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  1. I am a fan! I have the CD of Alice and enjoy all the various sections which are so explicit and memorable, to me, of the plot lines in the story. I would probably buy a CD of A Winter's Tale, too, if there was one available. Quite honestly, I thing that the production team of Wheeldon's 3 Act ballets could not be bettered. Bob Crowley is also brilliant, plus Natasha Katz with her lighting and effects. (I can't wait for the new one!)
  2. Well, the picture of Blommaert was excellent, but for Wheeldon not so good. The sound was fine.
  3. Sander Blommaert interviewed Christopher Wheeldon yesterday, Monday, on Instagram at 7pm, and he was asked about his new production for the RB. Apparently it was meant to be scheduled for this autumn in the new season, but is now postponed. I caught "Chocolate" in the title, and that it is set in Mexico, and is a known story, I believe? If anyone could enlighten me as to the proper title, I would be very grateful! By the way, it was an excellent interview, and very interesting!
  4. All I had was a budgerigar named Mischa, after Baryshnikov................!
  5. I have just watched it again, and it is in Ryan's class at White Lodge where I think I spotted Matthew Ball behind him? I may be wrong!
  6. This film also shows a young Matthew Ball in the row behind the Clarke brother in class at White Lodge.
  7. Did Francesca Hayward not dance on Saturday evening? No-one has mentioned her!
  8. Well, I thought it was great! So exciting for Francesca Hayward to have a lead role, and she looks wonderful in it. I haven't seen the Twitter comments, but I couldn't care less about some people who maybe feel they must put everything down and deride it. Roll on December 20th when (I believe) "CATS" opens in the cinemas!
  9. I believe this is the exemplary Royal Ballet training showing on both dancers. They have both been right through White Lodge (for ages 11 to 15, I think), and then the Upper School. (Lauren Cuthbertson was a Junior Associate even, before White Lodge, and quite possible Matthew Ball too.
  10. I enjoyed it tremendously. Please do continue on this excellent forum to give us a 'heads up' when these rehearsals take place. I am sure that there are a lot of us who otherwise would not know about them.
  11. I saw Manon originally in 2000, and the next time in 2014 at the cinema. I was amazed at how the Gaoler's actions were way, way more pronounced and displayed than originally in 2000. So that scene must have been changed from the top, to fit in with the 'current climate'? Maybe Lady MacMillan? I would think that she has the last word with any change or 'enhancement'?
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