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  1. To clarify my earlier post: I stopped at the box office early this week to return, for refund upon successful resale, tickets for the rehearsal at Paul Hamlyn Hall that I could not use. To the good fortune of BalletCoforum members the Box Office told me that they do not accept rehearsal and class tickets for resale.
  2. Paul Hamlyn Hall stage level A 6 and 7 available for Ballet Studio Live: Rehearsal on 11 January at 1:35. £15 each.
  3. There is also the dance-off section in Dances at a Gathering.
  4. Mr Fateev has always had Director in his title......having been listed as Acting Director, Acting Deputy Director or Deputy Director.
  5. Interesting: from Johan Kobborg's public Facebook page...a January e-mail to Johan from the minister is addressed: directia.balet@operab.ro.
  6. Mariinsky.ru/en/ is the official site of the theater in English. It is very easy to navigate. Purchasing efficient. Choice of seats on map. There are two prices given: one for Russian citizens the other for foreigners, select the appropriate one. Tickets can be picked up at box office or printed at home. And there are no service fees! I have used this site numerous times and never had a problem.
  7. I stopped by the Peacock Theater earlier today. there was not one mention of the Danes. no flyers, nothing!
  8. Thank you, all for your help. Since I will be attending both shows on June 14 I purchased one rear 4 o'clock stalls and one 3o'clock loggia front row. (no options for Dress circle).
  9. Thank you both for your help. I had no idea about a revolving balcony. Sounds like this is going to be quite an experience....in many ways. Balleteacher...which side of the house is the organ .....when sitting in the auditorium?
  10. Does anyone have advice as to where to sit for the ENB Romeos? I like to be close but the photoview looks like knee up views. Would loggia or grand tier be preferable? Side or center? Many thanks for any advice.
  11. It might be less worriesome and easier to post the JetGlue to yourself where you will be staying.
  12. I was fortunate to see both the 27th and 28th performances live. The projections were not visible, at least to me, on the 27th but were visible, annoyingly so, especially during the scene you mention, during the performance on the 28th. There were no obvious lighting changes to explain the difference.
  13. I saw the London casting on the Mikhailovsky website last week and did not think to copy It. Now it seems to be gone! Does anyone have a link to it?
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