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  1. Hello My partner can no longer make it tomorrow night so I have spare tickets for both the Fonteyn and me Insight event (6-7pm) and the Firebird triple bill (7.30pm) tomorrow night, Tuesday 4 June. The insight ticket is seat C1 in the Clore, cost £17 The Firebird ticket is A38 in the balcony so the middle section of the front row, cost £90 Please PM me if you’re interested - ticket handover will be easy as I’ll be there myself. many thanks Jenny
  2. Hi Swanprincess The Rosas website (www.rosas.be/en/season/season-1213) gives details of their upcoming performances in 2013, but Rosas danst Rosas is so far only scheduled for performances in Belgium and France. The company will be at Sadler's Wells in London in June but performing a different work. Looks like you may need to stick with video unfortunately! Tigerlily
  3. Aileen (and Janet), I think you are spot on here. There is a difference between criticising a particular dancer's technical accomplishment (or otherwise!) or dramatic interpretation of a particular role, and criticising the individual, and for me this particular review crossed that line. Saying that, I haven't seen Nehemiah in In The Night as yet (I'll ge tthe chance to on Wednesday!) but I have enjoyed many other performances where he was dancing, both with the Royal Ballet and before. In particular I remember his first performance with the RB in Swan Lake with Zenaida - I thought I was pretty much swanned out by that stage, but by the final curtain I was in tears...
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