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  1. They are re advertising on Network dance. Closing date is 1st Oct.
  2. The minimum height for ladies is 5ft 7 in their audition ad and 6ft for men. Don’t know anything about the company but would be amazing to live in St Petersburg and there is a fair amount of info on their website about touring and repertoire etc. All the company members sound Russian 😕
  3. Who knows what the future holds. DS was written off by his 6:1 vocational ballet teacher yet here we are on our way to Gatwick as he flies out to join a national ballet company. If it hadn’t have been for his inspirational 6:2 teacher who believed in him we wouldn’t be here now. Try not to think too much about the future and enjoy the present. What will be will be. And don’t forget plan B and C 😂
  4. I have just read an American Independent interview with Simone Biles. So very sad ☹️ She talks so honestly about her initial self denial and being America’s sweetheart and wanting to portray perfection. A very brave young lady.
  5. Dd and I just watched this. Definitely recommend. Very sad though 😢
  6. www.edinburghfestivalballet.com Not sure if this is new or not, just came across it 😊
  7. Every graduate year is tough, but this year especially with cancelled auditions due to the pandemic. Dd is extreme lucky to have secured a ballet company contract for the coming season. Her vocational school have invited all the graduates back for the Autumn term and there is also the Graduate Placement opportunity for two students to stay for the whole year. They are a very small year group so easier to accommodate. Dd needs a visa for her job so there may be a delay. But is still able to return and take classes at her school til she can fly out.
  8. Luckily we have a 6x3 conservatory that doubles as a studio for Dds school classes in the morning and Dss company class in the afternoon 😅 Thank god for time differences 😂 The very expensive ballet barre that I bought on a whim 8 years ago is now a god send. This is going to be for the long haul I fear 😢
  9. Our Dd was looking at going to university following completion of her DaDa funded vocational 6th form and Trinity Diploma Level 6. We were assured that because she had not carried on with the diploma, converting it into a degree via distance learning, she would be eligible for a university tuition fee loan. Well done to your Dd Jane.
  10. Our Dd will be joining her Ds in Florida, opposite coasts, after receiving a ballet company contract offer 😊 This gives the other 3 of us in the house, ED, CCU and ICU nurses 😷😷😷 something to look forward too as we face the next 3 months 😢 Planning a twin centre ballet holiday in November 🍊🏝☀️
  11. Ds is in a company in Florida who have announced today that the season is over til August. But they are very generously paying their dancers til the end of the season and assisting them with getting home. Ds is staying there for as long as he can, why would he want to come home to a house full of NHS nurses 😷
  12. Having had two children go through injury at Elmhurst I can positively add that the current physio service is the best it has ever been.
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