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  1. Merry Christmas Everyone, and a very Happy New Year.
  2. My dd, like Fiz's daughter , gave up when she first started school, she continued with her street dance classes during this time. After a while she wanted to go back, but I waited a while as I didn't want her dipping in and out and changing her mind again. She now loves ballet and finds it helps with her flexibility in her street dance too. I personally think that it isn't worth encouraging your dd to continue something she isn't enjoying particularly as she said she doesn't like it anymore. I think that if you make them continue something they don't enjoy, they hate it even more. Perhaps not doing it for a while will give her the chance to see if she really wants to give it up.
  3. Hello Motomum, I hope you don't mind, but I would like to share my experience. My son, aged 10, also has high functioning autism. He doesn't do ballet, my dd aged 8 is the ballet dancer in the family, but he does street dance, along with his sister. The dance school he now attends is fully aware of his needs and have been absolutely amazing, unfortunately his previous dance school was not so understanding. He dipped in and out of classes, and although he always rehearsed the numbers, it was always debatable whether he would actually perform in the annual show or the festivals due to nerves and confidence issues. At last years show we didn't know if he would actually go on stage, but with encouragement from his teachers, although very nervous, he did. Fast forward a year and imagine my amazement when he announced he had a solo in this years show. I must admit, whilst congratulating him, I had concerns about him actually performing on the day. Well, the show was last weekend. Along with Daddy, G' Parents Aunts and Uncles we went to support the children in their show. I must admit to feeling very nervous, perched on the edge of my seat when the time came for his solo, would he do it? The lights went down and a lone figure walked out on stage, head bowed, waiting for the music to start. Heart in my mouth I willed him on with everything I had. I watched as he danced, spun, jumped and twirled with every ounce of his being throughout the whole routine, never once faltering. At the end, with a flourish and a huge grin on his face, he bowed and ran off the stage to applause and cheers. At this point I couldn't see through the tears and noticed that the whole family were also wiping away the tears. I later heard that the dance school owner had tears running down her face in the wings. I have never felt so proud in my life and know it is due, in no small part, to the support and encouragement he has received from the school. He certainly isn't the best dancer they have, but they were prepared to let him have a go and encouraged him every step of the way. I am so glad I was open with them about his needs because they have embraced them, and him, making me one very proud Mummy.
  4. I recently received an old vhs video that a friend thought I would find interesting. I think it was from a programme called "The House" and featured The Nutcracker Ballet during rehearsal and performance. I think the date was around 1999 and Anthony Dowell was auditioning the children at White Lodge. The interesting thing was the part of Clara was played by a child at the start of the show. I really enjoyed seeing the part played by a child and wondered when, and why the decision was made to change it to an adult role?. I know a lot of International companies use a child Clara/Masha and was just interested to know the reason it changed. Can anyone help?
  5. Lovely news, congratulations and well done.
  6. Hello Plie22. Bristol Russian do adult beginners and they also do adult improver classes. It is an excellent school with classes based at the Tobacco Factory Theatre and John Lloyd sports centre. They have a good website and are also on facebook. 344 dance centre also offer adult dance classes, they are based in Fishponds..They also have a website and a facebook page. I hope this helps.
  7. My little dd does ISTD ballet, she also did tap alongside the others in her class. Like your dd she didn't enjoy it so we decided to stop as I couldn't see the point of continuing something she didn't enjoy. She loves her ballet and street dance classes so we concentrate on them. If she changes her mind in the future we will reconsider, she is only 7 so there is plenty of time for mind changes in the future!
  8. Huge congratulations, so happy for you both. My dd is still very young, but I so enjoy sharing your stories. I am up with you on the "ups" and down with you on the "downs", and realize what a roller coaster ride this is for you all. My dd may never get to where you children are now but it will never stop me enjoying your talented daughters journeys.
  9. Congratulations to wigglybunny and MummysBoy's DS's.
  10. Thank you for all your replies, I had great fun reading them. As an aside, I spoke to my lovely Mother-in-law who was sitting next to very smug Hubby at the show, who told me he didn't have a clue which one was little dd. A lady sitting a few seats away who had helped backstage pointed her out to bewildered hubby! Just wait until he gets back from Rugby , Sunday Dinner,Hah! I'm sure I saw a frozen fishcake and some peas stuck to the bottom of the freezer.
  11. I was unable to watch my 7year old daughters Winter Dance Show due to work commitment which I was unable to change. She was very understanding and had lots of family supporting her including Daddy. I ordered the Dvd and looked forward to watching it with her. When it arrived I could'nt help having a sneaky look while she was at school, and recognising the costume for her part I eagerly sat to watch. On danced all these little dancers and I DID'NT KNOW WHICH ONE WAS HER, THEY ALL LOOKED THE SAME.!! I squinted at the screen, moved closer an still could'nt tell. When Hubby came home I asked him, he stared at me in disbelief put on the dvd and pointed her out. Of course once pointed out I could easily tell it was her [ well sort of ] and was able to watch it with her later and pretend I knew all along. Am I a bad ballet Mummy?
  12. I just saw a lovely picture of the new year 7's on the Elmhurst facebook page. They looked very happy.
  13. Bristol Russian Ballet School has an adult beginners and improvers class on Wednesdays 7.30-8.30. It is held at the David Lloyd centre, Long Ashton.
  14. Well, I've done it. I've contacted my dds ballet school and enrolled in adult ballet classes. I've never had a ballet lesson in my life! Now to pluck up the courage to actually walk into the class. Watch this space!!
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