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  1. My opinion is that there are far to many schools, for the amount of jobs available . Every year there must be in the region of 300 students graduating from ballet dance schools in the UK and looking for work , with very few jobs in ballet companies available. And what about all the students graduating from ballet schools from around the world and who are applying for the same jobs. The majority will not find work in a ballet company, what are they going to do , teach ? , how many teachers do we need. And there are new schools opening, so even more graduates. Would it not be better to have a small number of dance school, knowing that if you are fortunate enough to get into these schools you are likely to find work.
  2. I totally disagree, it is very much an open competition as hfbrew states ,the judges are not RBS and they do not know until the final which school they are from, and this is the only competition open to RBS students. I think by saying it's not an open competition belittles the achievements of the students who have made the final, and there being a large number of RBS students in the final , probably tells you why a place at the school is so sought after.
  3. That's interesting I didn't realise parents were allowed to watch the class , and Jay Jolley is current Artistic Director and Paul Lewis is the first year boys teacher not third , so I am sure they know what they were doing , and what they were looking for.
  4. Not sure WL like the boys to be small, the majority of boys in DC 's year were very tall , and the year below even taller, I think it all depends on talent and potential whether tall or short.
  5. RYB are doing Edinburgh in October of this year , I saw one of their shows this year and it was of an excellent standard.
  6. My DC did one of her shows a few years ago and found her an excellent teacher , she is ex Scottish Ballet, she also has a teacher who helps and is ex Northern Ballet.
  7. Ok when I said those not offered Upper School get into ENB and Elmhurst, I should have said the vast majority end up at one or the other, and one or two end up at Central or Tring or leave the dance world. The point I was making that the teaching at WL must be of a high standard for all these students to be offered places at such good dance schools
  8. RBS upper school always take approx 6 or 7 boys and girls from WL, and usually the same number of the very best international students . DC is at Upper School and says having the elite young dancers from around the world come in is great as it gives them an idea of where they stand in comparison and helps raise standards as no one wants to get left behind. And as Anjuli says " the competition is either now or later" . As for ballet teaching at WL , the students that don't make Upper School, always get offered places at ENB or Elmhurst, so they must be doing something right.
  9. My DC year at RBS of the 24 students who started in year 7 only 8 made it to upper school, the majority of the ones that didn't make it are at ENB or Elmhurst.
  10. It varies every year, but my Dc who went through the audition process for 6th form last year said there was a large number of international students at RBS and ENB finals which were on a Saturday and Sunday of the same weekend. There were only a few at Elmhurst , as that was earlier in the week, I presume a lot came for the weekend , probably to expensive to come earlier in the week and stay an extra 3 or 4 nights.
  11. I think it's very hard to turn WL down. DC was lucky enough to be offered both WL and Elmhurst and although Elmhurst much closer chose WL. We found Elmhurst very accommodating and friendly and more homely than WL but still chose WL . Three students from last years year 11 at Elmhurst were offered a place at RBS upper school and all accepted , even though one of them had been assessed out in year 9 at WL. It's difficult to turn down WL. I must also add I do think Elmhurst is a very good school.
  12. RBS simply look for talent.i have a DC who has been through WL and currently at RBS upper school,and through all the years DC has been there there has been a mixture of tall and short students, in the current class there is a large range in heights . And as for facial beauty ,this made me smile some students are ,some are not. They look for talent.
  13. My DS has performed with English Youth , National Youth and Regional Youth and really enjoyed all three . He slightly favoured Regional Youth ( was Cheshire Youth) because he spent more time on stage performing . We found Ms Evington very helpful and according to DS a good teacher. Hope this helps
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