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  1. I think Dave and BBB are right - it's because here we are a team rather than an individual. I moderate on a Facebook group and I find that much harder although there are 4 of us who can intervene. Some posts that, to me, seem innocuous can spark an absolute firestorm! Can your friend recruit any other moderators? That would help ease the burden.
  2. A couple of months ago I got an email from Northern Ballet inviting me to book for a streamed performance at Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield. The description of the performance was: "Locked down. Locked in. But living is a world-premiere triple bill of dance commissioned by the Lawrence Batley Theatre and choreographed by Jordan James Bridge (dancer, Studio Wayne McGregor), Daniel de Andrade (Artistic Associate, Northern Ballet) and Gary Clarke (Artistic Director, Gary Clarke Company)." Of course I booked. I had a choice of dates and times to book and when you
  3. I've added some tags as there are lots of topics discussing associate schemes and I just did a quick google: https://www.google.co.uk/search?source=hp&ei=vGp4X5m8HPebjLsP5f-bgAo&q=ballet+associate+sundays+london+13yo&oq=ballet+associate+sundays+london+13yo&gs_lcp=CgZwc3ktYWIQAzoICAAQsQMQgwE6CwguELEDEMcBEKMCOg4ILhCxAxCDARDHARCjAjoRCC4QsQMQgwEQxwEQowIQkwI6BQguELEDOgIIADoICC4QsQMQgwE6CAguEMcBEKMCOgsILhDHARCvARCTAjoFCAAQsQM6AgguOgUIABCSAzoECAAQCjoICC4QxwEQrwE6BggAEBYQHjoECAAQDToGCAAQDRAeOgUIIRCgAToICCEQFhAdEB46BAghEApKBQggEgEwSgUIKBIBMFDGAliDbWCOcmgAcAB4AIABggGIAeMVkgEE
  4. Hello Balletmum2305 and welcome to the Forum!
  5. The excerpts shown: Broadcast programme Sleeping Beauty (Wright) – Diamond Fairy Act 3 pas de quatre (Lynsey Sutherland) Sleeping Beauty (Ashton) – Act 2 Florimund (Callum Findlay White) Concerto (MacMillan) – Pas de deux (Tessa Hogge & Lennert Steegen) Elite Syncopations (MacMillan) – Friday Night ( August Generalli) Sleeping Beauty (Ashton) – Act 2 Florimund (Gabriel Anderson) Sleeping Beauty (Wright) – Aurora Act 1 solo (Alexandra Burman) Sylvia (Ashton) – Male solo (Louis Andreasen) Shakespeare Suite (Bintley) – Petruchio an
  6. This link is available for 7 days. At least, with the Vimeo link, I will now be able to watch it on the TV!
  7. The editing facility is available for 30 minutes after you have posted. The edit function can now be found by clicking on the ellipsis and the top right hand side of the screen.
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/stage/2020/jul/24/mary-miller-obituary
  9. Hello Beauballetshoes and welcome to the Forum!
  10. Hello New Ballet Mum and welcome to the Forum!
  11. Hello Balletmum201 and welcome to the Forum!
  12. I've just picked this up from Instagram. I know it's online but it sounds like a fantastic opportunity (says she, having been a fan of Ian Mackay since he joined BRB from school):
  13. Not as exciting as a stag or pelican but I was rather taken with this young squirrel this morning! And then an interestingly coloured mallard and a heron. And all in very urban Liverpool!
  14. Hello Exhausteddancemum and welcome to the Forum!
  15. Here is the press release about Elmhurst accepting late applications:
  16. And from Friday's links re Akram Khan: News - Akram Khan Company marks 20 years with live stream of The Silent Burn Project: David Mead, Seeing Dance Staff, Fan Carpet
  17. Leeds Playhouse reopened last night. Lisa Riley has posted a picture of the view from a socially distanced audience.
  18. So last Sunday was my first ballet-related outing since the premiere of Geisha on 14th March. Aston Hall (part of the Birmingham Museums portfolio) was hosting an exhibition of BRB costumes from Cinderella and The Nutcracker and some other props and I set off down the M6 in a great state of excitement. I'd never heard of Aston Hall before let alone been there and wow is it impressive!! Aston Hall is a Jacobean mansion and is just gorgeous. Although it is seriously grand it also felt as though it had been a home and I can't wait to see it properly when things are back
  19. It is a disaster if, to paraphrase Matt Hancock, they go on to kill their grannies!! I also know people younger than me who didn't have the virus hugely badly but who are now suffering terribly with post-viral syndrome.
  20. Thanks for reminding me about this Janite - I'd forgotten all about it! With the mixed programme (including NB) being streamed from LBT in Huddersfield (I've booked for Tuesday although that is available from Monday) and now BRB my week is starting to fill up!!
  21. As this dreadful pandemic continues I don't think we can be too cautious. Yes, the pro company could be shut down BUT an individual in a studio catching C-19 is a disaster for the individual and anyone they may pass the virus on to. Living in an area of the UK where cases seem to be sky-rocketing it bothers the life out of me that people are not being cautious enough!
  22. Links - Saturday 26 September, 2020 Streaming Review - Rambert, Drawn from Within: Lyndsey Winship, Guardian Streaming Review - Hofesh Shechter Company, Untitled: David Mead, Seeing Dance Live Review - mapdance, mixed programme, Milton Keynes: David Mead, Seeing Dance Streaming Review - Ben Duke/Lost Dog, In a Nutshell: Howard Loxton, British Theatre Guide News - Les Ballets de Monte Carlo Autumn/Winter season announced: Staff, Hello Monaco Video Feature - Joffrey Ballet returns to the studio: WLS Chicago via
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