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  1. Thanks YellowCar! Let's strive forward now! I'm going to do my best to get Phoenix off the ground and to get more paid jobs available to local children & young people in television and theatre. Got a few things up my sleeve. Just need a bit of support and patience. I think Bristol/SW England is going to be my toughest challenge yet. But I'll crack it :-)
  2. Hi, I'm David Stinson. I find the above feed quiet upsetting with the amount of work I put into creating outstanding opportunities for young people. This kind of talk can be quiet damaging to a school/associates. If you look at our website www.phoenix-associates.co.uk you will see the incredible opportunities I bring to students in the UK. The lady from Bristol - Yellow Car - that was a simple administrative mistake - for some reason the email didn't send to her and I've since seen it bounced back. Since, her daughter has been offered a full scholarship to attend our London Associates until we
  3. As a ballet teacher, I would be happy for my students parents to take them to the physio! However, I know a lot of ballet teachers that think they know best. Lets face it, ballet isn't natural. And everybody's body's are different. It's important to get checked out if your uncomfortable or in pain. Teachers should encourage this! Don't feel bad! You've done nothing wrong.
  4. Hi, thanks for your message! Here are the answers to your questions. Also, you can email me at london@i-path.biz for further information or you can give me a bell on 020 3714 3393. 1. There is no formal audition process. 2. Yes - we expect at least Grade 3 Ballet and/or equivalent. 3. Yes - classes are based on ability. 4. We will have regular teachers, but mostly, they'll be guest teachers each month. The idea of our associates is that we offer different opportunities and approaches to training. Students get their consistent training with their local dance school - they get something v
  5. Hi parents/carers, (I hope I'm not breaking the rules on promoting this associates course). Phoenix Associates are launching further associates. They will be holding once a month Sunday Associates in Central London, Loughborough and Bristol. Students will get taught by top industry professionals from leading dance companies to West End Shows. All of their teachers are current performers. Students take classes in Musical Theatre, Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Jazz Dance and Broadway Dance. They also have some very special guest teachers lined up throughout the next school year including:
  6. I'm so sorry! I find it hard to find my old posts as there are so many... I've just seen that I can go into 'My content' as one of my students parents shown me after seeing my telling off... Do forgive me as I am only trying to offer students on here outstanding training! I literally come on here to post useful information for potential students - many of which have come to me from BalletCoForum! The site can be very confusing if you are not constantly using it, especially when you are using other sites too and with all due respect, I don't really have the time to read the terms and conditions
  7. No - this isn't associated with Arts Ed. We simply hire out their premises.
  8. AUDITIONS! Ages 10 - 18 are invited to audition or have a trial day on one of our Associate Courses which include Intermediate Classical Ballet, Advanced Classical Ballet, Intermediate Musical Theatre, Advanced Musical Theatre Courses, held every Sunday during term time from 10.30am - 3pm at ARTS ED School, London. From only £336 a term. Work with the most elite dancers and choreographers from the West End and around the world! Check out www.stinsonstageacademy.com Email london@i-path.biz Call: 07500 701521 We look forward to hearing from you!
  9. If we have enough evidence of demand - we can organise a workshop somewhere and I can bring my faculty to you!!! :-) We also have students travelling from Leicester every week so if anyone is from the Midlands, I could try and arrange car shares or even lifts every week... Just let me know. It is a bit rubbish that London is South and far out from the rest of the UK... My little sister who is a dancer has to travel from Leicester every week to come to her big bro's academy in London. I remember when I first went to London to my first dance class... Ahhhhh... It was amazing!!!! But if t
  10. SSA are launching three associate courses from September at Arts Educational School, Chiswick, London that will take place every Sunday 10.30am – 3.00pm during term time at just £28 per week. 1. Classical Ballet & Contemporary Dance (Intermediate Level i.e. Grade 3 – 5) & (Advanced Level i.e. Vocational Grades) 2. Musical Theatre (Intermediate Level i.e. Grade 3 – 5) & (Advanced Level i.e. Vocational Grades) 3. Commercial Street Dance (Intermediate Level i.e. Grade 3 – 5) & (Advanced Level i.e. Vocational Grades) Any potential talent, we would be more than happy to invi
  11. If you are aged between 10 - 18 and want to enhance your current training, then please visit www.stinsonstageacademy.com to book an audition for either the second half of our summer term or for September start. Venue 1: Danceworks, Balderton Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 6TG Venue 2: Arts Ed, 14 Bath Road, Chiswick, London, W4 1LY (From September 2014, all classes will run from Arts Ed) Courses we offer are: 1. Classical Ballet (Ballet, Pas de Deux, Contemporary, Jazz) 2. Musical Theatre (Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Singing, Acting) 3. Street Dance (Street, Break, Locking & Popping, Commerc
  12. AUDITION NOTICE: ELITE DANCE AND MUSICAL THEATRE TRAINING IN LONDON'S WEST END @ Danceworks, Central London For ages 11 - 18 year olds From 10am - 1pm On Sunday 27th April Talented young dancers and performers from around the UK are invited to audition for a place at the prestigious Stinson Stage Academy (SSA) in the West End for a chance to enhance their local training and work with professional dancers and choreographers. Based at Danceworks, off Oxford Street, the once a week elite intensive training will offer two courses: Classical Dance Course and Musical Theatre Course aimed
  13. Further auditions this weekend at Danceworks, West End, London! Email london@i-path.biz
  14. If your child would like to top up their training in either Classical Ballet or Musical Theatre, then they can audition for a place at Stinson Stage Academy. Located at Danceworks, Central London Every Sunday during Term Time 10am - 2.30pm £28 a week Work with West End Stars and Principal Ballet Dancers from around the world. Also work with Chantry Dance Company (associates at Sadlers Wells) and BOP Dance Company led by internationally famous jazz choreographer Dollie Henry. Audition Sunday 13th April 2014 from 12pm-3pm Danceworks, Balderton Street, London Nearest Tube: Bond
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