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  1. ????? Is Lauren Cuthbertson not dancing tonight for the cinema broadcast?
  2. I have just watched it again, and it is in Ryan's class at White Lodge where I think I spotted Matthew Ball behind him? I may be wrong!
  3. This film also shows a young Matthew Ball in the row behind the Clarke brother in class at White Lodge.
  4. Did Francesca Hayward not dance on Saturday evening? No-one has mentioned her!
  5. Well, I thought it was great! So exciting for Francesca Hayward to have a lead role, and she looks wonderful in it. I haven't seen the Twitter comments, but I couldn't care less about some people who maybe feel they must put everything down and deride it. Roll on December 20th when (I believe) "CATS" opens in the cinemas!
  6. I believe this is the exemplary Royal Ballet training showing on both dancers. They have both been right through White Lodge (for ages 11 to 15, I think), and then the Upper School. (Lauren Cuthbertson was a Junior Associate even, before White Lodge, and quite possible Matthew Ball too.
  7. I enjoyed it tremendously. Please do continue on this excellent forum to give us a 'heads up' when these rehearsals take place. I am sure that there are a lot of us who otherwise would not know about them.
  8. I saw Manon originally in 2000, and the next time in 2014 at the cinema. I was amazed at how the Gaoler's actions were way, way more pronounced and displayed than originally in 2000. So that scene must have been changed from the top, to fit in with the 'current climate'? Maybe Lady MacMillan? I would think that she has the last word with any change or 'enhancement'?
  9. I believe I read (from Ismene Brown?) that she felt that single pirouettes performed by Odile were more like a whip lash and therefore more in character than inserting doubles and triples. The music is also much more suitable to single pirouettes with the definite 'one two' beat and persistent rhythm.
  10. Congratulations Darcey Bussell on being made a Dame. This is wonderful news and so well-deserved!
  11. Has the Nunez 'Manon' failed to be released as a DVD?
  12. For those of you who saw and enjoyed the lovely Nutcracker programme on TV at Christmas about Francesca Hayward's Sugar Plum Fairy debut, Nadia Mullova-Barley who was chosen as a final year student from the RBS Upper School to perform as a Snowflake, Angel, etc. and was featured in the programme, is joining the RB with the Aud Jebsen group. I am so happy for her!
  13. Perhaps Sir Frederick Ashton stipulated that Titania HAS to be blonde? (Like the young boy in "Month in the Country"?) I would imagine that he wanted it this way. (Although I agree that many dancers are not enhanced by the wig at all.)
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