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  1. Janet thank you so much for loading these pictures. It was such a wonderful evening and it was a shame that it had to come to an end!!
  2. I am beyond disappointed that Alex Campbell is not dancing Romeo and glad that I am not alone . Nor is this the first time I have felt this, as others have voiced. I too have seen him dance a superb Romeo and however excellent he is as Mercutio ,expected him to take the lead. I assume that he will be dancing Mercutio ?????
  3. No you are not the only one. And the buffering is only adding to my frustration after the silent BRB section
  4. Everything that has already been written occurs to me especially re the funding. And boy does he deserve the knighthood. The announcement says its with a heavy heart and I am sure that I am not alone in having a heavy heart right now. but I can only wish him the happiest future.
  5. It has been recorded for me by my son as I am off to Australia in 5 weeks. With instructions to my granddaughters DO NOT DELETE!
  6. Not just a wonderful dancer but one of the nicest guys you could hope to meet. I am going tonight armed with plenty of tissues
  7. Agree. Hugely disappointed that Alex is not dancing Albrecht
  8. He is listed to dance the Prince in Nutcracker a couple of times
  9. Yes!!!! William Bracewell where he ought to have been in the first place, IMO. Very sorry for his BRB fans, though Devastated
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