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  1. Dancermum have u looked at Notpushymum forum ? Prob get answers there . Think at all the MT schools it's ballet jazz singing and acting type auditions but my DD is at MT sch and it was the dancing that got her place ! She had never sang or acted but now loves it. I would ring them I'm sure they would be happy to help .
  2. That book sounds good sounds like I better read it as well !! Today DD has come home talking bout headshot photos and show reels for nx year !! Better start saving sounds expensive!! I know it's like cattle market we were told that 500 can turn up for open auditions !! Thought MT would be easier than ballet route but think it could be just as hard !! ????????
  3. Balletbean it's so true what u have posted ! My DD is 2nd yr at MT sch she has workshops with people in the industry that say a lot of it is if u look the part my DD already knows there will be lots of disappointment with her chosen career !! getting into a sch now seems easy comparing with getting a job !! But she knows all this she still wants it so just have to hope she succeeds !! Good luck to all our DC x
  4. Hi Lottylou I've just checked and I've sent it to wrong person with similar name !! Have sent it 2 u now should be in your messages xx
  5. Spax I had 2 DD that attended LRBS I would read all the threads about it ! We do know some talented students that train there but it's not for everyone ! Have you considered Natalia Kremlin? I've heard good things .
  6. Balletbean I also get the impression it's very good sch x
  7. Hi lottyLou I emailed LDC and got very quick responses back think my DD will Def be sending out application for the jazz course. Apparently they have students from other Countries applying and it's high standard ! I will try and find the email and will pm u . x
  8. My cousins DD has got finals for RB and 2 other Upper schools ! From reading this though doesn't look like there are many places . She is from UK .
  9. Thanks everyone 4 information! Think my DD will be picking the jazz course but she will want to do some ballet as well , will look at the timetable when it comes out but don't want to leave it too late in case no places left !! I sent email to sch and they got back very quick x I
  10. Just realised prob should of asked this on summer sch post !!
  11. DD thinking of doing this ! Anyone else know anything about it ? thanks
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