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  1. This will be our first time doing NYB so I couldn't answer your questions Flora. All I know is Dd's in 'Cinderella' 'Four Seasons' and cover for 'Trotters'. Trotters sounds interesting, I have images of pigs doing ballet :-)
  2. Good news for us, DD got a MC part :-) we had a letter in the post today
  3. I'm amazed it's only taken DD 3 weeks to settle at Vocational school. She's just had her first exeat weekend and couldn't wait to return. Initially her plan was not to even speak on the phone at first as she felt it would make her homesick but by the end of the week she was fine and we now skype every other night, it's great to see their faces and as dtadmin said in an earlier post you can see they're happy :-) Out first exeat has been like a whirlwind of shopping and visitors so myself and 'dad ' are actually looking forward to 4 weeks of a peaceful life before she comes home again :-) it's GREAT!!!!
  4. Tracey, I would email them if I were you and ask them to send you the details. I emailed them a year ago on the off chance they had something for my 13 year old and they invited her to assess her straight away and she joined the RAD Saturday program the following Week and had a great year. So don't miss out as the program started this Saturday. Just email them as they may not have updated their website yet.
  5. My daughter did this class last year too, it's good to see they've extended it and are now advertising it as an associate course.
  6. I think it's good that they don't get their phones until after supper time, at least we can relax a bit in the day and not keep checking our phones every 2 minutes for messages :-)
  7. Ah bless her and that must be so hard for you dtadmin :-(
  8. We've just arrived home too from dropping off DD .. After seeing how upset she got yesterday at a little leaving gathering we had I was very concerned about today but there were no tears at all from any of us, it was far too exciting for tears :-) I really hope she settles well, makes some great friends and makes the most of this opportunity. I can't wait to hear all about it in 3 weeks when we get to bring her home for the first weekend.
  9. Just set off ... Seriously emotional but happy :-)
  10. Oh no she is on the top floor as well :-( I will take a few bags of spinach in my back pocket sparkledust :-) Good luck for Sunday Harwel and any other new starters :-)
  11. Harwel, what year is your child going into? If I cry my daughter will kill me :-( and if dad crys ...I'll kill him. We're going to be a nightmare but will try not to stress and enjoy it :-) got a little leaving party to deal with first.
  12. Sorry just another quick question, Is it normal for boarders to take 2 cases plus all their bedding. I'm wondering if we have too much luggage or is this normal ?
  13. Thanks everyone for the support and pm's I really appreciate it.
  14. Lovely post Julie, glad I'm not the only one feeling sick and jittery :-( never been one for panic attacks but I think I've been having one long one for the last few weeks :-(
  15. Ah that would be lovely I'm so glad they made contact with each other it's been really good for K :-)
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