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  1. No video for Prague International Masterclasses, just a photo and reference. One week or two week options, residential and non residential. My ds and dd both loved it x
  2. Dropped Dd off yesterday for her 8th and final year 😅 at vocational school. Roll on July 😂 The very best of luck to all the Dc, new and old xx
  3. Both my DC attend Malvern Ballet Seminars Easter and new Summer courses. Amazing teaching in a caring, supportive environment. Excellent facilities and activities too. They even have a swimming pool 😂
  4. Im in Florida for a week settling him into his apartment. It’s a beautiful, friendly place. He is very lucky 😊
  5. Both my DC have achieved 2 excellent A levels at Elmhurst. I can not fault the support they received from the academic staff, even revision classes at weekends and being available during the holidays. It’s incredibly tough to balance a full dance and academic workload but they have to have a plan B. But for now DS is starting his dream job in Florida tomorrow 😀 It’s so hot here 🥵
  6. This is still by far the best ballet course that Dd attended.
  7. After a year of blood, sweat and tears they all made it to the end 😅 I’m so proud of DS and all of his amazing EBC mates. Huge congratulations 🍾🥂🎓 and the very best of luck with your dancing careers, this is the beginning, the first rung of a very tall ladder. Can’t wait to see what the future holds xx
  8. Hi, only the black intermezzo, white Wear Moi and Wear Moi Indira leotard left x
  9. Of course x Please pm me your address and I will post it out to you x
  10. Degas Aqua leotard, two Degas skirts and the Butterfly skirt now sold 😊
  11. https://ibb.co/DwPLcdp https://ibb.co/ZcrXGBJ https://ibb.co/RyVNBjm https://ibb.co/w0J1KdD https://ibb.co/MkW6Mbw https://ibb.co/tbKgHQK https://ibb.co/HVYNKg6 https://ibb.co/4pjcCsS https://ibb.co/B4YvtMM
  12. We have a selection of children’s and Ladies Xs leotards for sale. Dd is a vocational student and even the pre loved ones have hardly been worn and are in excellent condition. I am happy to send photos on request and will pay P&P costs. Wear Moi ( pre loved ) Age 10-12 Pink with flower embossed top £10 Gaynor Minden ( never worn ) Petite Black zipped front, sleeveless leotard £20 Intermezzo ( pre loved ) Age 12 Black spaghetti strap leotard £10 Wear Moi ( pre loved ) Age 10-12 White spaghetti strap leotard £10 Degas ( pre loved ) Size 0 Black 9502 £15 Degas ( pre loved ) Size 14A Pale Aqua 9501 £15 Matching skirt Size 0 never worn £10 Degas ( never worn ) Size 0 Eglantine skirt £10 Ainsliewear ( never worn ) Girls ex large Sky blue with pattern top £10 Wear Moi ( worn once ) Ladies Xs White skirted Indira leotard £20 Black with butterflies ( pre loved ) Xs wrap skirt £5 Pm if interested x
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