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  1. Oh! My Imperial Ballet Grade 1 girls look lovely doing this step and we always enjoy the challenge of making it look neat and tidy. It helps with rhythm and counting too .....a1&2, a1&2. I certainly wouldn't call it a hideous step!! Isabella, we always start off learning it 'sideways'. Face your partner. Learn the rhythm first...a1&2. a1&2. Then move, hop gallop change spring.....(landing in petit jete derriere position) try and concentrate on a good landing position. Your daughter should understand this or if in doubt ask her teacher. Good luck.
  2. My friend's daughter did a lyrical Modern and was awarded a full MDS, so I would say to go with your most musical performance!
  3. Pas de Quatre thanks for that information, I had no idea about that scheme so will definitely look into it once my DBS runs out in a couple of years. Thank you.
  4. She needs an enhanced DBS check. If her qualifications are ISTD then here is the link.They are very helpful and organised. https://www.ddc.uk.net/help-advice/types/registered-bodies/
  5. Just from our experience applying to start in 2018. My daughter had a Trinity College Level 6 Diploma and had been on a DADA. It was just lucky she wanted her student loan for an NHS related course otherwise she definitely would not have got one. Her DADA ended in 2012 and she had danced professionally the whole time between then and applying for a student loan in 2018. The question 'have you ever had a Dance and Drama Award' comes up very early on in the application for a student loan. A Trinity College Level 6 Diploma is most definitely classed as degree level even though you have to 'top up' for a year to make it a BA Hons in Professional Practice. Next year may be different and it is indeed a minefield! It's pretty clearly laid out below: How to get funding for a second degree in the UK If you are thinking about going back to university to get a second degree, you need to think about how you are going to fund it. Students who have already been to university and got a degree, whether it was recently or years ago, are not entitled to a loan from Student Finance (with the exception of Nursing and some Healthcare degrees). This applies whether you had a loan previously or not, which means you are going to have to find another way to fund it and at £9,250 a year for the average tuition fees, plus expenses, it is not cheap. https://www.gov.uk/what-different-qualification-levels-mean/list-of-qualification-levels
  6. No they can't unfortunately cotes du rhone. A Trinity College Diploma is a Level 6 and that is classed as Higher Education so you have had your funding already if you have had a DaDa for 3 years and completed the course. You can only get a Student Loan for an NHS related degree, now that the NHS bursaries have been scrapped.
  7. York Dance Scholars is a very happy place. The teaching faculty are fantastic and the added contemporary and jazz classes are outstanding. It's a great all round programme.
  8. If you leave the course early under medical grounds and do not attain your level 6 Diploma then yes, you may get funding. If however you complete the course and DO get your level 6 Diploma then you have been deemed to already have a 'higher education' qualification and therefore no SFE funding is available for a second degree or another higher educational qualification (unless healthcare). Having said all that it probably could depend on the individuals personal circumstances. It's a minefield really and you won't actually know for sure until you have started the ball rolling and actually applied for Student Finance........everyone tells you a different story if you phone SFE!! I am just quoting on our own personal circumstance.
  9. My daughter was a JA that never got White Lodge finals but she got WL Summer School, Mids and SA's too!
  10. Yes, you can still top up a Diploma to a BA Honours in Professional Practice (think you have to pay for it yourself but not sure on that) However, if you want to study for another Degree subject for 3 years you can't get finance from SFE.
  11. I might add that this was a new ruling for entry to University in 2018.
  12. If your child comes out with a Trinity College Level 6 Diploma and you have had a DADA then they can't access any Student Loan to go to University in the future UNLESS they are applying to study a NHS related course ie Doctor, Nurse, Midwife etc. A Trinity College Level 6 Diploma is class as Higher Education and you can only get funding once. If you have had a DADA then that is your funding!!
  13. York Dance Scholars is a wonderful Summer School.
  14. Just as well she doesn't then hoglett
  15. How unforgivable that they should say that ALL applicants (WL) would hear by Friday 10th of March. If they are not going to stick by it then they should not say it!!
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