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  1. Mr.Mola has Alina's photos on his house and admires JK work. However, he has a different perspective. Maybe because he loves ONB.
  2. annamicro, I see you go on attacking me. No, I don't know perfectly as I am not as closed to some of the the sources as you do. But there is a link here on this forum with a press release signed by 51 ballet dancers (sorry not 52). As regards the official website - with no General Manager until May 20th - as per the new Minister declaration - I wonder who takes responsability for any official initiative.
  3. Truth hurts. Sometimes is much better to admire an artist for his performance and not extend his artistry to his personality. I would say going public to this extend, JK has done too much harm to be welcomed to ONB. Trying to go even further using political intervention is absolutely outrageous. There are 52 ballet dancers from his department saying he is not wanted, what else to be said?
  4. I really don't understand this. One day you resign and the next day you negotiate? What a pressure on the Minister who first created the position and now wants to negotiate a resignation based on an international media scandal. How would it feel if this was happening in UK and instead of JK was an anonymous or someone you don't necessary admire that much?
  5. If he has not decided, why did he fax his letter? Just to create media pressure? I would call this blackmail.
  6. Facts are : the Minister of Culture created a position just for JK, which first he accepted and then he turned it off. He sent his resignation by fax - his resignation was accepted. What's the use of the petition? JK has already decided for himself. Whatever is going on right now is called a media circus.
  7. annamicro, I won''t go any further. I am not here to throw accusations or spread falsities. I don't take anyone's part and I don't have any personal interest as I don't work or collaborate with the Opera. And I don't want to ask you too "what is your interest in backing JK". I assume you are genuine and true in what you say, no matter how you want to make an interpretation of the details you get from your connections. So there is no need to be acide with me. I just wanted to show another side and say that the truth is somewhere in between, as sometimes we are all inclined to see things as we like and discard all other points of view. Again, I am not saying I am right, just wanted to make my point across and unfortunately all the details you mention favour it.
  8. Dear annamicro, I have been misinformed about the ballet masters and obviously there are details you know better. However, I may ask, why didn't they come for rehearsals? In my job, if my boss is fired, I don't go home in sign of solidarity, leaving projects undone and people disappointed. I either continue to work or decide to quit as well. This is my point of view, everyone is welcome to share it or not, but I certainly do not appreciate the way you are treating me.
  9. There were 2 performances this weekend and there were extensive rehearsals during the week with the 2 ballet masters (Karl Burnett, Bruce Sansom). Alina C. and a couple of other dancers decided to quit rehearsals - as per her tweet dated April 6th, 4 days prior her announced performance. An update. Johan has organized for some of his dancers a protest in front of the Opera House. What happened was that Alina Cojocaru declared she would never get on the ONB stage and together with her, another 30 dancers wanted to quit the institution. Unfortunately I have news that it has been worst than imagined, which is a shame - the exact reason for I won't enter any detail. I wonder how will Alina save the efforts of her last 2 years by taking such a drastic decision which mainly affects us, the public. “For they sow the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” I rest my case. A bon entendeur, salut!
  10. annamicro I trust you believe this. I also know that she will always be more than welcome in Romania if she decides to ever dance again. However , my feeling from reading her tweet was that she was imposing her point of view as she would dance only under the circumstances that JK is AD. I believe that dancers go on stage for the public. I believe that dancers go beyond politics and don't fight fire with fire, they fight fire with dance. Once again, Alina was here, she could have rehearsed as it was not her name involved in this circus - but she chose not to. We, as Romanians, cannot loose Alina. She is a great artist and belongs to the world, I can only hope she will choose not to denigrate her country, but to follow her good heart and be a true artist.
  11. Today the GM accepted JK'resignation letter (sent by fax). This is a translation of the press release. This morning, Mr.Johan Kobborg has officially asked to cease his work contract and all the other contracts he holds with Bucharest National Opera. His appeal was accepted. Bucharest National Opera would like to thank Mr.Johan Kobborg for his contribution to our institution and for his outstanding achievements.
  12. Again, I know Alina has a big heart. She has done numerous acts of charity, showing everyone what a good person she is. I am not discussing the value that JK brought to ONB. I know he did well beyond his duties and expectations. I am just saying about he is doing right now - with the same fierce.
  13. Alina went on strike for the whole week. She chose not to rehearse in support for her fiancee. She made it very clear on twitter saying, I quote "I will be performing ONLY under the management that made this ballet happen for our audience to enjoy, with KOBBORG as our leader". These are exactly her words, including the capital letters. Everyone may read the statement on her twitter or on JK's FB wall. I would say Mr. Conta, the GM was trying to protect her image when he decided to only mention the unavailabilty of F. Vogel.
  14. There is absolutely no intention from me to deny either JK's qualities as an AD or AC' big heart. I went to all new performances and indeed JK did a brilliant job and managed to bring a fresh breath into the company. Things went wrong from both sides (JK and management) and the truth is somewhere in the middle. But what he is doing right now is pure media manipulation. If he is right, why then doesn't he take his case to the court. Let's make justice and write all the articles in the world if he is proved to be right. Why does he have to instigate Alina and the young dancers (who are very fond of him)?
  15. You may indeed. I am in the audience, but thanks to facebook and tweeter, this case has become public. Including all the details which were meant to be unseen by the public eyes.I am not in favour of any of the 2 parts, just want you to know the facts. I actually bought tickets to Manon to see AC dancing and got offended that she decided to quit rehearsals until JK gets his job back. I got the money back - but I realize she will never dance again at ONB, as she only did it for JK not for the audience! I admire both as professionals , but I am afraid they both lost my respect for the way they acted.
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