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  1. Joseph Sissens was replacing Joonhyuk Jun as the Bluebird although, as that casting wasn't formally announced ahead of the day (only on social media), Joe didn't get noted as a replacement.
  2. I think that Taisuke Nakao is telling everyone about the situation on his Instagram posts. Kevin O'Hare explained the 'knock on' effect of Valentino's accident in his 'front of curtain' announcement on Friday. He always comes out if a Principal's appearance is affected - in this case two (plus two 'about-to-bes').
  3. Me too. Jun seems to have been in the Company for a long time (an Aud Jebsen year plus three as an Artist) and Bluebird could have been a wonderful, ‘breakthrough’ opportunity for him to show the audience his extraordinary talents.
  4. At the moment, if you are in close contact with someone who has tested positive (as appears to be the case for a group of RB dancers) you can only take the daily test route if you are part of an NHS trial. If you are not, then self-isolation is the only (official) option. And, of course, for an organisation like the RB, the safety of its dancers has to be its first consideration.
  5. Speaking of cast changes, one’s heart goes out to Joonhyuk Jun who appears, from photos on Instagram, to have been cast alongside Isabella Gasparini as Bluebird but who didn’t dance the show. IF self-isolation is the reason for this, it emphasises that it’s impact is very cruel - likewise for Taisuke Nakao, who hasn’t (yet) danced his featured role in Anemoi.
  6. I have communicated with them too because their website doesn't make it clear where Yeo Valley is and provides no information about public transport access etc. I received a reply 4 days later which was unhelpful - for example, the very occasional bus from Bristol takes around 90 minutes to reach Yeo Valley and that kind of information should either be available online or provided on request (or probably advised against!!!!). Although I obviously cannot attend the performance, I have interacted some more with the Events contact at Yeo Valley (yes - very part-time) with a view to them improving their website.
  7. I felt that Kevin was implying that the issue arose on Friday (25th) but I might have misheard him as the reproduction wasn't great where I was sitting. He certainly said that the adaptations to Anemoi had needed to be last-minute ones.
  8. Kevin O'Hare came out to explain that a number of dancers were having to self-isolate and that adjustments had been necessary for Anemoi and fewer guests than usual would be attending Aurora's wedding. The audience would not have realised so kudos to those who had to adapt to the circumstances. Feeling so sorry for the dancers affected............
  9. Yes, it has, indeed, to be a collaboration, but the company infrastructure is surely there to support the artistic vision of the Director and the Board (which, of course, goes wider than the company itself). One only has to look at what emerges from BRB and ENB to see how the 'Executive Directors' put their ADs forward in everything they say and write. Christopher Hampson holds both roles at Scottish - phew!
  10. Ooooh - more fabulous news. Of course, the even younger Maria Khoreva has been a First Soloist for some time.
  11. It's interesting that the Artistic Director and Chief Executive "are jointly responsible" for Northern Ballet. It is surely more normal for an AD to have precedence?
  12. I've now realised that it was 16 years ago that I saw Novikova as Kitri in Don Quixote in Cardiff and, of course, she also starred in the Mariinsky DVD of that ballet.
  13. This is WONDERFUL! I first saw Olesya dancing in Cardiff many, many years ago , then in a mixed bill at Sadlers Wells and, lastly, as Giselle at the Coliseum. She is simply fantastic and, at last, her rank reflects her stardom.
  14. The Times (UK) has covered the story twice. Wouldn't it have been nice if they had also (especially in the second article) talked about Reece Clarke and Marianela Nunez needing to rehearse together at short notice for the Sunday show in London?
  15. Agree and, of course, this week, we have the extended version of that piece (Anemoi) to enjoy as part of the RB's next programme.
  16. And I have never had any such strange deductions.
  17. It was very remiss of me not to mention - and celebrate - the wonderful Erina Takahashi. If ever there was a 'company ballerina', it is Erina. I remember her when she first joined from the School and was given roles very quickly. And here she still is - dancing as if age is only a number and expanding her artistry into new fields. I love that fact that a star like Erina was 'home grown' by ENB and remains ' right up there' as an inspiration to those who are following her.
  18. Yes - the pdd from Broken Wings does feel more appropriate in context, not least because one is following Frida Kahlo's story. The Coppelia extract was surely there to provide an outing for the female corps? The men had 'turns' in Playlist and the Company must have been very keen to get everyone one stage. I enjoyed the programme for its mix of rep. - which did, indeed, showcase ENB's ever richer store-cupboard of new and older works - but I felt the level of performance was also 'mixed'. ENB's standards, which often blow me away, did not seem universally high on this occasion (I have seen two casts) but, maybe, the stellar level achieved in the RB's Balanchine/Apollo programme last week had heightened my expectations. Seeing Jeffrey Cirio in Dust (extraordinary, as was James Streeter) has made me look forward even more to Creature in September.
  19. Apologies - I have just noticed that this post lost a sentence! I meant to say that, as all flowers and gifts have already been handled on their way into the ROH, one or two more people presenting bouquets on stage would surely not make much difference in terms of infection risk.
  20. I don't understand why flowers aren't allowed on stage. They are arranged and delivered by real people as are some 'goodie bags' which I have seen being taken in through the Stage Door.
  21. The problem with the ROH (and possibly for the RB) is that all monies go to the umbrella body and not to the ballet company.
  22. And, now, Marcelino Sambe has posted a photo of himself with Anna Rose O’Sulliva rehearsing the Voices of Spring pas de deux. He notes that it’s for the next RB programme whereas Anna Rose put up the same image without the explanation 😁
  23. This is interesting because there are many Forum members who haven't seen Muntagirov' s Romeo although it's 'been around' in one guise or another for quite a while. He first danced it with the RB in the autumn of 2015 (with Sarah Lamb after Natalia Osipova returned unwell/injured to Russia). [@saodan will be able to tell us when his subsequent R&Js with the RB were but IIRC they were also with Sarah.] In addition, he danced both the Nureyev and Derek Deane (in-the-round) versions with ENB, the first in 2010, the second in 2014. The fact that this year's line up is offering us a Naghdi/Muntagirov option is one of the big casting plusses of the autumn for me. Later in the season, if he is not cast (and filmed) in 'Month' with Anna Rose O'Sullivan as Vera, I will................!!!!!
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