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  1. Our Dd will be joining her Ds in Florida, opposite coasts, after receiving a ballet company contract offer 😊 This gives the other 3 of us in the house, ED, CCU and ICU nurses 😷😷😷 something to look forward too as we face the next 3 months 😒 Planning a twin centre ballet holiday in November πŸŠπŸβ˜€οΈ
  2. Ds is in a company in Florida who have announced today that the season is over til August. But they are very generously paying their dancers til the end of the season and assisting them with getting home. Ds is staying there for as long as he can, why would he want to come home to a house full of NHS nurses 😷
  3. Having had two children go through injury at Elmhurst I can positively add that the current physio service is the best it has ever been.
  4. Plzen, Czech, has sadly cancelled its annual company auditions scheduled for this weekend 😒 because of coronavirus concerns. So sad for those Dd/Ds looking for contracts. I fear other companies may follow suit ☹️
  5. Any contract is an achievement! Well done to your Dd πŸ₯³
  6. If any of the year 11’s require Dada funding then they have to attend the finals audition and compete with everyone else. Funding is issued according to talent/potential so there is no guarantee of a place for either the current pupils or external applicants. Good luck xx
  7. Beautiful Le Corsaire Pas d’Esclave tutu. Worn once at YAGP Semi-finals in Paris November 2019. Lucky tutu, top 12 classical and scholarship winner. Created by the very talented Just Ballet. Suit petite dancer. Chest 30 in/75cm Waist 24 in/60cm Hips 29 in/73cm Girth 51 in/130cm Β£325 ovno. https://ibb.co/524r8GX https://ibb.co/GHNFqHG https://ibb.co/828RkHM
  8. No video for Prague International Masterclasses, just a photo and reference. One week or two week options, residential and non residential. My ds and dd both loved it x
  9. Dropped Dd off yesterday for her 8th and final year πŸ˜… at vocational school. Roll on July πŸ˜‚ The very best of luck to all the Dc, new and old xx
  10. Both my DC attend Malvern Ballet Seminars Easter and new Summer courses. Amazing teaching in a caring, supportive environment. Excellent facilities and activities too. They even have a swimming pool πŸ˜‚
  11. Im in Florida for a week settling him into his apartment. It’s a beautiful, friendly place. He is very lucky 😊
  12. Both my DC have achieved 2 excellent A levels at Elmhurst. I can not fault the support they received from the academic staff, even revision classes at weekends and being available during the holidays. It’s incredibly tough to balance a full dance and academic workload but they have to have a plan B. But for now DS is starting his dream job in Florida tomorrow πŸ˜€ It’s so hot here πŸ₯΅
  13. This is still by far the best ballet course that Dd attended.
  14. After a year of blood, sweat and tears they all made it to the end πŸ˜… I’m so proud of DS and all of his amazing EBC mates. Huge congratulations 🍾πŸ₯‚πŸŽ“ and the very best of luck with your dancing careers, this is the beginning, the first rung of a very tall ladder. Can’t wait to see what the future holds xx
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