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  1. My son auditioned for WL/MA in London on Friday 15th and I have just had the email saying he hasn't been recalled.
  2. We've been offered a day place, waiting list for boarding but no funding. Sadly this is no good for us
  3. I received an email with details for RBS yr 7 boys audition date and time this morning.
  4. http://londonchildrensballet.com/training/ballet-boys/ From the above:- Registration for Ballet for Boys is now open!We are delighted to announce that Erico Montes, First Artist with The Royal Ballet, will once again lead the Ballet for Boys sessions for us this coming year. Dates: There will be 8 classes on Sundays between January - April 2016 First 4 classes: 10, 17, 24, 31 January NB. Occasionally classes might have to change due to Erico's busy timetable. If this happens we will email you so please make sure to clearly write your email address. Venue: TBC Times: Sunday afternoons, exact time to be confirmed Cost: The cost per class is £6, totalling £48 for the term. In cases of financial need we are able to offer grants for the programme. If you wish to apply for a grant please do not submit this form but contact the LCB office instead. In cases of financial need we offer grants. If you would like to apply for a grant, please request a form from us when registering. *DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION: MONDAY 21 DECEMBER 2015*
  5. They said yesterday that it would be towards the end of February. neil
  6. I was there with my son today. The traffic on the M25 was absolutely awful and only some judicious flouting of posted speed limits saw us arrive at 9am. If he gets called back for a funding audition I will consider staying nearby the night before. We had a tour of parts of the school after a brief address by the principal and staff where they were keen to emphasise their academic record. My son was one of 3 boys and wore tights. There were 9 or 10 girls I think and I haven't asked him what they wore. He probably wouldn't have noticed anyway Apparently the audition went fine. Hope this is of some use Neil
  7. Well done everyone! Unfortunately my son didn't get an invitation to the Elmhurst finals. We will have to see how he responds to this disappointment.
  8. There are so many variables, though. It seems to me that it is virtually impossible for an outsider to guess how the panel will decide who to take forward to the next stage. My son was in the same audition class as yours. I wasn't there so have no idea how it went but he had a good time, had a(nother) day off school(!) and if they want to see him again then great - if not, then so be it.
  9. As far as I know everyone gets an audition. Bear in mind the closing date for applications is Friday so I am not surprised they haven't sent audition confirmations yet. The audition dates are on the website.
  10. My brother and I went to a football match recently and then a couple of weeks later we went to R&J at the ROH. I'd gone to the football straight from work and was therefore wearing a suit, but the ballet was on the weekend and I had been in London all day, so was in jeans and a t-shirt. I thought at the time I'd got this the wrong way around... Mind you, given the relative costs of the tickets, maybe not.
  11. Yes maybe - I don't know the ins and outs of that one. What I was intending to suggest was that there could be ways around. But then I thought a bit more about it - perhaps if you are doing a Lion King theme inspired dance using the groove from Hakuna Matata it could be back to being infringing again.
  12. I think it is only right that copyright owners should decide how and when their works are used. Having said that i saw a dubious advert for M&S this evening which had Uptown Funk as the backing music - except it wasn't. They had used the riffs, chord sequence and drum track but not the melody. You can't copyright a groove so no licence required.
  13. I think the title is fine especially if one applies Betteridge's Law...
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