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  1. Thank you tutu girl, just wondering if there may be any movement in the tring waiting list!
  2. Just wondering if anyone knows of any of those offered WL places were also given Mds at tring funding audition? Thanks
  3. Does anyone know how many for y9 at Elmhurst final please?
  4. Well done to the yeses and thinking of those with a no. I guess most of us on here knows how it feels, it's one heck of a journey! Surely those that have their mind and heart set on WL and have been given places now won't go to others finals??? If you know you are saying a definite yes to Wl then I don't think I would put myself through any more !
  5. Good luck everyone, thinking of you all!
  6. Dancefanatic, it is an amazing achievement to be invited to wl, I think even more so for the higher years. Your dd should and must realise how well she has done to get this far! You never know what they are looking for - perhaps if you feel its not the right school she will feel much more confident at Elmhurst from the beginning. Will keep my fingers crossed for you and may even see you on 15th. It's been a real nail biting time! Not sure I can do it all again next year. I hope your dd enjoyed the day anyway, well done to her and the results came out very quick last year! We auditioned Friday last year for y8,9,10 and results were out Monday by 4:30!
  7. Good luck every, enjoy the day. Can't believe its year since we were there. Fingers crossed for you all!
  8. Something comfortable and not too strappy/fussy is probably best. Good luck to all!
  9. They must be ordered per year group surely as its as much dependent on beds, surely?
  10. Was anyone brave enough to ring up to see if they will tell you position on the list?
  11. Any more good news from the ballet co forum family today re a yes for funding at tring?
  12. if they are numbering the children from 1-60 how does that work though for example there may be no spaces in y8 if no one is leaving so surely the funded places will go to the year groups where there is actually a bed, so if dd no 7 on the reserve list is next in line for funding but there are no beds in the yr group they are going for then surely they will move down the list? if that makes sense?
  13. How much is the deposit if you are given one of the MDS at tring?
  14. Ballet mum, are you for y7 and did you attend physio?
  15. Reserve list for us- wondering if everyone who attended funding auditions gets reserve list? Good luck everyone!
  16. Ok so we will all be waiting by our letter boxes tom!
  17. So based on last year lema, anytime from tom then!!
  18. I wonder if they give out all 6 ie have 6 funded beds definitely been saved? As there could be some that can afford to pay and already paid the deposit therefore securing beds? Mystery !
  19. Is your dd for year 8? Good luck to you. We're not holding out any hope for place with funding with only 6 mds. Does it say much in the letter?
  20. Does anyone know if results of funding audition for tring come by email or post? 2-3 weeks seems a long time to decide?
  21. Am hoping it will be sooner than 2-3 weeks, they did tell us they would be sitting down yesterday afternoon to discuss everyone !
  22. Amos, is it letter or email, I forgot to ask? Have no idea how many in gp 2 or if just boys. There were a couple of boys in gp 3 with my dd.
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