA teacher for her opinion, guess it can't hurt. We have tring this week, does anyone know how that compares to Elmhurst regarding number of boys auditioning please?
  12. Thank you for replies regarding splits. I will be speaking to his teacher on Tuesday but for the moment I have told him not do do them as I do believe his determination is causing him to push himself too hard.
  13. Thank you for all your good wishes! Apologies if I missed the Elmhurst no's and commiserations to you! I see suzyszoo also has Tring on Thursday, what time will your ds be auditioning?
  14. Hi to everyone and thanks for trying to clarify WL no letter. I just assumed all WL no letters said the bit about being a strong contender for mids. Just assumed it was a nice let down to appease after reject so would be nice if I was wrong. I too thought it a bit suspicious about the other girl's specific no letter. Her parents did think she almost had a guaranteed place as she was picked for nutcracker. It made me wonder if my ds just had too many reasons to list regarding it being a no! Consulting JA teacher for feedback............. Has anyone done that? Is it ok to do? I have always felt as though she doesn't have much time for me, a bit evasive/none committal. Sorry to be a pain but how do you copy a bit of the text from another message onto your message please?
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