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  1. I've merged the two topics about toe protectors and toe spacers as I think this information and advice could usefully be kept together for future information.
  2. Mrs Kidd, the Artistic Director has sent the following information: Saturday Associate Classes The ballet programme is an enhancement to what pupils already receive from their dance teacher. Whilst pupils continue to study with their teacher, the programme allows them to train alongside other gifted children who aspire for a career in dance. We aim to create an environment which aids superb learning, is great fun, is safe, and in which all pupils thrive and develop their full potential. The focus is on small classes, usually between 10 and 16 pupils per class, which enables teacher
  3. Short notice but there is an open day at Moorlands this coming Saturday: OPEN DAY SATURDAY 18th MARCH 10.00-11.00- School is opens to view 11.00-12.00- Moorland Students Ballet demonstration 12.00-13.00- Q&A with Moorland Ballet Directors 13.00-14.00- Moorland Students Ballet demonstration 14.00-15.00- Q&A with Moorland Ballet Directors Please send any enquiries to lkidd@moorlandschool.co.uk Details here: https://www.moorlandschool.co.uk/od/
  4. Hello Tarantella2000 and welcome out of the lurking shadows!
  5. Hello WBMum and welcome to the Forum!
  6. Hello Sarah, the Acceptable Use Policy explains the Forum policy on commerce and tells you how to set up a signature on your profile. http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/417-the-balletcoforum-acceptable-use-policy/ I agree with SarahW that it would probably be easier to set up a new thread with the details. Judging by the number of queries we get about holiday courses, I am sure our members will be thrilled to get information on yours.
  7. Hello Elia and welcome to the Forum!
  8. Thanks Sian, terrific photographs. This should be a clickable link: http://client.sian-trenberth.com/russianballeticons2017/
  9. Hello ckswartz and welcome to the Forum! Good luck to your DD and enjoy London!
  10. Hello Anno and welcome out of the lurking shadows! I can't answer your query but I am sure other members will be able to.
  11. Another great review: http://www.on-magazine.co.uk/arts/yorkshire-theatre/casanova-review-leeds-grand-northern-ballet/
  12. A couple of review are in, including this one from Graham Watts for Bachtrack And from Today's Links: Mark Brown, Telegraph Beverley Haigh, Reviews Hub
  13. Try closing your browser and reopening. That usually works. Otherwise try closing down and restarting your PC,
  14. I'm still buzzing over Saturday night's premiere. The audience excitement before the start was palpable (I can't remember such a level of excitement since the premiere of Cleopatra 6 years ago). The front cloth of enormous, slightly abstract red roses was attracting a lot of approving comments (Including mine). When the curtain rose it was to see a set of simplicity but absolute grandeur. Three giant, mirrored columns and an incense censer dispensing haze. The set was so very clever, simple but grand and very versatile - it even made the stage at the Grand look enormous. The three
  15. I've opened a topic to discuss the Gala performances and moved Bruce Wall's post into it. Here is the link: http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/14862-russian-icons-gala-12-march-2017-london/
  16. Hello Nama and welcome out of the lurking shadows! Now that you have broken the posting ice, I hope we will hear more from you.
  17. Links - Monday 13 March, 2017 Reviews - Northern Ballet, Casanova, Leeds: Mark Brown, Telegraph Beverley Haigh, Reviews Hub Review - National Ballet of Canada, Pinocchio, Toronto: Michael Crabb, Toronto Star Review - Paul Taylor American Modern Dance, Sacre du Printemps (The Rehearsal), Ports of Call, The Open Door, New York: Apollinaire Scherr, FT Review - Paul Taylor American Modern Dance, Airs, Black Tuesday, Syzygy, New York: Carol Pardo, Danceview Times Review - Company Wayne McGregor & Paris Opera Ballet, Tree of Codes, London: David Dougill, Times Re
  18. Hello Fairhead and welcome to the Forum.
  19. I couldn't disagree with you on that front Capybara. I was over-generalising and thinking more of already established international stars from different backgrounds. Muntagirov was an obvious fit to me of the Royal Ballet style.
  20. Northern Ballet have published a set of photographs taken by Emma Kauldhar, editor Dance Europe: https://northernballet.com/casanova/production-photos I assume they were taken at the dress rehearsal.
  21. I prefer not to see people being brought in from the outside into the upper echelons of a company. I love seeing home-grown talent being nurtured within the company. Frequently people gaining promotion prove themselves easily in their new grade and are soon the ones we want to watch.
  22. Press night isn't necessarily first night. I think the RB dancers get more exposure to the press as quite often more than one cast is reviewed. With companies based outside London it is becoming more of a problem for them to get exposure in the national media as newspapers are struggling. Quite often these days press performances seem to be offered on midweek matinee days as the critics may not have an allowance for an overnight stay. Some years ago there was something of a kerfuffle because a BRB dancer who had been a principal for several years was nominated for an Emerging Dancer
  23. Links - Sunday 12 March, 2017 Reviews - San Francisco Ballet, Fusion, Salome (Pita), Fearful Symmetries, San Francisco: Claudia Bauer, DanceTabs Janice Berman, SF Classical Voice Review - Royal Danish Ballet, Infra, Falling Angels, Vertical Road, Copenhagen: Eva Kistrup, Danceview Times Review - Sarasota Ballet, The Two Pigeons, Scenes de Ballet, Sarasota: Carrie Seidman, Sarasota Herald Tribune Review - Ballet Black, House of Dreams, Captured, Red Riding Hood, London: Bruce Marriott, DanceTabs Feature - Robert Fairchild, star of American in Paris & NYCB: Deb
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