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  2. Lots of Hammond uniform for sale from jumpers, ties, hoodies, tracksuits, skirts, coats etc can be delivered to school. PM with requirements and I can check sizes.
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  4. This production entered their repertoire in 1981. The credits are as follows from the Mariinsky website: Choreography by August Bournonville, revised version by Elsa-Marianne von Rosen Set design by Vyacheslav OkunevCostume design by Irina Press
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  6. Perhaps they are doing it for the money?
  7. Several dancers from the company including Francesca Hayward and Stephen Mcrae are in the forthcoming Cats the Musical film so this isn't as unusual as it might first appear.
  8. Hi, I am looking to buy leotards for upcoming summer schools, so let me know if you are selling anything
  9. It is worth bearing in mind that some people will have a positive experience of a vocational school, while others at the same place might have an entirely different experience altogether.
  10. The person that uploaded Mayerling, Nutcracker and LB had their account closed down by Youtube
  11. In answer to the original question, if your dd is intending to audition for full-time training at any stage, then she will need to go down the vocational grade route. The RAD numbered grades have no pointework in them at all.
  12. Could you find a really cheap second-hand pair on eBay or similar? They wouldn't even need to be the same size. You could then get the cobbler to take the elastic and buckle off and use them for the repair.
  13. Opera magazine? Quite small in size, used to be available at the ROH but I don’t think they sell magazines any more. I have seen it at some branches of WH Smith. Don’t know if they do personal ads though.
  14. I got tan elastic on eBay. You'll probably be able to find a buckle too!
  15. I received an email from ENB today including photos of the company packing up to leave Markova House.
  16. That’s fab. Thank you I shall take a look.
  17. Try fabricland - they do flesh elastic which i have used for tutu straps before, it is a strong one too not like some of the ones I have seen. www.fabricland.co.uk I think. give them a ring if you can't find it on the website, we have a shop near us so I haven't looked for it online.
  18. Thank you. I’m not giving up. 😉🤞🏼
  19. The recent big screen showing of Marriage of Figaro is on You Tube, but I think the Mayerling i referred to was not like the usual ROH showing - no introduction, no interval talks, not even cast details. Had every appearance of being a bit under cover, although the actual film quality was fibe.
  20. Ah well possibly yes......it's usually only a year's contract offered initially with a Company or School placing after the Prix de Lausanne but there will be exceptions I'm sure. In that case there is no reason to believe he has left ENB then and is just guesting with Mariinsky currently. Im trying to remember what the Company are actually doing just at present ......perhaps on holiday ...or preparing for the move to City Island before rehearsals begin for next season? They could still be on tour though.
  21. I feel your pain Balletbean....hope you got all sorted ok....🤞🏻
  22. My understanding is that he was offered a full contract with ENB following the PDL, not a one year contract.
  23. But doctors, pilots and paramedics are not trained at local schools where provision is subject to all manner of vagaries with regards to what subjects are offered, in what combination and where students may need to move from a small 6th form to a larger college to access the right subjects. We are not talking about dance training colleges we are talking about recreational local dance schools.
  24. This all sounds very correct, proper and... byzantine. Can you imagine training doctors, pilots, paramedics and IT specialists using word-of-mouth in 2020? I got to visit the R.A.D. in Battersea last month. Their planned new digs look great!
  25. I found the info about Carmen on the ROH's Facebook page.
  26. It appears that the two students who are in a musical were also offered Ballet Company contracts. There is only one student who doesn't seem to have a contract or not listed on the graduate list at any rate but this could be because they left the school earlier in the year or could be still trying to get a contract just not as yet....perhaps some longer term injury so not in a position to audition at the moment etc. I think there were a couple of graduating students who did get contracts but didn't take part in the show presumable because of injury or had to leave early to take up their contracts. There were twenty one students altogether in the third year. Some of the promising performances in the show both male and female were from students still only in the second year of the Upper School.
  27. Oh, really? That must be a new approach, then. I'm certainly not aware that they've done it previously.
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