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  1. Still available ! Nearly sold out performances x i also have 2 fabulous circle tickets for the last evening x
  2. The highs are very high and the lows are incredibly low. I don’t think anything can prepare you for the journey you are about to undertake. For warned is not forearmed. Regrets ? Yes there are lots. Would we do it again ? I’m not sure. I have a Dd who entered at 11 and a Ds at 17. I am happy to share our experience of Elmhurst x
  3. Sadly my son is not able to appear in this due to injury so I have 3 tickets for sale. Stalls A 23, 24 and 25. Face value £37 each.
  4. Yes, on the rare occasion they do mix it’s mainly because of height. My 6:3 Ds has only done Pdd once with the 6:2 girls. I must admit though that they don’t do much Pdd in 6:1 and 6:2. But make up for it in 6:3 with the EBC performances and outreach etc.
  5. Hi, the numbers vary. In Dds year there are 13 in total, that’s boys and girls. Dss year has ? 16 girls and 6 boys. The lower year has far more of both. In Pdd the boys are paired with height appropriate girls, 2 or 3 each. Xx
  6. There is no discount when one goes onto a DaDa, or both are on DaDas. It just doubles the fees 😢
  7. https://www.linkedin.com/content-guest/article/importance-words-why-you-should-talk-investing-sport-henriksen/
  8. That was mine 😂 Not too good with technology 🤪
  9. Stumbled across this interesting article 🤔 as we reflect on our vocational ballet journey. https://www.linkedin.com/content-guest/article/importance-words-why-you-should-talk-investing-sport-henriksen/
  10. My Dd and Ds have attended MBS every year and love it ❤️
  11. My Dd was offered a place at Central prior to finals of Elmhurst, RBS and ENBS. We accepted her place, explained the situation and didn’t pay the deposit. It is worth asking. Good luck with the auditions xx
  12. Elmhurst Ballet Company do an outreach programme for the community. Before Christmas my Ds performed the Nutcracker Pas de deux for the residents of a local nursing home. He found it a lovely experience, some of the ladies were tearful 😢
  13. My DS is just about to fly off to his first company audition 😬 This is a whole new ball game for us. Is there anyone who can kindly give us some advice, guidance, experience of going through this etc. Xx
  14. Elmhurst provides excellent houseparented boarding for its 6:1 and 6:2 students 5 minutes walk away. 6:3s rent shared houses again very close to the school. Another positive is that all meals are provided on site.
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