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  1. Very sad to read on the Guardian website this evening that Sir Robert Cohan has died. Anyone who remembers London Contemporary Dance Theatre will be aware of his massive contribution he & they made to the UK dance scene & of course through The Place. RIP Sir Robert.
  2. Gutted to hear of Ann Reinking's passing. I only saw her perform live once quite a few years ago, but I'll never forget her vibrant dancing & stage presence. There are lots of great clips of her on youtube, but my favourite is "Big Noise From Winnetka" to a Gene Krupa drum & double bass extract. Pure bliss. RIP Ann.
  3. Remember to vary your search terms on the Big Give website as 'ballet' brought up the 5 projects including BRB, ENB, Central School, RBS & Northern Ballet, but 'dance' also brought up the Alexander Whitley Dance Company which would be easily missed.
  4. Keep an eye out for Amazon's new Xmas advert with a ballet theme; the dancer is Tais Vinolo from France & she looked lovely dancing away to Queen's the Show Must Go On. Won't give anything more away, but it's lovely.
  5. I always used to giggle when MI5 used to put adverts in the Evening Standard for new recruits; presumably for admin roles, but who knows maybe that's how they found Mr / Ms Bonds in the modern age...
  6. I loved watching Sean Connery's Bond films when I was a kid, no doubt this week will see a few of them shoehorned onto the schedule (thank goodness as there's not much else on!) However, my favourite film of his is The Hunt for Red October- whenever that's on I always enjoy it despite knowing the script inside out; he was just fab even with his slightly inappropriate accent! RIP Sean.
  7. Just wanted to say that this Michael Clark retrospective at the Barbican Art Gallery, EC1 is well worth a visit for those dance lovers looking to get out & about. I was thrilled by the amount of video of his early works from the 1980s & just how daring his pieces were in terms of design, music as well as his choreography (you can also easily see his wonderful Cecchetti RBS training) & how beautifully it sits on his own gorgeous body as well as on other dancers. So much of his work also has a wicked sense of humour- one of his solo pieces was to 5 bass & electric guitars playing
  8. I've really enjoyed the delayed French Open this year; I've watched quite a few matches via TV & online (including the some of the qualification matches!) & both the men's & women's games have been marvellous, rather like the dancers the players have clearly been desperate to play competitively! Swiatek has been on my radar for a while & I'm thrilled she won today (I was out working & got home in time only to see the last shot being played & her dropping to the clay in delight, I'll watch the whole thing on Monday). Diego Schwartzman V Thiem so far has been t
  9. I have a copy of this article if anyone wants it (the photo of aerial Ed is lovely) just pm me your address & I'll post it. Otherwise it will end up in the recycling box. I have been lucky to see many of his performances over the years since he first joined the company & I'm a huge admirer of his one-of-a-kind talent & physique. My favourite memories will always be of his Rudolf in Mayerling, but I also remember the tremendous impact he made in the early Wayne McGregor pieces & some of his Balanchine performances & in MacMillan's Judas Tree. Given the numerous c
  10. Yes! Just googled a pic & listened to a youtube video & it's definitely him. Had a bit of an opera afternoon today as a result, but it's not the same as being in a theatre & I really miss it.
  11. I rather liked Marina Popslavskaya in Hytner's Don Carlo & several other roles I heard her sing & was gutted when she disappeared off the calendars. Sadly it turned out to be vocal issues, but she is now a high end realtor (estate agent) in Manhattan, New York. Other artists I really liked included: Pumeza Matshikiza, Kishani Jayasinghe, Dawid Kimberg, Darren Jeffery, Robert Gleadow, Lukas Jakobski & Vuyani Mlinde. There was also a shortish Korean man with a booming bass/baritone voice that I'll never forget the impact of his opening solo as it looked so wrong but soun
  12. Good turn out on our street in Bromley, lovely fireworks as well from the back of someone's garden too for a few minutes although that lead to a prompt retreat by our dog back inside the house!!
  13. How about 2005 Wimbledon final Venus Williams v Lindsay Davenport final. Awesome. Serena Williams beating Sharapova almost every time they've met (glad that Sharapova has retired first so Serena even outlasts her rival that way too). Serena conquering most of her opponents in Wimbledon finals... Petra Kvitova beating Sharapova in 2011 getting her first Wimbledon title. I'm very partial to lefthanders (being one). One of my favourite matches was when I was converted to Vika Azarenka; I never used to like her because of her squeaking, but then I turned onto her US open matc
  14. Back in the 1990's Leire Ortueta danced Will Tuckett's Rime of the Ancient Mariner; I have hazy memories of it, but I remember I loved it. Can't recall if it was BBC or not, but it was a made for TV production. The other BBC footage I'd like to have a second look at is the 3D footage of Beryl Grey dancing the Black Swan pdd I saw a few years ago. She was sensational & clearly much underrated in the RB's history.
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