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  1. My daughter gave up vocational school in January too due to injury. She managed to go straight back into studying A levels and I think fate stepped in the way and she is loving it. She is back at her local dance school a couple of times a week and just dancing for fun without all the pressure. It's a big change but they soon adapt, I wish your DD all the luck for the future.
  2. Can anyone recommend a good physio in Manchester ideally located central Manchester or Salford. My daughter has pulled her intercostal muscle in her back or if anyone has any good advise about what exercises she could do to help her recovery.
  3. Thank you all so much for your help I am always looking for a back up plan if the dance path dosent happen for my daughter and all the money spent so far can help her follow another path later on. 😀
  4. My daughter is currently is award of a dada for a level six diploma in professional dance and has been told she can do a year top up at Middlesex university to turn into a BA hons in dance would she be able to go on after and do another year and become either a primary school teacher or secondary school teacher. Also if at the end of completion of the diploma in professional dance she dosent get a job has a dancer would she be able to do go and do a university level course and access student finance to do a different career path.
  5. I wouldn't give up hope yet my daughter got offered a place four weeks ago off the reserve list and have been told that some girls have been given dadas closer to the start date. We had given up and planned a different route so all up in the air at the moment. Good luck.
  6. Cornwall is quite a big place were abiuts are you planning to move too, Bounce Dance Academy teach up to advance one ballet in Newquay, Owner Rachel trained at the Hammond dance school and also teached there after dancing professionally and another teacher at northern ballet school in Manchester. Geraldine lamb and totnes school of dance have a great reputation. Jason Thomas in Truro duchy ballet teachers have close links to capital dance school in st Austell and Maureen Pascoe school of dance in Roach. BBO teacher Pamela Darlington has a great reputation and teaches up to advance one in BBO. If I can help anymore please message me.
  7. I think you daughter is being really sensible. I know lots of girls that get into top dance schools at 18 some with limited experience on two ballet classes and tap and modern and musical theatre class per week, I am sure your daughter already has learnt enough already whilst at vocational school . I think if she just keeps up her ballet and other styles of dance she will be fine and you may find she get more opportunities to perform in her local area. I don't believe you have to be doing ten hours plus a week unless going down the ballet route. My dd has attended her local dance school and does advance one ( 1 1/2 hours class ) and grade seven ballet (45 mins) tap grade 6 (1/2) lyrical (1 hour) performance classes (2hours). Always achieved distinction in all exams and auditioned this year for two top schools which she got places and scholarships and now has decided to do her A Levels and apply again at 18. She said she thinks if she can get in a dance school now she will be able to in two years times. She auditioned at year 10 and offered a place and scholarship at s top school which she again declined and said she made the right choice. She has had a great time at her local school and is predicated A s in all her subjects whilst she has had a great time performing in festivals and making her mark on dance in her local area. I have always said if she wants to make it has a dancer it's got to be for her and not for anyone else, she is hungry for it and realistic she will only ever get s job on a cruise ship or in musical theatre. It's all down to having the look they want at these auditions and girls change so much upto to being 18 so as long has they keep fit and healthy and concentrate on technique and performance I wouldn't worry too much about it. It's a roller coaster we all feel we should be on but not necessarily. Good luck to your dd she will get were she is supposed to be xx
  8. Well done to your daughter, hopefully we will find out soon. It's all very stressful and to be honest my daughter is not sure if she will go I think she is leaving it all to fate now. Xx
  9. My daughter has a place for September and she is 16 we haven't heard if she has a dada offer yet. Can I ask if you have had a dada offer and also when you received it. X
  10. Has any one heard if the dada results are out yet for the northern ballet school or when they are usually sent out.
  11. Thank you all so much for your help looks like it's going to be very hard getting a dada for this school. Does anyone no how many dadas were given last year to the number of students attending.
  12. Does that mean the more you contribute towards a dada the better chance there is of getting one.
  13. Does anyone no how many dadas northern ballet school have to give out this year and also if they give scholarships. My daughter has been offered a place for September and just wondering what the odds are on getting a dada at 16. She wouldn't be able to accept a place without this.
  14. My daughter has private lessons with her teacher which started just to get her through a vocational grade quicker and has carried them on, although since then she says she gets a lot more attention and corrections in class which she gets embarrassed about. To be honest I think a good teacher shouldn't need to be giving private lessons and we all have to remember they are just offering a service and if it's not a good service then I would complain.
  15. I have tried them all and got to say just ballet is the best and very helpful.
  16. My daughter is on a mds on a cats scheme. It's is means tested and covers travel, uniform and accommodation. Great way of training any getting access to professional teachers whilst staying at home.
  17. I didn't get to see the show my parents and some of my family went and said it was really good. She has had a brilliant time and learnt so much . It was a shame they couldn't take pictures or videos I would have liked to have seen it. My dd was the one doing acro in the tap routine I think she has spoken to your dd. She has made some lovely friends and can't wait to go again next year, worth doing and great teaching she said.
  18. Hi Miracle. My dd is in group 2 I think she was talking to her today does your dd go to vocational school as my dd thinks she was talking to her today about her school as she applied this year and got in but decided to stay at home. She has really enjoyed it and said everyone is really friendly very tired tonight though.
  19. Thanks Miracle she is at her nanas and very excited for tomorrow I am sure they will all have a great time and make new friends xx
  20. We was a bit worried in case the girls would be a lot older so it's nice to no your daughter is only 14. Her gran is taking her in every morning and an aunt is picking her up so she will probably no who she is by the end of the week.
  21. Hi Miracle. My dd is attending the summer school next week she is going to be staying with family nearby as she is too young to go in the boarding house and we live in Cornwall. I am working so won't be able to get up or see the show at the end but it's a chance for my family to be involved and see her dance so it will be nice for them. She is 13 and been studying inter foundation ballet for a year and half and due to take her exam very soon. She also studies intermediate in her Cats program. How old is your dd.
  22. Local dance school in Cornwall is looking for a dance teacher if any one is interested. Due to expansion Bounce Dance Academy are looking to employ a new member of staff. The new member of the Bounce team will be required to teach dance to all levels and ages. If you are interested or know someone who is Please ring mobile 07971847227 Or Tel. 01841 534770.
  23. My daughter is doing the Summer school this year so is very excited. One of her teachers trained there over twenty eight years ago and as very happy memories so is very keen to see what my daughter thinks. She is hoping to audition at 16 for this school.
  24. That's great news. My daughter does a CAT program in ballet and contemporary and she loves every minute. It's a great way of getting vocational training whilst staying at home and they get so many opportunities and chances to perform. She will love it. X I believe in everything happens for a reason. X
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