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  1. Thank you all for your advice and ideas - some things to work on!
  2. She’s had a pointe shoe fitting not that long ago and got a couple of different styles of shoes. She does have on all the spacers etc on when fitting. Im wondering if she got them wide enough. I think the dance physio may be the first step but I’m wondering does anyone on the forum know anyone who’s continued to dance successfully after a bunion operation?
  3. Hi, yes she does wear toe spacers. I think part of the problem is that she has reasonably flat feet so always prone to rolling in. She had arch supports in her normal shoes through secondary school. Fiz - did your daughter get assessed by a dance physio before deciding to go for the op? Do you think that would be the first step? Just worried that doctors/hospitals may not be sympathetic towards dancers!
  4. Hi, looking for advice regarding bunions in dancers. My daughters is at vocational school and her bunions are now hurting so she is reluctant to do pointe work. We were wondering if anyone out there has had an operation to correct them and if they were able to dance professionally afterwards. She does not want a career in ballet but more contemporary, jazz or cruise work ( thinking high heels). If she were to get an operation she would probably take a year out and then go back to complete her third year. Any advice or potential solutions welcome.
  5. I have six Hammond blue Arabesque leotards for sale of varying amount of use - a couple practically new, in sizes 2, 2a and 3. Please contact me if interested.
  6. Hi, I have for sale: 3 x size 2 royal blue Arabesque dance leotards - the blue is not a bright as it used to be but good spares - 2 with a chest lining, one without. All have my daughter's name plastered over them (on the inside) so would need to be erased somehow. £2 each plus postage 2 x size 2a royal blue Arabesque dance leotards - much better condition and brighter - one practically new - also with name plastered on in varying degrees - £5 each plus postage. 1 X Wear Moi Elipse in Pacific colour - name also written on chest lining. Age 10-12. £5 plus postage. Tiny dance tracksuit - top and bottoms - would fit a short dancer who could fit into the above leotards - actual size has been washed out, but her overall height on making was 54" I have taken the trousers down by an inch so that it lasted longer! Good for what is needed if on a budget! £5 plus postage. Daughter is still at Hammond so could pass on if required to save postage, given time to bring them back. Please PM with any questions.
  7. Sorry - don't know how the smiley got there - it was the second letter of the alphabet I was aiming for, but daren't write it again in case it smiles at me again!
  8. Hello, Regarding qualifications from a sixth form dance course, can anyone tell me whether the qualification (diploma/degree etc.) they obtained has been asked for/useful when getting a job a) within the dance world and outside the dance world? Also is there a recognised difference in perceived standard between types of diploma - e.g. a Trinity level 6 diploma and a diploma accredited by the BDQT? Is it better to attend a school accredited by the CDET and would that really make a difference on your c.v? Thanks.
  9. Hi, My youngest did BTDA ballet and RAD (graded, not vocational) simultaneously before she moved dance schools. Looking back at her certificates, she took Grade 3 BTDA four months before she took Grade 2 RAD. I seem to remember they got tested on the vocabulary of ballet as well in BTDA.
  10. Many thanks for all your replies on these. Can anyone shed any light on the other school?
  11. Can anyone advise me how many hours of actual dance per week (as oppose to academic studies) upper school students have at Tring, Hammond, Laines, Ballet West, Rambert and KS Dance? Thanks!
  12. That's Planet Dance in the Northern Ballet building btw!
  13. There are shops in Darlington, Sunderland, Northallerton and Hartlepool (not been to this one but tried all the rest) but would recommend Northern Ballet in Leeds (you have to phone to make appt first) - they are also a lot cheaper!
  14. ​"The Music and Dance scheme, which provides grants to talented young artists who could not otherwise afford to attend world-class institutions like the Royal Ballet School, will receive an additional £29 million a year until 2018". www.gov.uk/government/news/thousands-of-children-to-benefit-from-music-and-arts-investment
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