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  1. Hi all, does anyone know what time to arrive on the Sunday?
  2. There should be a recovery programme for traumatised parents .... there is no way of knowing what you are signing up to - good luck Balletmummy18 I hope that your son finds his happiness xx
  3. My advice (as one who can look back with the benefit of hindsight) is, unless you can get absolute guarantee of support for your son in this environment and he quickly becomes genuinely happier in himself ( see it for yourself rather than talking to the school, difficult when they are away from home) then look for an alternative school where he can feel happier and more confident. Mental health challenges are real and when not recognised by a school can result in long term damage to confidence, self esteem and health. As a parent it's a terrible place to be, trying to decide what to do for the best. If you have a gut feeling follow it, it will usually prove itself to be right. Good luck with everything!
  4. Amazballs - so made up for you all Celi - what a journey!! ???
  5. Stalls Circle Left / D 14 / Full Price Stalls Circle Left / D 15 / Full Price £9 each ... e tickets. would prefer that they go as a pair
  6. You could also look at Mansion (university accommodation) just off the kings about 10 minutes walk to school . Single or shared rooms available.www.mansionstudent.co.uk
  7. This programme looks to be be pretty comprehensive in the amount of subjects covered. Has anyone been to an open/audition days? Obviously a new program - wondering if anyone would care to share their thoughts.
  8. What lovely news - congratulations to you and your DD ... wishing her lots of success x
  9. Hope the wait is over soon - good luck!!
  10. If anyone has a spare ticket for 9th 10th or 11th please let me know - Thank you
  11. 3rd year at Voc school - I have never been made a cup of coffee - BW sounds lovely , good luck to your daughter
  12. Have you looked at RAD BA (Honours) Ballet Education? 3 year programme to teach - entry requirements - All three of these requirements must be met: Three GCE A Level passes (Grades B, B, C) or equivalent. RAD Intermediate or equivalent standard in ballet. English Language Proficiency test required for applicants whose first language is not English. more info at RAD.org.uk PS. definitely worth trying at Rambert - if you don't try , you won't know - good luck
  13. No they don't (in fact, in our past experience, very few get a place)
  14. Many of these early places are given full scholarships from the "pot of benevolence "
  15. From memory around 30 -35 at (girls) finals and approx 30 places ,split between boys and girls - good luck
  16. We received an acceptance on April 2 last year after applying when applications opened.
  17. Thank you for writing this Harwel .... it's just what I needed to read as one door is slammed shut .... looking forward to the next open door
  18. It was the same when it was held in London ... it did seem to disadvantage those from the Western Hemisphere in terms of intensive preparation . My advice if you are considering competing is to get as much performance experience as possible. In certain countries competitions are the norm from an early age and the confidence this gives shines through.
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