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  1. Dd was offered a place at Paris Opera Ballet Summer School, from YAGP, but it would have meant missing the last two weeks of the summer term, including the summer shows, so permission was refused. We declined the place and she didn’t go. Two years later she was offered a scholarship to attend a 5 week US Summer Intensive which she did attend, missing the end of term show etc. Permission was always given for intensives that didn’t involve missing school time but not for those that did.
  2. Thank you for sharing this x I just had a quick read of some of the posts 😔 The experiences are all too familiar. But the saddest thing is the anonymity 😢 Why aren’t we brave or feel supported enough to speak out ? If it wasn’t for Athlete A / Maggie Nichols, those other brave USA Gymnasts would not have come forward and shared their horrible experiences and put away their abusers.This in turn has lead to today’s news about British Gymnastics 😢 It appears that there is a lack of child protection / safeguarding when it comes to elite training. The strive for success at what cost, and
  3. I listened to this podcast 😢 Substitute the word ‘football’ for ‘ballet’ it really touches a nerve 😔 https://news.sky.com/story/football-academies-are-innocent-dreams-being-exploited-12227028?fbclid=IwAR3UqQBX5Qiy3RZuk4-QZN8BomEuuy6XwpWhlHQ8HAl6IUvxppNPPzeBPZg
  4. We had a plan for every stage of Ds/Dds training. It is essential to discuss the possibilities and choices available to them during their ballet journey. Remember, ballet is not the be all and end all and it is not all they are or ever will be.
  5. LFTs are barely 76% accurate. That info is on the Gov.U.K. Website. To level the playing field and if they really want every child tested prior to entry they should have done it at the school on arrival. It’s simple and takes 30 minutes. They have medical staff available on site. I’m sure parents wouldn’t have minded a small fee either. Really though PCR testing would be more accurate. Also, aren’t we still in a travel lockdown when these auditions are scheduled ? 🤔
  6. In our experience students don’t apply to other schools just in case. If they are told that they are not able to continue their training at the school ‘then’ they apply to others. If this had happened to our Ds or Dd we had already agreed that they would be coming home. Also, again in our experience, very rarely do students, especially girls sadly, when assessed out of WL gain a place at Elmhurst.
  7. Interesting read 😔 https://www.pointemagazine.com/ballet-and-emotional-demands-2650701933.html?utm_campaign=RebelMouse&socialux=facebook&share_id=6300042&utm_medium=social&utm_content=Pointe&utm_source=facebook&fbclid=IwAR2m04mNgHOGD0K8HOplXBLGQwOWjNpYTuGAgSaUR-UMh3nP_i1GRhWPc0o
  8. I was just reading the Elmhurst thread with all the yess and nos for finals coming out, sadly two nos were for year 8 and year 9 ☹️ Going back to Elmhurst’s new assessment system and their commitment to offering their students 5 years of training, would there be any point of applying if there was no movement until upper school ? If you gain a place in year 7 then you can stay in it til year 11 ? There is a world of difference, physically and emotionally between an 11 year old and a 16 year old. A lot happens in that time. In our experience they were very poor at giving honest and direct feedba
  9. Last year two of Dds friends graduated from vocational school with a Trinity Diploma and 2 A levels. They both were given student finance for their University Degrees. One was Dada, one not. I was told by Dds school that it would be her first time applying for student finance/a loan and the Trinity Diploma is not a full degree and is funded differently. They said that every pupil that had graduated and gone onto University education had gained funding. Not all health related courses. I will let you know how we get on with Dds application after 1st April ☺️ They can’t give to some and not
  10. I have just discovered on Instagram “The hard-corps ballet” podcasts. It is young dancers talking about their vocational journeys and experiences. Well worth a listen.
  11. I think the funding of extras is not necessarily to keep up with the Jones’s but sometimes to find the love of ballet that gets eaten away at vocational school. Also, to get a job, which is the end goal after all.
  12. So so many extras ££££ Easter and summer schools. Auditions for other schools in year 11. And then the job hunting ! We must have spent thousands on international travel for auditions. Ds went to Budapest, Amsterdam, Prague, Germany and Sarasota all in about 5 weeks 😅 Then Estonia and Poland last summer ! Dd did Austria, Sibiu, Sarasota, Orlando and Miami. She had more lined up but Covid but paid to them. When you start on this journey you have to be prepared for the expense. And it doesn’t stop after they have graduated. With hardly any paid contracts out there it’s the parents who the
  13. MDSs are the same for everyone but there are extra bursaries available for say pointe shoes etc for certain children. When some girls can destroy a pair of pointe shoes in one class the costs mount up 😟 so this can be very helpful.
  14. If anyone is curious about “extras” this is an example of what appeared on our 6:2/6:3 Dada invoice termly. I can’t find an old MDS, must have burned 🔥 them 😂 It shows the total full fees prior to the Dada discount so don’t panic 😟 There is no uniform/pointe shoe etc allowance with a Dada as there is with an MDS. The 6:2 is boarding and the 6:3 is a day student, then you pay rent and bills. It is not my intention to frighten anyone, I wish I had known a bit more before entering the vocational world. https://ibb.co/PtsDxQF https://ibb.co/ZmqRPCG
  15. In our vocational journey we had 4 different insurance companies through the school. BUPA was the first one. It was not included in the MDS or Dada, it was added to the bill 😂 Some parents set up their own for their child. There are lots of other expenses to be aware of, our huge mortgage reflects this 😂 Also, there is discount if you have two Dc on MDSs but not on an MDS and Dada or two Dada’s, it is the fee doubled 😢 Just to be aware if ballet is contagious as it was in our family 😂
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