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  2. I do like the Burgundy one with the Lacey top and little sleeves. But when I go into the So Danca website you don't seem to be able to order this one in XL size 7 ....only in L size 6 Let me know if you defo have this one which is high at the back ( above the bra line) in a size 7)
  3. Hi Lyn we currently have several So danca leos in stock in size 7 and degas in XXL. This lacy one is in stock in Black and burgundy in size 7. https://www.justballet.co.uk/products/so-danca-lace-top-leotard?key=fb967d898a2977dd33fecd44951f6a40fa5c397219f300b72285e85fc72fca94 And I’m pretty sure this one arrived in burgundy in size 7 on Friday, but not unpacked the box yet! https://www.justballet.co.uk/products/so-danca-lace-top-leotard?key=fb967d898a2977dd33fecd44951f6a40fa5c397219f300b72285e85fc72fca94 We can order any sizes in for you from So Danca sheila x
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  5. That would be wonderful a Hayward Corrales and Osullivan Sambe combo in Fille ....but it will be torture to wait so long ...Fille isn't even in the Rep next year alack alas.
  6. Fingers crossed we'll get the combo Ball/Romeo with Sambe/Hay/Corrales for the 11th June cinema relay
  7. I agree - a great review, Sim. I am totally simpatico with all that you say. I'd also love to see Corrales/Hayward in Fille. (Let's let a little sun in, huh.) They are, after all, - together and apart - joy personified. I would miss the Sambe/Hayward combo last time which was SO spectacular ... but I have a feeling a Sambe/O'Sullivan Colas/Lise (with Hay or Ball - and I wouldn't have said the latter before that Tybalt - as Alain) would be equally worthy of treasuring. No trade-offs here NULA!! How lucky we are to be in the midst of so many extraordinary artists just now.
  8. Do you know if there is any way of finding a list of the full Company members....including the corps members. When you go on the website they don't show the full Company.
  9. Hope you can make it to at least one of the Chelsea Days.....a cheapish day return perhaps?
  10. Ive only been close enough to get the full effect of Hays magnetic eyes once ( not in R and J) and highly expressive they are too!! it was after this performance that I fell a little bit in love with Hay ...as the artist...his dancing always good has gone from strength to strength in last year or so as well! A great review again Sim many thanks....and that combo of Corrales Sambe Hay and Ball will stay with me for a long time and is going to be very hard to beat!!
  11. Oh thanks for finding all these, Sophie. Hmm, I'm very tempted by the York Ballet Seminar but given that I'm doing the RAD summer course I don't think it would be feasible. I'd like to do Chelsea Ballet summer school but not sure I can justify hopping to and from London every week or two (as it is I'm already doing the London Ballet Retreat shortly before the RAD). Doing something in August would be good to spread the summer activity out a bit. (Goes away to count the pennies/look for cheap train tickets.)
  12. Many thanks Sim - I’d been very much hoping you were going to post your substantive thoughts and you have. I couldn’t make last night and will treasure their second performance with such a fabulous cast.
  13. not seen any like that - will investigate. thank you
  14. I have already written about the Hayward/Corrales cast so will try not to bore you again. I can only reiterate what I said about this up-thread. What I really want to emphasise is what raised their three shows up to another level was the sensational supporting cast. Every last one of them contributed hugely to making this one of the most beautiful, believable, emotional, technically wonderful and heart-wrenching performances of this ballet that I have ever seen. The three boys (Corrales/Sambe/Hay) were as one.....a three-way bromance that I felt has spanned the ages: were they in Renaissance Italy, or were they in 21st century London? It could just as easily have been either. They joshed around beautifully together, and you could really feel the affection they held for each other. They are each so different, and each had something different to give, but it all coalesced into one amazing little band of brothers, who had each others' backs. This makes it so easy to see and understand Romeo's fury at Tybalt when Mercutio dies. And boy was Corrales furious!! I just didn't know where to look with my binoculars; although this was my third of three of their shows, there was still so much to learn, to see, to enjoy. I could hardly take my eyes off Matthew Ball, already staking a claim to being one of the best Tybalts ever (no surprise there, considering he was coached in the role by another classic Tybalt, Gary Avis). The same goes for 'Marcicutio'.....again, already one of the finest Mercutios I can ever remember after 40 years of watching this ballet. And James Hay's incredibly expressive eyes were magnetic. Whilst Mercutio and Romeo sniggered after being told off by the Prince of Verona, Benvolio looked suitably chastened. Once again their mask dance in Act 1 showed how very in tune the three boys are with each other. So beautifully done, and none of them trying to be the one who everyone notices; they are a trio; they dance like one and they act like one. Once again Gary Avis, Christina Arestis, Thomas Mock and Romany Pajdak all had their parts to play in enhancing an amazing 'core cast.' And once again Corrales and Hayward broke my heart. Their balcony scene was danced with such joy, such abandon and such exuberance that I totally believed in their young love. As an old cynic I often think of R&J 'oh come on now, really? Two young people are going to kill themselves for each other after knowing each other for only 48 hours??' Well these two made that seem completely logical and believable. The wedding scene, where Corrales just couldn't tear his eyes away from his love. Their heartbreak in the tomb scene, mirrored by my own, willing each of them to wake up. I just loved how devastated Corrales was when he covered Hayward's face in kisses as she lay on the floor, and not even that woke her up. He wrung his hands in despair and it was this that made him realise that she was really 'dead'....if his kisses couldn't wake her, nothing could. When the lump in my throat (which had been there for most of the evening) turned into tears was Hayward's sad smile as she looked at Romeo in her final seconds; so happy that this was the last thing she would ever see on this earth, and so happy to have shared his love. I am so happy to have shared all three of their performances, and I so hope that they are cast together in future, a lot. They have such a wonderful, natural and emotional connection, and of course chemistry.....I am praying to the ballet gods for their Manon, followed by SL and SB...... In my dreams, probably.
  15. Hi all, I just wanted to check back in and thank you for all your wonderful suggestions again. I said I'd refer back to them as I went round NYC, and I did! The Circle Line boat tour was fantastic - I agree well worth it! I went atop The Rock, which was a stunning view - I've got quite a few panoramic photos from there... I made sure I went to the MoMa which was incredible. My two favourite pictures - Andrew Wyeth's Christina's World and Edward Hopper's New York Movie - were remarkably just in the hallway by the stairs! I went to Katz's just before lunchtime which worked well and happily nommed my way through a metric ton of pastrami and gherkins while soaking up the 'atmos'. I was lucky enough that the High Line started just from my hotel, so that was a fabulous way to get into the city - I did it a couple of times and earlier in the morning would be my recommendation to have a more leisurely stroll before the crowds arrive. I tried to go to the Jerome Robbins collection but the woman on the front desk said it was archived and didn't seem to get that I wanted to have a look at the archives - I would've tried more but I only had 45 minutes before curtain up so had to give that one best. I had a good ol' stroll around Central Park and Battery Park too, which were very much needed to get a breather from the pace of the city, and explored lots of the different areas on foot. I will try and share some photos when I'm back in the UK (I'm in Ottawa currently). If I didn't do your suggestion, it certainly wasn't that it was a bad one, I simply found that NYC has way more to do than can fit into a five-day jaunt, so I'll definitely be back! In terms of ballet, I saw three NYCB shows, with a total of eight different short ballets. I won't go into them all, but Justin Peck's The Times Are Racing absolutely knocked me for six. It literally took my breath away. Kinetic, energetic, narrative-free but with an emotional arc, it was up there - and if I'm honest, probably surpasses - Akram Khan's Giselle as the best thing I've seen on a stage. Honestly, it might be even the single best thing my eyes have seen in 40 years of looking at stuff. Given that Peck is only 31, and with life expectancy for men in NY at 78 years, I'm thrilled to see what the next 47 years of Peck production brings. Principal Lauren Lovette, who I saw again later in the week and is now up there with my all-time favourites, was utterly sublime in The Times Are Racing as was Brittany Pollack, whose pointe shoes are coming home to Bristol with me - the first time I've bought any. It was also great to see so much Balanchine choreography, it really made sense of the dancing style of NYCB as a company. To me, they seemed to have pace and attack, while maintaining a definite lyricism, but with a focus on technique over musicality compared to other companies (although obviously having both in droves). They also danced with a lightness I've only ever seen once before at the Royal Danish Ballet. Quite a remarkable featherweight touch. As you'd expect, they came across as a supremely talented company and I was deeply impressed. I'd also pick out Taylor Stanley who was absolutely magnetic on the stage. Chatting to various people after the performances, it's clear he's a NY audience favourite and rightly so. Oh, and finally, I sat in Orchestra stalls, and the first and second rings, and have to say that none were bad seats at all. My pick for bang-for-buck would probably be the second ring, and if you're sitting in the stalls, really avoid the first six rows or so, the rake angle looked pretty poor for those so not great if you're short! Anyway, great time had, thank you all so much for your suggestions!
  16. The Lacey topped leotard with little sleeves which I like alas does not come in XL( size 7) only in the size 6 which I know won't be big enough for me. I do think the size 7 might be okay in fact but unfortunately I do find that quite often not every item goes up to this size ( or anyone's largest size) at least not on UK websites 😢
  17. That's the second time I've sat in that seat and unknowingly been close to someone I know of!!🤣 Did you try using the spot metering? Did you crop them? I presume twitter resized them.
  18. Ha ha Rebecca last time I was a size 8 must have been when I was about 10!! I'm trying to get hold of Michelle Richer as she knows where we ordered the larger leotards from ( apart from Tom at LAB!) Michelle if you read this was it Dance Direct!!? Perhaps it was So Danca? I would like to buy a nice leotard again (lacey topped ones I've looked at longingly in the shops look nice) for the Chelsea Ballet Summer School in August Sheila will look at your website .....the XXL or size 7 might well do!
  19. My son has been a BBO scholar in Manchester for the last two years and has loved it. The audition was a normal ballet class. There are 9 classes a year with two intensives held at Elmhurst, Scholars Weekend in October and Dance Days at Easter. Good luck to your DD.
  20. I'm pretty sure that the other 2 times I've seen Sambe as Mercutio he knocked the sword away. Thanks but I feel they're still not as sharp as I would like & have too much spotlight wash, especially the one of the 3 men. I was C20. I'm sorry I didn't know you were sat so near or we could have said hello. I could just see Juliet playing the lute - although it looked at one point like Hayward was so busy looking at Corrales that she might have stopped playing! - but did feel I missed a few other things that I would have like to have seen. I was sat in the exactly equivalent seat on the other side of the stalls circle on Thursday & I felt the view from there was slightly preferable.
  21. We all saw the poke in SCS and it got a good laugh! I wonder if Matthew was expecting it?! 😱🤣
  22. I missed that Sambe poked him, I just saw that he did't knock the sword away like other Mercutios have....I can't remember what he did when he was Mercutio in the Sarah Lamb cast. Your photos are great Dawnstar, we must've been sat very close, I was C17 (on the end) in Stalls Circle, nice and close but couldn't quite see Juliet playing her lute without leaning forward
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