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  1. Thank you Bill - I was able to enjoy the performance after all - and what a performance it was!!! Just a warning to others leaving tickets at the new (possibly temporary) Box Office - the staff don't seem to be familiar with the usual practice of people leaving tickets for others to collect. I wasted ages waiting for it to appear and when it didn't, this lead to me being cross questioned about its origins. Although I prevaricated, there was inferred disapproval. Fortunately, after contacting the seller through the website, he telephoned me and spoke to the member of staff who r
  2. I am st ROH. They don’t have ticket. Please help! Can you ring on : 07968 723 635
  3. Does anyone have a goodish amphi or similar ticket (not standing) for this performance? I would be grateful for any offers. Elisabeth
  4. During the last week, I have been receiving multiple copies (up to 10) of the same email offering tickets for resale. They are from different sellers. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I have reported this to the Administrators. Elisabeth
  5. I am interested in purchasing these tickets. How much are they? Many thanks Elisabeth
  6. There are huge reductions being offered for this production - see link below: https://www.fromtheboxoffice.com/JH96-manon/
  7. There are still tickets available for Frankie's extra performance on 19th April. Alexander Campbell replaces Steven on 28th April and 5 May. Cast changes: Manon on 19, 28 April and 5 May 2018 5 April 2018 Cast changes for the roles of Manon and Des Grieux have been announced.
  8. Could I have this ticket please? Have PM'd you. Elisabeth
  9. I would like these tickets please. I have sent PM.
  10. Did anyone see the Cuthbertson/Soares performance last night? Would be very interested to have a report.
  11. Is this ticket still available? I would like it please. I have PM'd you. Elisabeth
  12. I would be interested in this ticket please. Could you tell me the number of the ticket? Elisabeth
  13. I'm very pleased to see that Rudolf Nureyev is at last to be commemorated in London with a Blue Plaque but rather surprised that it isn't going to be sited on the house he owned at No 6 Fife Road, East Sheen, on the edge of Richmond Park, very close the Royal Ballet School. His occupation of the house is we'll documented in the biographies written about him as well as the many interesting personalities he entertained there.
  14. BBC Four will broadcast Frankenstein, Liam Scarlett’s first full-length ballet for The Royal Ballet, on Sunday 30 October 2016 at 8pm GMT.
  15. Darcey was coached by Fonteyn for Swan Lake at the beginning of her career. Monica Mason unveiled the plaque for Ninette de Valois. Perhaps, as in all things (rightly) at RB these days, they wanted to project a new image. Strange that both ceremonies took place on the same day.
  16. My friend and I also thought it was a beautiful service in a suitably dramatic setting. The choir sang a very moving version of John Rutter's 'For the Beauty of the Earth' but perhaps even more poignant were the ballet extracts wonderfully played on the piano by Henry Roach. It was also touching to hear from David's friends and fellow dancers personal reminiscences, not only at the height of his dancing and coaching career but also from the priest who only knew him during the last 9 weeks of his life. His wife, children and grandchildren must have drawn great comfort from not only the servic
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