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  1. Well done to your daughter, Ballet2008, it's a fantastic scheme, my daughter is so happy there.
  2. My daughter is also a CAT, and is very happy at Northern. I think they had the younger ones final audition at the weekend just gone, but for the others they join in a class with the existing CATs, so some joined in last week in my daughters class and she said they were told there were some more scheduled. I agree, the best thing for your daughter would be to try and relax and enjoy it and look like she's having fun, they love to see them looking happy. Best of luck to her and fingers crossed.
  3. Well done to your DD. I've heard really good things about them and it sounds fantastic, although I don't have any personal experience. My dd was going to audition but she's been given a place on the CAT scheme at Northern so we withdrew her application. Good luck in your decisions.
  4. About 4 years ago dd1 was on the reserve list, she was number 8 of 16 which her teacher found out when she rang for feedback. A place didn't come up but the following year she got straight in. My youngest dd has been put on reserve for associates this year, but I'm assuming she's been taken off it as she has been given a CAT place which we've accepted. Good luck to your dd, what I've learnt from the ballet world is to just keep trying!
  5. I'm sorry Sparkly, but like you say there's always next time. My Dd tried for a couple of different schemes last year but got a no for both.
  6. Had a letter about CATs yesterday, my Dd has a place. Hope you get a good news letter today Sparkly xx
  7. Good luck to your DD Sparkly. I'm glad I'm not choosing for the CAT, I thought they were all lovely on Sunday.
  8. Dd loved the recall weekend and is really hoping for a place, we've just found out that she's made the reserve for an associate, does anyone know if it's at all likely that she could still gain a place on the CAT scheme? Which is what she would prefer.
  9. Thanks, just wondering on my just turned 11 dd odds! Although I don't know how many they've recalled for the final.
  10. Hi, just wondering if anyone knows how many children they take into the first year of the CAT scheme? Thanks
  11. Also, Excel dance academy in Castleford, they're on Facebook. Quite a new school, but excellent.
  12. When my dd was a year 6 JA, we were told that there were 2 or 3 (can't remember exactly) extra places for girls going into year 9 and the same for boys.
  13. Thanks everyone,think I'll get the just ballet one, she'll like the picture of the dancer in the middle!
  14. My soon to be 10 year old dd would really like a turn board for her birthday but her teacher isn't keen on the idea for her just yet and has suggested a wobble board instead. Has anyone got any suggestions on what would be a good one for dancers? Thanks.
  15. That wasn't the case last year at my dd Ja centre. Out of 15, 2 boys and 13 girls, 5 girls got a MA place, 3 girls and both boys got swl and the other 5 girls got a no. One of the girls then went on to get a place off swl.
  16. Congrats on the yes and sorry for the no's. Last year we heard a day later than everyone else who got a yes or no (also Manchester audition) and dd got swl. Sorry to add to the speculation and tension!
  17. Well, I've taken my dd to see the dance physio who was lovely. The physio gave my dd a complete screening, and felt that she has a good natural facility and that there is nothing wrong with feet, even went as far to say she couldn't see what dds teacher was talking about, although she did say that maybe dd doesn't use her feet as much as she should and stressed the importance of doing tendus etc properly (dd got a mini ballet lesson!). One much happier dd and a happier mum, although not sure where we go from here.
  18. Hi, my dd only did year 6 JAs and she attended a 2 day workshop in the October half term. It was for all the year 6 JAs from all the centres, it wasn't compulsory but nearly all of them attended, think only about 7 didn't. I'm pretty sure there are workshops for each year group at some point during the year. She also had the opportunity to watch a Royal ballet company rehearsal at the opera house, this was open for all the associates, certainly mids and JAs and I think seniors as well.
  19. Wouldn't have thought the strong contender for mids would go on every letter, but I think it might be new this year because as far as I know it wasn't on any of the children from my dd's JA class last year. My dd didn't get a mids place but she was put on swl so I assume she must have been considered for one.
  20. Looking at her on pointe she looks to me like she is fully on the platform with straight legs, she has sway backs but tries to use them correctly. I got her to do some tendus tonight and I don't think she always works though each foot, but when she did them slowly she could although one foot was better than the other, it was the same with rises, on her stronger foot the toes were completely flat but had a tendency to scrunch on her weaker one, but again with concentration she could keep them flat. Think the towel exercise might help. I'll post an update when we've seen the physio!
  21. Thanks everyone. It was her associate teacher that told us. She seems to be getting over the platform completely although she doesn't do a hugh amount of pointe, she does do it at associates as well as her normal class. I've just left a message on the dance physios answer machine, hopefully they'll get back to me soon! It is a physio that specialises in dance and has worked for quite a few of the big vocational schools so I expect they'll be completely honest with us.
  22. We have just been told that my 11 (nearly 12) year old dd may not have flexible enough feet for a purely classical career although if she continues to stretch and exercise her feet in a safe way they may give more? I don't think it's her ankles that are the problem but her toes. She has been doing feet exercises given on her associate program for about the last 2 years and her feet have improved a lot, she can get onto a nice high demi pointe and when she stretches her toes on one foot they are completely straight and they seem to be getting there on the other foot although she still has to concentrate not to scrunch them slightly. She has also gone onto pointe fairly recently and doesn't seem to be having problems, but surely if her feet aren't flexible enough she shouldn't be up there? I'm wondering whether to take her to a specialist dance physio for a complete screening, as we have one near us that offers this. At least then we would hopefully know exactly what facility she has or hasn't got. Has anyone done this and found it helpful? Thanks
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