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  1. Title says it all really - looking for two tickets for Saturday evening's performance! (And yes, I know it's a long shot)
  2. Thanks Allison! Yes I had heard of them. I'll keep watching, with fingers crossed - but again, if anyone has some spare.... or suddenly can't go.... (although I do need some advance notice for childcare!)
  3. Hello friends! I'll be based in the UK for the next 6 months with my family (!), and am just now trying to figure out RB tickets for when we can escape Ox. Looking for 2 on 9 March, which I know might be a pipe dream, but one must try! Good sight lines only requirement... oh, and actual seats, not standing room. Hope to see many of you!
  4. Well, I'm procrastinating over here in the US and came upon this thread. Becky, having worked with you to find dance classes, I am concerned about you now! As you know, I also teach, including pointe classes, and help with fittings. First, I'm concerned that you are on pointe so early in your lesson career. My students, adults and teens, need to have mastery of a deal of ballet steps, a strong ability to balance, to do strong single (and fairly consistent double) pirouettes, etc etc etc. Secondly - if you've been on pointe for less than a year, there is no reason to have more than one, or maybe two, pairs of pointe shoes. Pointe is not comfortable. It can be made more comfortable, especially with experience and strength, but it's just not easy. When the shoes are new, even if they are soft shank, they are HARD. And they are supposed to be. I'd never put a beginner in a soft shank. Often the first shoes are not "the one" and that's actually okay - if they are well fit in general, you learn a lot about pointe going through them, getting them fully broken in (it's only when they are fully broken in that they start to really work the way they should), etc… and then you learn a lot about your feet. I'd be very hesitant to put someone in a special order shoe at your status in the process. Get a good fitting in a stock shoe, work with the fitters on padding, and then… listen to your instructor, and go for a few months or a year and really fully break in the shoe. You may need to figure out better ways to work with your feet and toe shape. If your feet are extra sensitive, pointe is going to hurt. You NEED to feel the ends of the box, the floor, etc. You can change the drawstring in any shoe to be elastic, and you can sew the heel material up and work with elastics in different ways.
  5. Oh - thanks folks! Not sure how much I will be around - in the midst of a crazy crazy work load right now, but I will write closer to the time and will love to see folks at the ROH.... and introduce you to my husband!
  6. While I don't have to deal too much with the ins and outs of the system (although it apparently works better than our Health Care website on this side of the pond!) - I WILL be at Jewels on 7 January!
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