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  1. LJB do Pilates and rep with thier ballet and LSB do ballet and also Pilates and pointe work and contemporary (with a few of the older juniors doing pointe as well) so both schemes do a range of classes yes- hope that helps ????
  2. I think that is a really interesting article, and to offer an alternative view point from someone who has recently been through the audition rounds, it is a difficult issue as there is a pressure on the dancers as we are being told not to overstretch but also often expected to be crazy flexible and able to trick, as I personally feel that especially at musical theatre auditions, we are expected to be very flexible and some tricks are expected to an extent and are also seen as positive such as in the freestyle/improv sections in the Jazz classes. Ofcourse many talented dancers gain places with
  3. Maybe because a lot end with a turning sequence of men's leaps in a ménage around the stage and because most will turn to the right the circle goes to the right ending across the front of the stage and finishing in the right corner??
  4. You get 3 ( or however many judges there were) sets of the same video of your dance and each one has a different judge talking over the top with thier critiques- like a much better version of a festival certificate report! It's really useful because you can see exactly what they are talking about because it's as if you are watching the dance with them and they tend to give positive and negative, so will say what movements they like during the dance commenting 'pretty' or 'nice' and then also saying where your turn preperation needs work or to keep your shoulders down in your leap etc Hope th
  5. I think it depends on what universities you are looking at and what courses but if it helps I got offers from some top Russel group universities (Durham, Bristol & Exeter) with alevel dance as one of my options. Also it depends on what your predictions are for all of your subjects and the offer for the subject you are applying to- you can email the universities she wants to apply for and ask specifically with her other subjects and they can let you know if they would give offers including alevel dance or not, that is what I had to do before my school let me drop my 4th AS level Hope that
  6. I personally wear makeup on a daily basis so that's what I felt comfortable going into auditions wearing but I would say go with whatever feels comfortable for your dd, you don't want to add to the worry of auditions, but I do think a little makeup is nescesary especially if she was wearing some in her photos that they will be comparing her to. It can differ from school to school, for example I wore a light base and eyeliner and mascara for a ballet audition but wore a much heavier base with more eye make up and red lips for some musical theatre schools and people were even wearing false lashe
  7. Just wondering if anyone has heard about dada funding at Performers yet??
  8. Just wanted to share that after what feels like an eternity of auditioning and waiting I've finally had my results and was delighted to get offers from Laban and Performers and place on the reserve list at London studio centre! Now if everyone could just keep everything crossed that I'm near the top and that there's movement on the list so a place becomes available that would be much appreciated as it's my top choice lol !!
  9. I've missed my CBA assessment for two years over the course of me being there I think and seem to remeber they asses you during normal classes but they tend to know what class they want you in next year anyway and then when my report came it didn't have any marks in the assessment section just a class number for next year. (& and one of those years I didn't go to the assessment I did move up to group 6 so I don't think it will affect your progress massively if they think your ready to move with others from your class)
  10. If you mean istd tap and modern I've heard of 98% for the lower grades istd modern and an 100% for intermediate modern but I don't know people who for istd ballet
  11. Karate or taekwando style martial arts can help to develop the same sort of flexibility and strength, or gymnastics, which it sounds like he may be good at either but if he wants to start ballet due to the dancing side of it not just the core strength I think you unfortunately might have to let him!! You could also look into other styles of dance for him? I know the boys exercises in the modern and jazz syllabus tend to focus of strength of movement and use lots of floor movements, press ups and this would develop his strength too.
  12. So interesting to see that 95% of students accepted into white lodge were assosiates!! I also think that the figures for the number of children they have introduced to ballet via the outreach programmes is impressive
  13. Agreed it's often an issue but you have to consider that the auditions are staggered so places are offered moths apart and some schools (that may be your first choice) need finals whilst others (perhaps your second choice) didn't therefore you may hold a place at school b incase your plan a doesn't work out, which to me seems a sensible thing to do. Also in terms of funding, as different courses have different levels of financial aid and it often takes a while to find out if/ how much you have been awarded people will hold more than one place to ensure they have somewhere to train. Ofcourse th
  14. when my capezio dance bag began to break recently i decided to get a normal big backpack online! i got a really nice big backpack with padded straps and although it is a little harder to get things out and in that a bag which you lay things next to each other in, i organised the inside and it stops me carrying unnecessary stuff in and is also easier to carry and hurts your shoulder less!
  15. Thank you that would be really helpful!! That is amazing massive congratulations to her I don't know how she will be able to choose where to go!
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