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  2. Completely not related to the dancers... I saw a gentleman speaking of his thought so passionately to the sales girl in the gift shop during the 1st interval. He kept speaking and I felt that all his words so beautiful. English is not my native language so I often felt different to express my feeling.
  3. I thought Hallberg had danced it a lot with ABT - same production, but not quite the same layout, I think?
  4. I felt the same as you. I had tears during the balcony PDD which I usually don't because this time I kept thinking that such a love will result in tragedy.
  5. Memorable, searing performance from Osipova and Hallberg tonight. Osipova was a wild, febrile Juliet; for her first entrance she ran onto the stage so fast I thought she was going to end up in the orchestra pit... And although initially child-like, she smiled with sudden delight when she realised she was on the threshold of womanhood; this was a girl ready to fall in love. And fall she did, with her tall, handsome Romeo. But the intensity of this Juliet did for me cast an early shadow - the bliss was so stratospheric that there was no possibility of a happy ending, and the agony had a kind of awful inevitability. The silent scream in the tomb was a convulsion not just of grief but of raging, bone-shaking fury. And Hallberg was magnificent too - such beautiful dancing, and a portrayal both intelligent and impassioned. The partnership was clearly one of complete mutual confidence and rare emotional and physical alignment. I assume this was Hallberg's debut in this production, and Osipova can't have danced it often, so there was sometimes a bit of raggedness in some of the partnering; that actually fitted well with the abandon with which the relationship progressed. Wonderful. Excellent supporting cast - I loved Hirano's ruthless, arrogant Tybalt, and Hay and Dyer as Mercutio and Benvolio formed a touching triumvirate with Romeo. And those three harlots really do work hard: Mendizabal, Calvert and Magri deserve medals for all the (terrific) performances they're giving in this run!
  6. Yes! I forgot to put that in my review. But yes and yes! Hirano is great and the final moment of him... is fantastic. During the 2nd interval I kept thinking about the idea that maybe Hirano might become a principal character artists one day...
  7. I agree with you that Hallberg's cooperation with the Mercutio, Benvolio and the rest of the corp is not as good as other RB's Romeo. But I usually give a guest artist a pass on this perspective. Unfortunately that R&J required a lot of cooperation from male principles not like some other classic that is easier to guest. Well on the "creative" part. Yes I had some same feeling at the opening act of her in Act 1 when Juliet is playing a doll. Probably that I was hoping to see a more shy and maiden like Juliet not this naughty one. But isn't the reason that I planned to see 4 casts of R&J this run. (LauraC&Ball, Osipova&Hallberg, Lamb&Vadim and Nela. Unfortionaly I had to returned the tickets for Valid and Nela because a last minute trip)
  8. Please don’t worry about her not being showy. I really think the Elmhurst panel can see through that because my DD is exactly the same! That’s why she can’t do festivals or anything like that. She prefers to sit back and watch the gymnastic/acro stretchers and be entertained by them rather than stretch herself. Some of my DD’s friends have stunning classical bodies or are amazing dancers that she’s used to almost not being noticed much even in class, while teachers rave about the others. The good thing about this is that she is overjoyed and stunned whenever she gets yes’s from auditions or when she’s praised 😊 she never has any expectations and so everything she achieves in her quiet way is a pleasant surprise 😊 I actually prefer this because she has no preconceived ideas going into anything, she never thinks she will get places because she is a so and so associate or because she looks like the ideal (because she’s not). She’s the poster girl of “no expectations” 😂 she feels no pressure. Your DD sounds amazing, I’m sure she will get the yes’s she desires and even if for some reason she doesn’t get it this year, it doesn’t mean she won’t ever get it. More importantly, it doesn’t mean she’s less of a dancer than those who get in are (especially in the case of certain scheme!)
  9. I was there tonight as well. I do not know how many different Tybalt's I have seen in my life, but Hirano was one of the most effective. I found myself somehow rooting for Tybalt in his sward fight scene with Romeo. Well done.
  10. Another Romeo & Juliet this time the starry cast and fabled partnership of Osipova and Hallberg which I'm sorry didn't work on many levels. I've enjoyed Osipova's interpretations for years and I admire and like that she has always brings something of herself to the roles she dances, but more recently this individuality is in danger of being at the expense of faithfulness to the choreography. Her first scene tonight set the tone for the rest of the performance which although powerful in places was also sometimes wild, sometimes exaggerated, with fussy hand gestures and unnecessary embellishments. By contrast, Hallberg's Romeo was bordering on the bland end of understated (his princely demeanour would have been more at home in Swan Lake) so I found the partnership rather unbalanced and without chemistry. Hallberg danced and partnered well enough but his acting lacked depth and nuance, many of the small gestures were not properly finished. He failed to establish any sense of camaraderie with Mercutio (Hay, excellent as usual) and Benvolio (Dyer). Perhaps, he was nervous given his injury interrupted last performance. The audience gave them a huge ovation so I was clearly in a minority finding fault, partly I think I have been spoiled by the more genuine performances I saw from Sambe/O'Sullivan and Corrales/Hayward. What has happened to Osipova's pointe shoes ? It looked as though they'd been attacked by wild dogs !
  11. Report after today's show It is my first time to see David Hallberg. 2nd time see R&J at ROH. (1st time Laura C &Ball opening night) I have seen R&J in other places as well. I usually don't sit very close to the stage but this time I chose a very close up seat on the floor. I felt that it is very different view of the market scene. The fighting, the moving of the crowd is very different from what I see from upper level. The blended of the color and the light is also a bit different. First goes the doubts 1. I found that several of Hallberg's lifting a little bit of "stiffness" in the balcony scene. But it may be because It is my first time to see so close up of a MaxMillan's ballet. If any of you also attended today's performance, please tell me if I am wrong. 2. Prince of Verona is not as convincing as the opening night. Then goes what I really enjoyed The corp is great. Thank them for such a long lasting run! Act 1 Osipova is always Osipova and her Juliet is a happy Juliet:) I really see the passion between her and Hallberg. She reminded me of my teenage time, more silliness than shyness when you see him. And you don't know how to behave, you feel that you cannot breath but still you want to see him, more of him. The balcony PDD is also great. Despite I felt that several movement, lifting is not as smooth as I would expect. Final act in the tomb:I have to say that this is the moment that David has won my heart. This is the first time in the final act that I felt that Romeo is equivalent in love as Juliet. In all the other performance of R&J, I see more of sadness and helpless from other Romeo but this time I see a great amount of love and a really feeling that he gave up the hope of life. A very touching moment. In all it is a very lovely night and I am very happy to see a very different pair of R&J. Very different from Laura C & Ball. The only regret is that it is not recorded because I quite wish to have a recording of Ospova's Juliet. Actually I wish to see a recording of all RB's Juliet. I just cannot get it enough.
  12. Today
  13. So glad you enjoyed Medusa - it got some rough treatment by many of the critics - unfairly and sometimes way over the top- and I wish I could have seen it with the second cast. Thanks, you’ve cheered me up!
  14. Oh that’s all super helpful, thank you!! I know it’s hard to truly know at this stage, but the more I read about it the more I think she’s right to have her heart set on Elmhurst. There are a couple of older girls she knows from her stage school that go, & she thinks they are wonderful! Sometimes she gets put in a group with them to dance in a performance, and this is chosen via an audition process, so hopefully that’s a tiny bit of a good sign! What concerns me as I think it will count against her is that she’s not a showy or overly confident girl. She sits and watches the others leap around and stretch whilst they’re waiting to audition, and it isn’t that she isn’t passionate about dancing or where she is, it’s that her confidence only really comes out when she is actually dancing or on a stage! I also wonder if she gets psyched out by the others in the actual audition, but I guess I can’t change her, bless her! I do think (as does her teacher) an audition where she gets to dance more will work in her favour, I hope so anyway. She’s definitely more of a classic ballet dancer rather than a super flexible, gymnastic one 😬 I REALLY value the Elmhurst feedback and tips. Thank you so so much 😊
  15. My DD and I found the Elmhurst YD audition process very lovely, the school has such a lovely atmosphere, not at all daunting. The audition itself my DD found very enjoyable, from how she described it, it sounded like it had so many elements to it that can showcase the strengths of the children. She said it was different from the JA audition in that she felt the panel didn’t look too much at their bodies and she felt like they looked at all the kids, not just a select few. Like your DD, she also just loves to dance and she felt very at ease during the audition. Although something to keep in mind with Elmhurst YD in Birmingham is that quite a number of the kids in each class are also RBS JAs in the BRB centre. I can just imagine how it might feel a bit odd for those who auditioned for both but didn’t get in to JAs, especially since those who are also JAs tend to change into their uniform at Elmhurst after their YD class. For DCs who really wanted both, it might make them feel a bit upset (especially at the start perhaps) seeing a select few walking around in their JA uniform. Like a weekly reminder of an unsuccessful audition. I don’t think this is the case with the other centres. Ironically I have on several occasions had the chance to watch classes with Elmhurst YD children in them (mixed in with children from other associates) and I must say they stand out with their artistry.
  16. intrigued from other side of world in australia to see how it all goes ..... as you know australia is 'totally' into dance comps and kids from here attending the asian dance comp market i noted more and more so hearing of ones in UK is interesting .... good luck! x
  17. At least she ought to have more opportunities in the future, given that she's still relatively young and the frequency of the RB's visits to Japan.
  18. Shame about the shoddy and sensationalist reporting. But what on earth took them so long? It's not as if those comments are remotely new. Why start selling the tickets in the first place if they feel so strongly about it?
  19. Hi, my daughter auditioned at Dundee & Edinburgh and we haven’t heard back about either yet, she is desperate to find out, it has been nearly a month now since the Edinburgh one.
  20. Hello Charliesmum and welcome to the Forum!
  21. Hello, i am a fellow lurker ! My son is a Ja in Plymouth, there was a lady asking about it earlier in the thread? Anyway, I am happy to answer any questions. Ps he loves it!
  22. Fingers crossed for your DD @SJBallet 😊 🤞🤞. X
  23. We are competing and not associated with them or advertising them. This is a new competition with a variety of recognised schools/companies involved. They did have a write up in Dancing Times. I hope your dc is ok.
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