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  2. This is just terrible. How terribly unlucky. Steven I can imagine your despair so sending all good wishes for your recovery. You have been sadly missed and your many fans will be waiting anxiously for your return.
  3. Agree JNC. It’s all this pretence that gets me. If I can’t get to see Kaufman without becoming a Friend then why not say so? WithForzawe had the great ‘website malfunction’ scam. Now we’re expected to believe that all the tickets for Fidelio packages sold out at 090o. Humbug.
  4. Oh good. To us lesser mortals it is hard to understand how an allocation can be sold out at 0900. For ROH box office, why don’t you just come clean and say upfront that Tickets for Kaufman can only be purchased by Friends? It would be far more honest. Tired of all the pseudo egalitarianism.
  5. That's nice to hear. Presumably, they finished the whole show? I feel desperately sorry for Steven. Poor man: I cannot imagine a worse scenario.
  6. Well deserved standing ovation for the pair of them tonight 👏👏
  7. How desperate for poor McRae. Must have been so difficult for Takada to carry on and especially for Reece Clarke stepping in so huge credit to them both.
  8. Oh dear that is awful and so disheartening for him I hope he recovers asap. A very difficult ballet to suddenly have to adjust to a new partner too.
  9. Today
  10. I would definitely recommend the school. They have students at associate schemes and who have gone on to vocational training. My DD does ballet and contemporary there. The teachers are lovely and we have found them to be very supportive.
  11. How dreadful for poor Steven McRae. It must be devastating for him. Like everyone else, I do so hope he makes a full and rapid recovery.
  12. I think it's also important to realise that it's easy to get a false impression of how many children are getting 'yes' by reading this forum. There are many, many, many children out there who receive 'no' - that much is obvious just by comparing the number who apply to White Lodge etc with the number of places available. This forum has a much higher than average concentration of 'yes' results than you would find in an average cross-section of applicants.
  13. This doesn't solve the problem of people who haven't booked but might be tempted by the cast change, of course
  14. I hope he makes a full recovery - but suspect it's going to take quite some time. It was an awful thing to happen first time back. Or any other time, for that matter.
  15. We always do say go in with the attitude that your going to smash it but have lots of fun and soak up the experience, I always say it’s a not yet, rather than no, and you’re time will come when it’s right xx
  16. There's a thread about last year's show, which was nearly identical in content I think, here.
  17. This must have been very disturbing for poor Takada also. My heart goes out to McCrae...
  18. To help you make up your mind, here is a review of her similar but not identical programme: http://seenandheard-international.com/2018/09/in-pure-dance-osipova-can-seem-to-be-speaking-a-language-not-her-own/ I'm going as there are some great dancers, choreographers and (recorded?) music - but I don't expect to enjoy every minute of it. It depends on your taste.
  19. Great audience appreciation for Reece and Akane in finishing Act 2...
  20. Yes it’s the first time I’ve seen him live too, I was enjoying this performance even more than yesterday’s. We are all about to start again for probably two minutes, (edit: it was Manon that was about to turn up for the final scene )and then it’s the second interval.
  21. I'll be in London on business a week from now. Is this show recommended? I'm definitely going to the mixed bill at the ROH but was wondering whether or not to tack-on this show.
  22. I had to read that twice to work out if your were describing Lescaut's charater or appearance! How awfully unlucky for McRae's first performance back. I suppose it'll mean he'll be out of Raymonda Act 3 as a minimum & if it's serious then probably SB & Coppelia too. (As a recent ballet-viewer I have yet to manage to see McRae live, he's been off so much.)
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