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  1. Thank you Bill - I was able to enjoy the performance after all - and what a performance it was!!! Just a warning to others leaving tickets at the new (possibly temporary) Box Office - the staff don't seem to be familiar with the usual practice of people leaving tickets for others to collect. I wasted ages waiting for it to appear and when it didn't, this lead to me being cross questioned about its origins. Although I prevaricated, there was inferred disapproval. Fortunately, after contacting the seller through the website, he telephoned me and spoke to the member of staff who r
  2. I am st ROH. They don’t have ticket. Please help! Can you ring on : 07968 723 635
  3. Does anyone have a goodish amphi or similar ticket (not standing) for this performance? I would be grateful for any offers. Elisabeth
  4. During the last week, I have been receiving multiple copies (up to 10) of the same email offering tickets for resale. They are from different sellers. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I have reported this to the Administrators. Elisabeth
  5. I am interested in purchasing these tickets. How much are they? Many thanks Elisabeth
  6. There are huge reductions being offered for this production - see link below: https://www.fromtheboxoffice.com/JH96-manon/
  7. There are still tickets available for Frankie's extra performance on 19th April. Alexander Campbell replaces Steven on 28th April and 5 May. Cast changes: Manon on 19, 28 April and 5 May 2018 5 April 2018 Cast changes for the roles of Manon and Des Grieux have been announced.
  8. Could I have this ticket please? Have PM'd you. Elisabeth
  9. I would like these tickets please. I have sent PM.
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