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  1. Hi Piccolo. It's a yes for DD too! Great to know there will be a friendly face there with her . Any news on MAs?
  2. My DD is a JA at Bath. She got a straight No letter! Gutted to say the least. She really came on during this year as a JA and now I feel like she has lost the link with RBS - she also didn't get a place on the SS at WL and she will miss the friends she has made too. She has two wonderful ballet teachers and they are trying to push her on, we will just have to make the most of them and do extra privates with them to hopefully keep her up to standard to audition again next year. Congratulations to those with yes letters.
  3. Fusster

    WL summer school

    Hi all. DD got onto "selected waiting list" not sure what that means but we are going to accept it and hope a place becomes available.
  4. I agree with hfbrew. When my DD auditioned there were only 3 places available. DD got onto short waiting list, but was incredibly lucky that someone moved on or dropped out and then got a place. We didn't apply for any of the vocational dance schools and only auditioned for WL because it was the same audition as MIDs, so it can be done! I don't know where you live but the Bath JA is very good.
  5. Hello HappyGirl. We are also new to the JA classes. My DD started in September (year 6) and like you, we knew nothing about it until we were advised to audition by the dance teacher. DD loves going to her fornightly classes and has a lovely time with girls and boys that attend. They have had the opportunity to go on courses in Covent Garden and as a parent I have learnt masses of information about the ballet community/world that I was ignorant about before we started this process. You do get incredibally swept along by the whole thing, and you end up having to make some difficult decisions about your child's future, but I know that my DD will be gutted if she dosen't get a place at MID associates next year, as she loves the class. I would say go for it and just enjoy the ride
  6. Thank you everyone for your advise. DD was getting a bit worried thinking we were doing something we shouldn't be doing! I can now put her mind at rest and let her know that the balletCo collective say it's OK
  7. MY DD has a new Lyrical dance that she will perform in up coming festivals. Unfortunately one of the festivals does not have a Lyrical category for her age group. Is it acceptable to enter her Lyrical dance under the Modern category?
  8. Hello all. Have had a chance to read up on all the lovely news now, so well done everyone who was successful. My DD had a no letter from WL as you all know, and there was no specific feedback, but it did say that she would be strongly considered for MIDs. I'm hoping that they wouldn't get peoples hopes up about such a thing if they didn't really mean it. So fingers and toes, and legs and eyes crossed in our house
  9. Best of luck to your DD DTADMIN. No my DD has not auditioned for anything else, only MIDs and WL. I think that shows that she wasn't really ready to go away! She has lots to look forward to here though, like Inter foundation thingy, exams, festivals and hopefully a summer school somewhere and of course moving up to her local senior school with all her friends. Good luck everyone
  10. She said she was fine, had a big cuddle and then went off with her friends. I then got a text saying she was sad. I replied that i would have missed her and she agreed, so not not sure where her head is at the moment.
  11. Hi everyone. I think it must be no letter day today. It's sadly a no for us too. DD is sad, I'm a little relieved as I said in a previous post, I'm not ready to lose her yet, although the recognition would have been lovely.
  12. Right then, I'm off to pick up DD from school. Will be back with result shortly
  13. Somebody give us some good news! I'm getting concerned by all the no letters.
  14. Our letter is at home. I feel slightly queasy. Will have to wait until end of school to find out!!! Commiserations to the Nos and best of luck for all the other letters
  15. I'm assuming the silence on the this forum means no letters as yet? As I am at work I am relying on the posts to tell me if a letter might be at home
  16. We were told it would be the within the week of the final audition. So March 4th I think is one finals dates and then something like 28th but I'm not 100% sure on that.
  17. Oh gosh. Now I feel slightly sick . My DD has 2 brilliant teachers, who are very keen to help her progress through ballet. We are just about to embark on Inter foundation training (think I've got that right!). She is encouraged to attend festivals, they offer private tuition on technique as and when we ask for it and she attends year 6 JAs. Now I feel like she really dosen't need to go off anywhere. Note to self 'calm down, you haven't even had a letter yet. Slaps myself across the face'.
  18. Thank you everyone for your thoughts. It's good to hear your experiences, it gives me plenty food for thought.
  19. I'm probabaly going to be struck off the forum so saying this, but I'm in two minds as to whether I actually want my DD to get a yes letter. I'm not ready to lose my little girl to boarding school I also worry that it will change her personality and she won't be my funny, spirited, hyper-active, lovely little nut case she is now.
  20. Yes I agree. I would just like to make it clear that I am not one of 'those' mums . I heard about a few of the girls in tears at the later auditions that day so am aware it was very competitive then which is really sad because it will put off a lot of kids attending these auditions again.
  21. I'm not sure which class you were attending Amandalou, maybe a later class for the older Mid Associates? We were the first class, so mostly JAs trying for MIDs year 7. From my point of view it's difficult to see what is competitive warming up and what is simply injury avoidance. I encourage my DD to warm up and stretch because the body is stiff that early and I know she will be asked to do the splits!
  22. HI all. We were told yesterday at DD WL audition, that letters would arrive within a week or two for decisions on whether the dancers are through to the second audition in Richmond. (Bath centre)
  23. My DD is part of JAs Bristol. And yes it will be a nightmare to get to, over an hour away now. BUT I did chose Birmingham as an option when applying so I can't really complain as I was prepared to travel an hour way there if it was the only option. I think what makes it worse is that there is not a lot to do in Radstock for 2 hours! Might have to take up running
  24. hi Beanie-bean. Where did you get the DVD from? I can only find previews and iTunes podcasts online!
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