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  2. Our robins have now taken their little family and disappeared completely out of the garden. I really miss seeing them busily flying in and out of the nest all day. In other news, I found some ripe blackberries on Saturday.
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  4. Evening Has anyone had any updates with regards to Elmhurst Mid Associates? I know children were assessed at Finals, but then sadly no other auditions could take place ... but have heard or seen nothing else since 😕
  5. Yes they did my DD auditioned but unfortunately wasn't successful. She was successful and has accepted a place on the associate's programme at Moorland but we'd also applied for Elmhurst so was hoping she could still complete an audition at least xx
  6. Oooh I hope not...maybe they are waiting to see if they can do them. I believe RBS yr 6 JA was a video audition but YR 4 and 5 auditons will be in the autumn.. so I've read on here. Ballet Boost did video audition. English youth Ballet auditon is video too, so hopefuly Elmhurst will arrange something 😊 I'm trying to be positive 😂
  7. I wonder if they're planning on abandoning it for 2020. It's getting a little close really to make arrangements etc isn't it? X
  8. I've not heard anything. I emailed a while back and they said they are looking at the best way to do them x
  9. Hi all, Has anyone heard any further information about this September intake auditions for Elmhurst Young Dancer ? I last had an email at the beginning of June stating they were undecided on how to proceed but not heard anything since. Thanks in advance ☺ xx
  10. Thanks Pas De Quatre and Farawaydancer. Farawaydancer - did anyone recommend your children should audition for lower schools? I don't want to think that we're absurd for even trying! It's a huge relief that private lessons aren't necessary as that would be a big financial hit for us. I've been told that my son 'ticks most boxes' but needs to build his core strength.
  11. More UK news .... to put things in perspective ... More than 50% of staff at Exeter Northcott Theatre could be at risk of losing their jobs, with 21 roles under threat at Coventry’s Belgrade Theatre and a requirement to cut staff costs by as much as 70% at Tobacco Factory Theatres in Bristol. Northcott artistic director Daniel Buckroyd said the theatre was unsuccessful in its bid to Arts Council England for emergency funding because it is not in danger of closing before September. However, Buckroyd said that this, combined with the end of the furlough scheme and the impact of losing 90% of its income, which comes through ticket sales, meant it must look to cut staff.
  12. The difficulty is that it seems a complete mystery as to what the schools are looking for. Both my dc did lower school auditions and we’re successful, and my oldest has now done upper school ones too, and having seen who gets chosen for each school I’m no clearer what any of them are looking for! Neither of them were JAs, but did do other associate programmes, neither had private lessons, nor did any of their close friends. As a previous poster says, they’re looking for potential, not what they can do.
  13. It wasn't the same one as the ENB one I'd had the first time, definitely. OTOH, I did get one from the Fairfield Halls the other day which was indeed branded but otherwise I think identical.
  14. One thing to remember is that the Vocational schools are looking for potential - will they be able to train this child, do they have the necessary aptitude. They are not measuring what a child has already been taught in the way an examination does.
  15. Hi, looking for long sleeve or 3/4 sleeve leotards. Not too expensive as my daughter will only be wearing them for three weeks of summer school ( It's a requirement that they wear long sleeves) Would also be interested in any thin ballet shrugs with long sleeves x Thank you x
  16. Thanks very much for that! Really helpful!
  17. Normally RBS and Elmhurst have audtion prep type days. My Dd went to Elmhursts audition insight day at the end of Sept and booking opened in August for it (it booked up quick though!). It was worth going to that as she got a tour of the school and took part in an audition style lesson which we got to watch (you can then see the standard). As soon as she got in to the car she wrote down the exercises and stretches she did and practiced, and then found that her first round and final were practically the same as that!! RBS do an audition insight in October but we didnt bother with that being a JA. She says that auditions at both were very similar. Always be prepared for a bit of improv as the final task too. My dd has never had a private lesson in her life.....but she follows plenty on Instagram who do and were having almost daily ones leading up to finals!! Just be prepared for the competition. I hate audition days!!!
  18. Hi, I don't know any other mums whose children do ballet so I hope you don't mind me asking here. My son has got SWL for RBS junior associates two years in a row now and we're wondering whether he should audition for any vocational schools, and if so, how he can best prepare. One great thing about getting into JA's would have been excellent preparation for auditions! He does another associate scheme but they offer no help or guidance in this area at all. How can you assess if your child has the ability to make it worthwhile giving it a go? And do other children have private lessons beforehand? Thanks in advance for any help. I feel totally at sea! The last thing I would ever want to do is set him up to fail.
  19. I think the surveys have the same questions but branded to the theatre.
  20. Very different! Yes in Leeds they didnt need them until after Christmas!! And I'm sure she didnt wear it until after WL audition in Jan.
  21. I think the use of the skirt and character shoes was different in all the centres! In Manchester (when my dd was there - if same teacher!) we used the skirt and shoes a lot! We made sure we had it with us every week! 😜😳
  22. Dont rush with the skirt. In Yr 6 they wont be doing any character until they have done all the auditions. Up until March it is literally audition class prep!!
  23. I bought a second hand skirt from Facebook for a fraction of the price, it was a perfect fit too!
  24. Yesterday we went to a pub in Lewes which had only opened on Saturday for the first time. You could sit inside but they had tables outside and had also commandeered the Argos parking place ( Argos are not open yet apparently) which backs on to,the river so loads of space on a lovely sunny day. If you wanted to go and sit inside OR use the loos you had to have a quick temp check and then the loos were all marked out where to wait and you exited via another door in the pub. If wanting to stay and drink inside ( they haven't started food yet) you had to leave name and phone number on a pad. There was no linking of names with credit cards especially if doing contactless etc and they were not storing people's numbers etc on their phones a very good thing I thought. All the staff wore plastic see through visors and gloves and you were served where you were sitting.... No going to the bar. The organisation was terrific and we complimented them on this and the manager said having finally opened they didn't want to get closed down for not following the strict rules. A couple at the next table said they had just come from Brighton ( 15 mins on train or 20-25 min drive away) and had been in a pub which seemed to have no rules at all especially where social distancing was concerned. So I think you have to find a pub ( if you go to them anyway) or restaurant that fits how you feel safe and stick with them. We now have two pubs that are scrupulous in Lewes so probably don't need any others at the moment. A bit of sad news is that one of the main music pubs in Lewes The Lamb has closed 😢 and is being turned into an Italian restaurant. Not sure how wise that is as one of the big chains Prezzo recently (pre pandemic) closed down in Lewes. But we had many happy nights dancing to many different bands which appeared at the Lamb over the years so a bit of an end of an era moment there 😢 Have my first massage this coming Friday and have already been sent two forms I have to fill in and sign connected to Covid. It's touch and go with any activity against the moment as if one member of your or their household or say a pub team gets ill then you can't attend seemingly even if you haven't had a test for the Covid. So if you get an ordinary not even bad cold it looks like that's it ...curtains for doing anything. My first hair isn't until July 21 st and have been told will defo need a mask when having hair washed but otherwise it's optional for customers though staff will be in PPE and only two customers in the shop at a time...but with staggered appointments( so not arriving and leaving at the same time) To come back to ballet I'm glad Michelle you have decided to leave this year's trip as we are at a very dicey moment with this virus and you could do all the planning and then at the last minute end up in some local lockdown scenario!! The R number is at one ( 1.1 in London) almost every area of the country at the moment (though lower ironically in the Midlands) and East of England is lower at 0.8 too but all other areas as of yesterday were at one so there is no room for complacency. The R number areas are quite large so it won't mean the whole area is at one but it's at one in parts of that area. Ive decided that even if some studios do open in August I won't be venturing into a ballet studio before the second half of September as long as things are not worse than they are now. One has to feel safe travelling to the studios as well as when dancing in them.
  25. This year we’ve got a lot of peacock butterflies in the garden. We usually have lots of red admirals but this year they are outnumbered by the peacocks. Scruffy robin still around. Whatever is wrong with him isn’t impacting on his appetite, singing or flying.
  26. Hello Michelle, For those of us who haven't ventured out to do "normal" things like visiting a restaurant and having our hair done your post has given us some really useful info on what to expect. Thank you.
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