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  1. My daughter gave up vocational school in January too due to injury. She managed to go straight back into studying A levels and I think fate stepped in the way and she is loving it. She is back at her local dance school a couple of times a week and just dancing for fun without all the pressure. It's a big change but they soon adapt, I wish your DD all the luck for the future.
  2. Can anyone recommend a good physio in Manchester ideally located central Manchester or Salford. My daughter has pulled her intercostal muscle in her back or if anyone has any good advise about what exercises she could do to help her recovery.
  3. Thank you all so much for your help I am always looking for a back up plan if the dance path dosent happen for my daughter and all the money spent so far can help her follow another path later on. 😀
  4. My daughter is currently is award of a dada for a level six diploma in professional dance and has been told she can do a year top up at Middlesex university to turn into a BA hons in dance would she be able to go on after and do another year and become either a primary school teacher or secondary school teacher. Also if at the end of completion of the diploma in professional dance she dosent get a job has a dancer would she be able to do go and do a university level course and access student finance to do a different career path.
  5. That's great news. My daughter does a CAT program in ballet and contemporary and she loves every minute. It's a great way of getting vocational training whilst staying at home and they get so many opportunities and chances to perform. She will love it. X I believe in everything happens for a reason. X
  6. Hi Ebony I think my dd and yours were in the same audition we are in the same boat although it is very generous of the school to offer a bursary like you we can't afford to accept. My dd s friend got offered a mds a few years ago two days before he started in September so my dd is hoping this will happen to her. If not by then I am sure she will have forgotten or be planning the next year to audition. Good luck but I think the ride isn't over yet for some.
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