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  1. To clarify... so a Dd/Ds who has had a DaDa for 3 years and obtained a Trinity Diploma in Professional Dance can get a loan to study a Maths degree at a University if they want to ? Is that correct ?
  2. I believe my Dd is partnering your Ds in one of the Summer show performances 😊 Dd was 158cm on entering 6:1. 160cm now and growing x
  3. https://www.elmhurstdance.co.uk/Audition-dates-1.html
  4. Still available ! Nearly sold out performances x i also have 2 fabulous circle tickets for the last evening x
  5. The highs are very high and the lows are incredibly low. I don’t think anything can prepare you for the journey you are about to undertake. For warned is not forearmed. Regrets ? Yes there are lots. Would we do it again ? I’m not sure. I have a Dd who entered at 11 and a Ds at 17. I am happy to share our experience of Elmhurst x
  6. Sadly my son is not able to appear in this due to injury so I have 3 tickets for sale. Stalls A 23, 24 and 25. Face value £37 each.
  7. Yes, on the rare occasion they do mix it’s mainly because of height. My 6:3 Ds has only done Pdd once with the 6:2 girls. I must admit though that they don’t do much Pdd in 6:1 and 6:2. But make up for it in 6:3 with the EBC performances and outreach etc.
  8. Hi, the numbers vary. In Dds year there are 13 in total, that’s boys and girls. Dss year has ? 16 girls and 6 boys. The lower year has far more of both. In Pdd the boys are paired with height appropriate girls, 2 or 3 each. Xx
  9. There is no discount when one goes onto a DaDa, or both are on DaDas. It just doubles the fees 😢
  10. https://www.linkedin.com/content-guest/article/importance-words-why-you-should-talk-investing-sport-henriksen/
  11. That was mine 😂 Not too good with technology 🤪
  12. Stumbled across this interesting article 🤔 as we reflect on our vocational ballet journey. https://www.linkedin.com/content-guest/article/importance-words-why-you-should-talk-investing-sport-henriksen/
  13. My Dd and Ds have attended MBS every year and love it ❤️
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