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  1. This is such an interesting thread. I have seen lots of parents get caught up in the whirl of different hobbies especially when they have been given the nod that their child maybe ‘gifted’ in a certain area. With hindsight there is a degree of flattery that comes when your child has been picked out and it can be so easy to get carried away and let it take over your family life. I don’t regret the time and money we have put into our three youngsters different hobbies. The difference with the dancing is that there becomes a pressure to be at every class/festival/opportunity and this can lead to a manic timetable where simple things like sitting down to a family meal together become impossible. My DD has done LCB, EYB, Associates, festivals and exams and enjoyed it all. She changed dance school at the age of 14, after being there for 11 years, as she realised the gruelling schedule and pressure from the dance school was not what she wanted. The school she is at now is supportive and understands that there may be times when dance can’t come first. This has been a game changer for my DD. She is just as committed and wants to dance as much as possible but she feels less pressure and therefore the enjoyment shines through. My shred of of advice would be to support not suffocate and to really enjoy the incidentals like travelling to classes together, days out for auditions etc as these will be the defining memories for most DC who will reflect on them long into their adulthood when they may have put their pointe shoes away for good.
  2. Thankyou to all of those involved in the forum passed and present. This forum has given me lots of snippets of fabulous advice over the years and helped me to keep things in perspective in the unknown world of dance. My DD dances as a hobby but along the way has had fabulous opportunities some of which I have accessed only by reading posts on here from others that have shared their experiences. I have learnt to take time to sit back and enjoy the journey rather than always focusing on what is next.... the path we tread as parents is a precarious one but if we can share moments, be that chatting in the car on the way to a class, or as a proud parent in an auditorium, then these are the moments we will both remember and treasure as they slowly saunter off into adulthood.
  3. I would apply anyway and only worry about it if your child gets in. It is such a great thing to be part of but it’s very competitive with huge numbers applying for a relatively small number of places.
  4. However, have never said no to EYB if dates feasible! DD done it three times and loved it every time.
  5. You make a very good point there Pups_mum. I have had to learn to say no to things, which hasn’t always been easy, but in the long run has make a positive difference......Not just to the frazzled mum and the dancer in the family but to the poor souls who are always in the back of the car or who end out missing out on their hobbies because there’s a dancer in the house!
  6. Hi. Does anyone happen to know the date schedule for the Portsmouth EYB?
  7. My DD wasn’t successful after 2 attempts at JAs but I found this forum a mixed blessing at the time. This was because a disproportionate amount of Yes’s get posted. As quoted, numbers applying are huge so the vast majority will receive a no. I don’t want this to sound like a negative post, more a reality check for all those who haven’t posted, but may read the forum and may not have got a yes. As we all know lots that don’t make JAs enjoy success in other schemes like LCB, EYB and other associates.
  8. My dd has done this a couple of times. There were lots and lots of them on stage all at once in roatating lines doing combinations that they were taught. They also did their set piece a line at a time. At the end, when all the groups had danced, some numbers were called out for finals. We got a couple of nice photos but overall it wasn't one of the things my dd wanted to do again. We found that there were some much older girls who were dancing in the same grade as some of the younger ones. It's an experience for them and I hope your dd enjoys it.
  9. Does anyone have the rehearsal dates for EYB in Crawley? Does it involve October half term? Thanks.
  10. Every year I look at this and remember the awful waiting for the email with the JA results. My daughter auditioned for Yr 4 and Yr 5 and both times got a no. The places really are like hens teeth and it's easy to think reading the forum that there are lots of yes's which in a way made the no a bit harder. In hindsight, as has been mentioned on here before, the vast majority of results will be no's but they may not be on the forum. Also remember that JAs are only until end of year 6 and then the number that get MAs are significantly reduced. This can be very disappointing for children who have to accept that after initial Royal success with JAs that they have this path discontinued. There is always an upside to a no!
  11. My dd will be thrilled as we've just found out she has a place on the tour. She did the tour two years ago and loved it.
  12. I didn't realise results were by letter so have been looking out for Email since about Wednesday! No letter in post today. Will just have to wait until tomorrow.
  13. My dd auditioned last year and did the tour with them. It was an excellent experience for her and she loved it. It was a bit different last year as they were auditioning for full cast and tour but I understand from the website that this year it is taking a different format. Last year they had pre-lim audition and second round on the same day with an email recall for finals. All her results were by email. Hope this helps.
  14. Thank you for very helpful replies.
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