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  2. Huge congratulations to all the promotees! Very best wishes for the future to the dancers who have left. Welcome to the joiners. Roll on September!
  3. For immediate release Monday 24 June 2019 Northern Ballet announces promotions and joiners for 2019/20 season Northern Ballet will welcome five new dancers for its 50th anniversary 2019/20 season and has also announced promotions for existing members of the Company. Joining the Corps de Ballet are: Wesley Branch (English National Ballet School); and Alessandra Bramante (John Cranko School). Aurora Piccininni and Albert Gonzalez Orts join as Apprentices from the Academy of Northern Ballet’s Professional Graduate Programme, whileLeandro Olcese also joins as an Apprentice from English National Ballet School. In addition, many of Northern Ballet’s existing company dancers have been promoted: Antoinette Brooks-Daw to Premier Dancer; Hannah Bateman, Ashley Dixon and Abigail Prudames to Principal Soloists; Joseph Taylor, Mlindi Kulashe and Ayami Miyata to Leading Soloists; Matthew Koon, Kevin Poeung, Sean Bates, Nicola Gervasi, Rachael Gillespie, Sarah Chun, Minju Kang and Dominique Larose to First Soloists; Riku Ito, Matthew Topliss, Jonathan Hanks and Nina Queiroz da Silva to Soloists; Filippo Di Vilio and Lorenzo Trossello to Junior Soloists; Gavin McCaig, Miki Akuta and Mariana Rodrigues to Coryphée; and Matthew Morrelland Julie Nunès to Corps de Ballet. Premier Dancer Pippa Moore has retired from performing after 23 years with the Company but will remain working with Northern Ballet to support Company rehearsals, educational outreach and the Academy of Northern Ballet. Northern Ballet has also said goodbye to Teresa Saavedra Bordes, Adam Ashcroft, Eneko Amorós Zaragoza and Conner Jordan-Collins who move on to new challenges. Northern Ballet’s new season will commence in September with Three Short Ballets followed by tours of David Nixon OBE’s Cinderella and Dracula. In the meantime, audiences can enjoy the Company’s first full-length cinema screening with Cathy Marston’s Victoria for one night only on 25 June 2019. For more information see northernballet.com/whats-on -ENDS- Northern Ballet Northern Ballet is one of the UK’s leading ballet companies and the widest touring ballet company in the UK. Bold and innovative in its approach, Northern Ballet is prolific at creating new full-length work with a unique blend of strong classical technique and world-class storytelling. Northern Ballet’s repertoire embraces popular culture and takes inspiration from literature, legend, opera and the classics, pushing the boundaries of what stories can be told through dance. A champion for the cultural exports of the North, Leeds-based Northern Ballet is dedicated to bringing world-class story ballets to as many people and places as possible, under the leadership of Artistic Director David Nixon OBE. Northern Ballet performs a combination of its full-length ballets and specially created ballets for children at more than 40 venues annually. For more details of Northern Ballet's tour, on sale dates and booking information, please visit northernballet.com/whatson National Stage & Screen Sponsor
  4. Judging from what I've just seen in Japan, Mayara Magri is now right up there as a potential Principal, with Fumi Kaneko not far behind. Interesting to see what will happen.
  5. It is a relatively small role, but the beginning was that May Nagahisa was invited to Mariinsky International Festival 2016 while she was still a student at the Princess Grace Academy and only 16, when she danced the Manu solo of La Bayadere. Then next year, she joined Mariinsky as a trainee, and entered the Company as a second soloist when she became 18. (although she danced many soloist roles when she was still a trainee)
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  7. Really? Romany Pajdak has been dancing significant featured roles for several years, is a terrific actress, and for four or five years now I've been expecting/hoping that a promotion to Soloist will be announced, to the point that I've pretty much given up on it ever happening. I'd be delighted if it happened.
  8. However, have never said no to EYB if dates feasible! DD done it three times and loved it every time.
  9. Morning All it's hard for my little brain to keep track of who has got in or on SWL for which centre. Who has been lucky on this occasion for Eastleigh Y4?
  10. We found it easier to treat EYB as a summer school the second time dd did it. Fortunately, it was within travelling distance the year it was a summer performance but I know people who travelled to it during the summer wherever it was, stayed nearby for a holiday just as if it were a summer course. Being an associate definitely made it more difficult during the termtime performances so you could consider seeing where they are during the summer holidays and tying in a holiday. It’s a really wonderful and worthwhile experience.
  11. I agree. My dd did Central Preps/Pre-Seniors and added in Tring CBA from around Year 9, if I remember correctly. She adored Miss Samaai who is such a wonderful teacher. It’s well worth doing both if you can juggle it, especially as Tring CBA is only 6 Sundays per term.
  12. You make a very good point there Pups_mum. I have had to learn to say no to things, which hasn’t always been easy, but in the long run has make a positive difference......Not just to the frazzled mum and the dancer in the family but to the poor souls who are always in the back of the car or who end out missing out on their hobbies because there’s a dancer in the house!
  13. I think another case would be Héloïse Bourdon who was invited to dance Odette-Odile as part of the 2016 Mariinsky International Dance Festival. (A slightly different context I suppose since the festival always involves guests from abroad.) At that time, I think Bourdon may only have been a "sujet" at the POB--but in any case she was not a principal. Still, it is surely a very rare occurrence. I hope Wagman has a huge success there.
  14. Hi there ballet forum friends in London. I’ve not yet tired of life and have been here 3 days. Philipp Bolloev’s 3:30 pm class for men on Saturday (plus a 12-y.o. boy who was throwing away triples, naturally gifted) at Danceworks by Selfridges was terrific!!! Encore! More! Plus! We did a couple of cool male variations in the 60 minutes as there was no barre to speak of, just quick warm ups at the barre and centre. Looking to next try out > Central Nights > Ballet For You (mens class). > Friday Night Ballet Bite (of Ballet4Life) But I cannot make it to May’s Aspire SI as much as I would like to 😞 as I’ll be heading to Vienna to audition for a super role with the ABT (SwnLk) (That would be Vienna Virginia USA near Arlington just west of Wshntn DC.) If I’m successful then there’d be 3 performances @ Wolf Trap National Arts Cntr which is an outdoor amphitheatre sort of set up,
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  16. Links – Monday 24 June, 2019 Reviews – Natalia Osipova, The Mother (Pita), London: Debra Craine, The Times Vera Liber, BTG Reviews – American Ballet Theatre, New York: - Le Corsaire: Lauren Gallagher, DanceTabs - Manon: Lauren Gallagher, DanceTabs Review – Paul Taylor Dance Company, Junction, all at once, Promethean Fire, New York: Marina Harss, DanceTabs Review – Katya & Neil Jones & Company, Somnium, London: Lyndsey Winship, Guardian My apologies for a necessarily restricted list but some domestic issues will prevent my doing a trawl at the normal time. All being well, things will revert to normal for Tuesday.
  17. Just to show you that the DonQ horse has also travelled and is behaving beautifully. There's something so exciting about seeing the Royal Ballet perform in another country: it is a different experience. They are really playing to the audience, so with a flourish at the end of each dance and beautiful Spanish attitudes. The enthusiasm with which this is received is exciting in itself and definitely adds to the overall atmosphere and feeds in on itself to create even more buzz. The closest equivalent of the theatre in the UK, is probably the Barbican in London. I'm loving Naomi's posts and she has far more technical knowledge than I do.
  18. Speaking personally, I think everyone should remember that every moderator is a complete volunteer, who gives up a significant amount of their valuable time to ensure this forum continues to exist and, to the best of their ability, that it exists in a friendly and user-friendly way that is open to all who do not abuse it. They are also people with feelings, just like everyone else. I have previously resigned as a trustee of this forum and as a moderator because of comments on the site aimed at moderators specifically and generally. Sim convinced me to withdraw that resignation. There may come a time again when I am minded that such a resignation is the only appropriate option and other moderators may take the same view.
  19. May Nagahisa is actually a Mariinsky second soloist, and it isn't at all unusual for a company soloist to dance principal roles at the Mariinsky. Shale Wagman however is going to guest at the Mariinsky, and it is indeed quite rare for the Mariinsky to invite a non principal to guest(good for him though!! ). I myself can't think of such a scenario happened before.. does anyone else have an example?
  20. And I'm sure Jan didn't mean to sound so rude but it came across that way to me and others. I think the feelings of a person writing a very useful review in a second or third language should take priority over a possible moment or two of confusion for a reader of a thread about a ballet company they don't follow. Before Jan had posted someone had already referred to Vadim and Marianela which is more than enough to satisfy her reasoning. 'Nela' is a well known enough nickname in the ballet world for it to have been used as the title of a film about her, while Vadim Muntagirov's partners have given him a nickname that countless ballet fans can relate to and from time to time post it to refer to him without the equivalent of 'who's she? the cat's mother?' type responses.
  21. I am Chair so yes, I do speak for the other mods in matters of how the forum is run. Apologies accepted.
  22. A few observations and learnings for me. 1) This thread was started as an optional discussion topic, that people can read if interested, not really integral to ballet information itself, so an off topic about names and surnames is fine by me. 2) as to the original point of the thread, I am glad that the discussion of names has been taken away from the RB Japan thread, so it kind of shows a separate thread can help. 3) I think that the discussion has been fruitful and people have been polite and the thread was gaining some convergence in how to use names. 4) I don’t know If there is some hierarchy or authority between the mods or in the forum administration, but @Sim it was my impression that all mods speak on their own behalf, and to close off discussion that we don’t need x or y, and this discussion should be closed is rather unnecessary. if It is your opinion, then its better to say that, and of course opinions are what makes the forum go around (and around.. and around). Of course please accept my apologies if you are the nominated authoritative voice of the administration of the site.
  23. We don’t need a glossary, nor to start splitting threads. As with verbal discussions, it’s natural that threads veer off course. When they do, a moderator or member usually pulls it back on course. It is a moderator’s job to be fair to everyone, and we try to do that as well as we can. Jan’s comment was simply a reminder that not everyone is privy to nicknames, no matter what company is being discussed. She certainly wasn’t trying to offend anyone, or indeed stir such controversy. She was simply doing what a moderator should do and see the bigger picture. Personally I was glad of the reminder because a couple of days ago I, a mod, referred to a dancer by his nickname without thinking. I will remember now that there are lots of people who probably have no idea who I was talking about, so going forward I will use proper names, and we ask that everyone else do that too, to avoid confusion or causing people to feel excluded. I hope this matter is now closed, and that we can move on to discussing what we all love.
  24. Brand new Barreto leotard adult size S. Unique all over print multi colour. Pls send me your email if you would like a photo. £24
  25. Or how about people refer to dancers by their given names on what is a public forum, visible to anyone with internet access? It’s hardly a huge effort to type Nuñez instead of Nela, for example. If someone knows a dancer very well then it’s one thing but just because Vadim Muntagirov’s partners give him a nickname it doesn’t mean that we should all refer to him as “Vadream” - it seems overly familiar for one thing but for visitors who don’t follow Royal, they’re not going to have a clue who we’re talking about. If a dancer with Scottish Ballet or Ballet Cymru had a nickname I would be flummoxed if people kept referring to it. All Jan does is point this out so I’m not sure if you meant to sound so rude but I’m afraid it came across that way to me.
  26. We have never had a written guideline on the use of nicknames. Do we need one?. One can assume that nicknames are generally used in a friendly or affectionate way but there is always the implication of a closer relationship to the dancer than probably exists. There is also the matter of disrespecting or demeaning the dancer by referring to them publicly in this way. Maybe of relevance is that dancers, in the UK at least, are no longer referred to as girls and boys. This discussion began because of Janet's reasonable reminder that nicknames may be unknown to some or many of our users. This can give the unfortunate impression of the forum as having an in-group of ballet cognoscenti who can catch all the references versus those who don't, who may well feel that they are less important in some way. This then becomes a matter of respect between members. Dawnstar's use of surnames seems fine. We don't need to go so far as having to use Ms Osipva or Mr McRae!
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