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  1. Thanks for that insight Lindsay. I must admit to having been tutted at, which I mentioned earlier in the thread. Fortunately it didn't put me off! I think one of the issues is that we are in the television age and I know I, for one, talk during TV programmes. I found theatre without having been taken by family members when I was young. It's so long ago now that I don't remember how I discovered the etiquette of attending. Perhaps just common sense. Most theatres now remind people not to use mobile phones or take photographs. I don't think there is any excuse for then ignoring
  2. I do not care how anyone is dressed, unless they are wearing headgear that obstructs my view. I do not care about people using phones (smart or otherwise) except during the performance. I do not care if people talk or what they talk about as long as it is not during the performance. To do any of these things during the performance is disrespectful to both your fellow audience members and, more importantly, to the performers (or, Lindsay do you as a performer not mind?). I will admit to asking people to be quiet if they are persistently talking. The odd comment does not bother me.
  3. Whoooooooooops - I hope it wasn't written off Pups_Mum. Mind you, should he have parked it behind you?
  4. Please don't make me read comments like this when I am drinking tea at the same time. I only just avoided needing a new laptop!!!!! Taxi, I love the insights into your life.....
  5. Stirrups - I hope I sit next to you at a performance one day!
  6. I would like to know if Blondie's family have ever been and been scared away or if they just have preconceptions? When I first started wanting to see more ballet than my friends, I plucked up courage and started going on my own. I discovered, for quite a while, that I preferred to go on my own because I met more kind and interesting people to talk to (as I wouldn't have if I had been in company). Even if I travel alone these days, I hardly ever end up on my own in the theatre - even in theatres that I don't usually go to! I always think that regular ballet-watchers are amongst the ki
  7. Many years ago, I was "tutted" at ROH because I had jeans on and was sitting in the stalls. I had travelled down from Liverpool for a matinee when the weather was atrocious and I was not sure I could get home. I was dressed appropriately for the weather (but not too shabbily) and it was a matinee (where dress wasn't usually quite so formal). It nearly put me off ever sitting in the stalls again - but it didn't!
  8. Taxi, I apologise for finding this ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!! I hope it doesn't cost too much to repair the damage.
  9. We've got a Jack Russell called Chunk (don't ask). She's a lovely, sweet natured dog and she is 11 years old tomorrow. I post pictures of her on twitter from time to time.
  10. What is most important is height when seated. Someone tall with long legs may not restrict view as much as someone shorter with a longer body (if you see what I mean)!
  11. Thanks Angela. I saw "Can we talk about this" at the Lowry. It is very text-based (and very thought provoking). Would it have been spoken in German?
  12. Welcome to the forum Katharina. We'd love to hear about your ballet-watching in Germany and elsewhere. Please keep posting!
  13. Sorry to hear about that BBB. I love Mozart's Clarinet Concerto - especially when BRB are dancing Powder!
  14. I've been to loads of performances over the last 30-odd years, both dance and drama, where there have been pauses so I don't think they are unusual. I dont think as many people buy programmes these days due to the cost. I certainly don't buy as many as I used to. It would be useful if all theatres made an announcement or at least had a notice by the entrance into the auditorium. Even when it has been made perfectly plain there are still people who think they can get to the facilities and back in a couple of minutes!
  15. True re Alain's entrance at the end of Fille - I feel the same. Re Giselle - I complained about people clapping in act 2 when I was watching Chi as Albrecht some years ago (ok I am biased). He was dancing himself impeccably to death and I was swept away with the emotion of the moment. A lot of people started applauding his technical brilliance and it completely ruined the moment for me. I can remember complaining about this on the old forum and I can remember a lot of people saying that they thought it ok that people should applaud in, what was to me, absolutely the wrong place. In Chr
  16. Willie - I hope you will report back on Helsinki's R&J. The company there are on my wishlist to see.
  17. Sorry AFDS, I clap along at the very end of Fille as the dancers are dancing out and tralalaling! I don't tralala as I would empty the theatre faster than a fire alarm if I did! I find it very irritating when people talk during the overture.
  18. When I was in Munich earlier this year, on the first evening we were on the 2nd row. My friend and I were OK but the lady sitting next to my friend had one of the biggest men I have ever seen sitting in front of her. She was trying not to weave around but she could not have seen very much at all. This man was so tall and broad, I guess he was blocking the view for a good few rows behind. There are some theatres where, if I cannot get on the front row, I go much further back to where the stalls tend to be better raked.
  19. Silly question - what do you do with your coats and bag? Many theatres no longer offer a cloakroom facility or I may prefer not to use if I am on public transport and running at the end. I fold my coat and place under my seat. Many years ago I picked up my jacket and discovered melted icecream all over it! The person behind hadn't finished their iceream and had just discarded the container onto my jacket! Fortunately it was a leather jacket so I was able to sponge it easily.
  20. Audience behaviour has been mentioned in the ENB Swan Lake thread ( http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/1595-english-national-ballets-swan-lake/page__pid__20096__st__30#entry20096 ) Alison suggested we start a new thread so we can all let off steam or praise, dependent on our experiences. The worst behaviour that I can remember experiencing happened in Sheffield some years ago. My friend and I were there to see Northern Ballet's Romeo and Juliet. The Friday night was an extra treat and we had to sit in the circle as the stalls were sold out. We were at the side of the second r
  22. I once planted a tub with 24 African marigolds. When we came out of the house the following morning there was not a single trace of marigolds but a lot of slug trails!
  23. I saw quite a large flock of oystercatchers on Crosby Beach this morning and, last week, a kestrel hovering over the dunes. That might not sound too exciting but it was only about 8 feet above me and a few yards away so I had a wonderful view! We saw four resident spoonbills and lots of baby avocets at Cley in Norfolk when we were enjoying ourselves seeing NBin Norwich.
  24. Tescos were selling gorgeous hanging baskets for £5 last week. My friend's husband said that the garden centres/supermarkets were overstocked because the bad weather we had been having meant no-one was buying anything. Our weeds are looking glorious!
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