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  1. Hi could I have this please/ Do you have a paypal account? We are in Newport, Midlands
  2. Hello Kat, Which harlequin floor is it please? We would be interested in having one of the floor pieces, Thanks, Liz
  3. Hi, If anyone is off to the auditions tomorrow, what time are they? Thank you :-)
  4. Hello is this still available?
  5. I would be interested in this please, which exact model is it please so thT I can look at it online?
  6. Hi is it still for sale and how much were you looking for it? Thanks
  7. Hello, I am looking for a tutu to fit a 12/13 year old, and one for a 14 year old. I would also be looking for a 'corsaire' type 2 piece short sleeved. Any ideas gratefully received.
  8. Hello there, Does anyone have any ISTD DVDs they would be willing to sell. We are looking for the Classical Greek and National . Thanks, Maria :-)
  9. Does anyone have the ISTD Tap Grade 4 or Grade 5 DVD for sale?
  10. That's great, what would you like for it? I think they are £18.50 new?
  11. Is this still available? I would be interested. Thanks x
  12. Does anyone have the Grade 4 & 5 DVD to sell? Thanks
  13. Hello, does anyone have two proper tuts to sell? One girl is 12, nearly 13 and the other is a young 12. Thanks Maria x
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