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  1. IMPO Elmhurst just gets the edge if the intension is a classical ballet career but if you have a Ds both schools are good. My Ds didn’t get funding for Tring but we would have happily let him go there for sixth form on what we saw. Dd didn’t apply. Check out the graduate destinations for the men. The A levels at Elmhurst are well supported by the academic staff, especially Maths, fabulous teacher. My Dc achieved good results. But we felt there was some time conflict between the artistic and academic timetable and unless your Ds/Dd is motivated to secure a plan B back up they could easily drop
  2. Dd/Ds attended associate classes prior to entering vocational school then stopped. Some continued them secretly. Mainly to keep in contact with a preferred school I think. After dancing for 5 and a half days a week, time off is necessary as previously mentioned, for recovery and injury prevention. It can be a bit of an overload too. If the dc is not enjoying the classes then stop. Dd and Ds have both experienced classes that made them unhappy. Its heartbreaking to watch the love and passion sucked out of them. Also, it’s harder to address that in a vocational setting and you just grin
  3. Talking of gymnastics.... https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-56858863 Well done Sarah Voss. Leading the way in women’s sports 💪☺️ Voss explained her decision in an interview with public broadcaster ZDF: "We women all want to feel good in our skin. In the sport of gymnastics it gets harder and harder as you grow out of your child's body. As a little girl I didn't see the tight gym outfits as such a big deal. But when puberty began, when my period came, I began feeling increasingly uncomfortable."
  4. This beautiful tutu is still available ☺️ Open to offers x Chest 30 in/75cm Waist 24 in/60cm Hips 29 in/73cm Girth 51 in/130cm Dd is a petite 5ft 3.
  5. I think my Dd chose poorly in doing ballet 🤔 There seems to be lots of job opportunities in Belly Dancing 🤣
  6. The effects of teachers appearing to judge a child based on their development can be catastrophic. It’s bad enough that they all judge themselves and each other. My Dd was a perfectly happy and developing 11 to 13 year old. At the beginning of year 9 she noticed that it appeared to be the slimmer girls who were favoured. One would eat an apple then run up and down the stairs to burn it off. There were secret evening cardio workouts in bedrooms and a ridiculous amount of sit-ups. My Dd decided to stop eating snacks. The weight loss was subtle to start with then became more noticeable. After
  7. My Dd was at finals 4 years ago and they really pushed it as a selling point then 😏
  8. Just wondering if there is any happy news for this years, and last years, graduates. I've heard of a couple of “big” contract successes 🤫 The others have been “parent pays” apprenticeship opportunities with the added US/EU visa difficulties. I still get a lot of job pop ups on my social media and share them, but there isn’t a lot about 😢
  9. Ds didn’t start ballet til he was 12 and his brother 14. None of their friends knew. They were both county runners and played school and club rugby, attending county training weekly too. I don’t know how we fitted it all in 😅 Lots of lists 🤣 It wasn’t til Ds did Lord of the Flies with Matthew Bourne and his mates came to watch/support him that he admitted his love of ballet. We even did Elmhurst Associates and then RBS SAs on a Saturday in Covent Garden from our home in Cornwall. The train journey was fab for homework. He went to vocational school at 17 and up til then led a very active n
  10. I like whistle blowers 😊 Most positive change is initiated by those who were brave enough to stick their head above the parapet and share their experiences. Athlete A comes to mind. The fear is that you would be left standing alone. In my experience, parents are very good at talking about issues between them on their private forums but sadly not brave enough to raise them for fear of repercussions. We stayed silent in a lot of issues that we shouldn’t have 😢
  11. I totally agree with the feelings of loneliness 😢 Having 8 years of “filtering” and “airbrushing” our ballet journey with positive pictures and successful posts I decided not to do that anymore. To move forward with honesty and share the lows and the raw reality of vocational training. As well as the good 😌 Not to slope away quietly and feel embarrassed by Dds decision to stop dancing. We are immensely proud of her resilience and guts 💪 Parents need a balanced sharing of experiences. To know what is behind the glossy exterior and media hype so they can make informed decisions about who th
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