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  1. SCS D54 available for 27 April, 7pm, £11
  2. I replied by PM and hope you received it. Mailbox is not full.
  3. Hi you two. I have no idea what to do. They are actual tickets so I have to leave them at the box office or post them.
  4. Thalia and BeauzArts, you are tight-- I'm not receiving your messages. I wonder why? I'll try to pm you.
  5. Please send me a PM, Thalia and BeauxArts so we can arrange an exchange. 27 April still available.
  6. These tickets are available: 26 April, SCS, D54 27 April 7pm, SCS, D54 4 May 1.30pm, SCS, D51 Lindy
  7. Is the evening ticket still available? Could I have it please Lindy
  8. If anyone has a spare ticket for the La Bayadere insight, could I have it please. Lindy
  9. If you have one ticket left could I have it please. Lindy
  10. If anyone has a spare SCS for Matt Ball 20 Oct, could I have it please. Lindy
  11. You are right. I just spoke to the box office and B4 is a standing place.
  12. As the ticket says Balcony seat 4, I assumed it was a seat. Don't the standing tickets normally say standing? A call to the box office might answer that one.
  13. I'm afraid I don't know either. The ticket say Balcony Seat 4 and to the left it says row/box B. Given the price the view can't be good but I couldn't find anyway online to find out.
  14. Balcony seat 4. Let me know if you want it as I'm returning them all to box office tomorrow.
  15. Available: Mayerling 27 October, Balcony seat 4, £9 La Bayadere 1 November, Balcony seat 4, £8 La Bayadere 3 November, 1.30 pm, Balcony seat 4, £8 La Bayadere 5 November, Balcony seat 4, £8 Lindy
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