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  1. Does seem to be tricky for the 18-25 year olds to carry on with good standard of dance training/activity if they are not on vocational route (or left it) so its great that there are so many options to continue at University to train as well as perform.
  2. Thanks amum/cathy for the info on dance at university, really helpful and amazing that your son is able to access so much dance.
  3. I have put these on an ebay auction ending sunday if anyone interested.
  4. Hi I am selling boxed RAD syllabus dvds. 1 dvd Intermediate Foundation and 1 dvd Intermediate; both current syllabus and I have 1 dvd Advanced One old syllabus. £9 each plus p&p please pm me if interested.
  5. My dd attended both lsb and central associates at one point, as did a few others. Both excellent sets of classes, my view is that the lsb ballet classes have a particular rigour and focus. Central associates good ballet classes really good contemporary and character was amazing. Both associates to be recommended and either would help a dancer to progress. Perhaps more generally friendly atmosphere at central.
  6. King Slocombe have done Adv 2 in recent years if have pupils at that stage so worth a call. Bishops Stortford quite easy on train from Cambridge too.
  7. I bought danskin for my dd and i seem to remember the sizings were on small side - she is tall, 5'9 nearly so we didnt buy again.
  8. Ok thanks all,feeling sufficiently confident to do more research to find out how to make contact. Thank you for taking the time to consider my query.
  9. Thanks Anna C thats a helpful response and good to help me consider consequence of making contacting eg no response back or maybe an on going connection. Once I have worked out whether it is the right thing to do I have to try and work out how to find the families of the two friends I am thinking of, which will be a task as have no addresses or full names to go by but I think with some serious internet research I should get somewhere.
  10. Hi, I have not posted in this section before and dont use any other online forum and it occured to me this may be a good place to pose a question I have been thinking abt for a while. I left university in 1993, lost contact with many friends and then have found out that various friends died over the last 20 years, one that I was close to at the time died 15 years ago. The question is , do you think it would be wrong to make any kind of contact with the family of lost friends so many years after the friend died?? If i lost my son/ daughter at the age of 29 I wonder if I would appreciate (or not) gettting contact out of the blue x years on,from someone I dont really know? Any opinions welcome!
  11. My dd got 100% at grade 6, which was exciting at the time, though she found exams hard after that as felt couldn't live up to it!
  12. As I understand it the trinity diploma is equivalent to foundation degree so may also have an impact on ability to get full student finance. Its tricky.
  13. My dd dida patchwork of dance up to going to vocational school and the thing I think I regret now is not keeping a better eye on injury prevention and resolution. As she had different teachers in different places and we had paid up various fees and there was pressure to attend I think she carried on through injury when should not have and I didnt know enough about it. So by time she got to vocational school she had an injury that keeps her off ballet and needs surgery. At least now she is getting the care and attention to resolve it. So I think I suggest that sure you make sure you have a teacher that is good and undestands your child as a dancer and that you can get access to got dance health advice and a physio .
  14. My dd applied last year but didnt take up place as independent living so far away from where we live didnt seem best option for us at the time. I thought the course looked great and the staff were charming. Happy to share the little I picked up in the process by PM if you like.
  15. Intermediate or above level for UK upper schools, exams themselves not a requirement. In general skills looked at in audition are at around this level - based only on reports from dd auditions, no deep knowledge!
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