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  1. Thiago Soares was my first Onegin and this ballet has drawn me to attending ballet (I had only been to the Nutcracker) and to the company. Before then, I never realised ballet could be *sexy* Lately I lost my interest in the RB (or going to the ROH more specifically, so expensive yet so uncomfortable) but still was determined to see him. Thiago was just as wonderful as when I first saw him in this ballet, and I'll miss him very much.
  2. I have an amphitheatre ticket (S60) priced at £25. I'm seeing the performance also.
  3. I don't want to bring up the experience of the other poster too often, but SMBallet's experience is one example of 'reinforcing racist attitude' isn't it? I don't think just beating up someone for their race a racist act (which BTW is not unheard of occurrence in the streets of London, the capital of the most tolerant of countries). I'm probably mixing things up here to which other posters are responding, but let me just clarify that I wasn't merely referring to that someone *too PC* may feel squeamish watching this ballet. Also it's just bad taste to display overt fetish about the different cultures, especially when the power dynamics only flows one way. As the ballet will never be shelved anyway, at least what the presenters at the cinema screening said last week could be re-iterated each time it's up. To be fair, La Bayadere is not one of the most offensive ballets I've attended, I really don't like many of MacMillan's narrative ballets where most female roles seem to be harlots, prostitutes, etc..
  4. I can 100% relate to your experience re. wasting time to come back with something witty, when I at the same time fully know the senseless person already forgot what she/he had said.. I think it's too much to expect from the average everyday British person to *of course* know all that about the 19th Century Russian Fantasy (this BTW is what Darcey Bussell said)'. This forum I found is pretty much an outlier (in a good way) and living in Britain I come across everyday racism pretty frequently so no reason to assume Brits are any more educated than Americans (I'm not saying I'm above all that). Also that's why I think this topic is a valid and relevant one whenever there's a staging of La Bayadere w/o someone screaming PC going mad!
  5. I get what you're saying, but the emphasis on 'different' cultures (which may be better described by 'otherness') sometimes tires me to death I must say. How many Austrians for example get asked about their homesickness at the performances of Mayerling? How many Danish get bothered at the performances of Hamlet? The list goes on and it shows clearly this works only one way. I was also blown away by Nunez/Osipova/Muntagirov but at the same time, it's so a generic story in a generic format only spiced up by 'Oriental' elements and of course, wonderful dance, that I find it difficult to follow all the discussions about character development, none of ballet characters usually makes sense to me! I can and do enjoy the rapport between dancers.
  6. I am looking for two tickets for RB Ashton triple bill on June 10 anywhere in the theatre. Thank you.
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