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  1. I agree that there are very few Elmhurst students that gain a contract with BRB. 3 directly from the school that I can recall in the last 8 years and 2 given contracts following an apprenticeship. RBS I agree have had more success. 2 students this year alone were chosen pre Covid. Elmhurst have a, what we thought was, a yearly apprenticeship contract with the company but disappointingly this year following an audition it has been “rolled over”. Elmhurst students are given the opportunity to dance in BRB performances as much as RBS students but they sadly just don’t get the jobs. This is evi
  2. I wouldn’t worry about lower school with a Ds. Mine auditioned twice for lower school, no finals, once for US, finals but a no, then once more at 17 and got a place 😀 He was very petite and couldn’t do the splits til 6:1. It’s all about their potential. I would definitely invest in a boys class associate program though. Ds travelled for 3 hours each way for 2 years, then 4 hours each way for one year. Think that made the difference. I’m happy that he didn’t get in til US. Three years of training, now he’s living the dream with a national company ☺️
  3. I feel the choice of US is mainly influenced by the destination/success of its graduates and/or the academic back up plan/plan B. If plan A career doesn’t work out, and let’s face it the current employment situation is dire, what have you to fall back on ? Even Elmhurst’s 2 A levels make access to higher education difficult. There is an awful lot to consider in year 11 😞
  4. I bought Dd a 1.5 metre freestanding cream ballet barre from Thebarre.co.uk 8 years ago. It was quite expensive but very sturdy and has been well used over the years, especially during the pandemic by both Dd and Ds. It has remained in absolutely perfect condition and I really can’t wait to sell it when the ballet is finally over 😂
  5. Its the “chicken fillets” in your tights type of enhancers that I was referring too. After DDs years of vocational training I’ve never come across them in school til now. Are they widely used in companies and allowed in auditions ?
  6. Are they are good thing ? Should they be encouraged in vocational schools etc ? Do professional dancers use them ? I have only come across them recently and have been surprised as to how many students are using them. I would value opinions on this please.
  7. I keep seeing dancers sharing this on social media with anger 😡 I’m not sure if it is a genuine government advert but the question is something that has been floating around in our house for the past 6 months. Is there a future for ballet for our current grads ? I have two Dc in this predicament ☹️
  8. If your child’s vocational school has enrolled you in a private health care scheme then you can arrange mental health support through that. You don’t have to go through the school to do this as you pay the bill x
  9. Dd has a Lulli leotard from Just Ballet and I ordered a matching skirt on line. We had no problems at all with delivery. Whereas the US has been a nightmare 😖
  10. https://www.dancemagazine.com/abi-stafford-anxiety-2647826840.html
  11. They are re advertising on Network dance. Closing date is 1st Oct.
  12. The minimum height for ladies is 5ft 7 in their audition ad and 6ft for men. Don’t know anything about the company but would be amazing to live in St Petersburg and there is a fair amount of info on their website about touring and repertoire etc. All the company members sound Russian 😕
  13. Who knows what the future holds. DS was written off by his 6:1 vocational ballet teacher yet here we are on our way to Gatwick as he flies out to join a national ballet company. If it hadn’t have been for his inspirational 6:2 teacher who believed in him we wouldn’t be here now. Try not to think too much about the future and enjoy the present. What will be will be. And don’t forget plan B and C 😂
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