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  1. Thank you Yes, they have decided to leave the place in recent headlines, they have no choice! Yes the Uni that was accredited to the said school have stepped in and are trying to make a new course for the students but we are not sure who would be teaching and what level of dance they would be receiving. I know of at least 3 that have now decided to take a completely different dance route. It's been the worst week ever, trying to get new schools where they can carry on with there BA (Hons) degree, and said school have not been in contact to offer any help with it.
  2. Its been the principal who has called me today she was very helpful, Since I posted this thread my DD has been offered a place Bird have offered her an audition but to get the audition material that they require within 3 days is near impossible, we still have a 7 hour car drive up to the Highlands to empty her accommodation asap xx
  3. Hi thank you.. yes this is an option but she doesn't really want to pursue ballet anymore, I believe one of my daughters friends from her current Highland school is going to KS x
  4. thank you, we believe Northern Ballet School Manchester is DaDA funding and we would not get anything to help, so its too expensive x
  5. Hi thank you for your reply, she has been ballet vocational trained for 7 years now but is wanting to change direction hence why she is looking at EPA x
  6. Hi, I'm looking for some help please. Has anyone got any reviews on EPA academy of performing arts? https://www.epa-academy.co.uk/ I'm in a situation where my daughter is collateral damage to recent events in the Scottish Highlands with potentially no school to attend in September or finish her degree, she is very interested in the above school as one of her teachers in Highlands is head of dance. Any help would be very much appreciated.
  7. Hi thank you for your reply 😊 please can you send me the shop address and I will see how far away you are. or maybe private message me your phone number to call you. if manufacturers say the average life is 15 hours them 10 / 14 days doesn’t sound that bad 🤔
  8. Hi We cant go to dancia as its too far to travel she just happened to be in London at the time of the fitting. yes she is at vocational school 6th form it think its the sheer amount of dance she is doing now that is the reason for them not lasting as long, as she has been using the same brand of shoe a while now. Thank you for all your help xx
  9. She had these ones fit by bloch in London and we bought 3 pairs she is going through them faster because she is doing a lot of pointe work at school now, I just wondered if there was any way to prolong the shoes life a bit
  10. please will someone help me ... My Daughter is going through pointe shoes like no tomorrow, last pair lasted 10 days! please can someone tell me which product is best for hardening them to prolong there life a bit longer. we have tried pointe glue but bottles are so small we wondered if there were other options out there. thanks in advance xx
  11. Please can you point me in her direction as I can't find her in searching the members Thanks in advance
  12. My daughter is a year 7 student at Moorland International Ballet Elite too. She absolutely loves the school, The ballet training is fantastic with excellent teachers, due to small class sizes my daughter is getting the best possible ballet training available. http://moorlandballet.co.uk/
  13. Black 2 metre long portable ballet Barre £80 X3 Large dance/gym mirror each one is 6ft x 4ft £225 PM me if interested .. x
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