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  2. A pity the brief is no longer available but as you say reading between the line leads to all manner of speculation as to what possible changes might be in the planning.
  3. Never done anything like that but seem to recall seeing one time that Masters of Ballet (I think?) held acting for dancers one day course once aimed I think c.age 12? Perhaps also look at where ballet companies are performing as often hold workshops across various ages based on the current rep so would include the acting required to tell story of that ballet perhaps? I know BRB & ENB both hold Nutcracker workshops across age groups - lots of acting required in that ballet! New Adventures also.... Plus RAD run various courses that might be relevant around the country. Good luck! Just acting look also at drama schools & National Youth Theatre
  4. (Or technically yesterday afternoon now). I suddenly became unable to get anywhere on the site. The "Performances" page would be up, but without the dot indicators for threads with new posts showing up. I could click on where they should be, in which case the URL showing would change to the appropriate URL, but I'd still be stuck in "Performances". Didn't have time to check it on different browsers, and it appears to be okay now.
  5. That's a point: can anyone tell me what sort of age the students were? I got the impression that they were older (well, taller) than in previous runs, although I may be mistaken.
  6. I throughly enjoyed it with my daughter at our local cinema. Also delighted to see an Upper School student we know in the performance. All be it a small part on the steps - nice to see the company offering these opportunities to students.
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  8. Among the minor delights of this screening, I thought, was being able to watch the expressions on Romany Pajdak's face while she was trying to persuade Nunez's reluctant Swanilda to confront the "living" doll in Act II Overall, though, I could probably have done with a touch fewer closeups, especially during the mimed or mime-like bits.
  9. I must admit, I was initially disappointed to find out from the cast sheet that the Smirnova/Watson piece was only to be 15 minutes long: it was a rather oddly balanced programme, time-wise. I also think it might have shown to better advantage in a smaller theatre - say Sadler's Wells - because from my seat towards the back of the theatre I was struggling to make out faces and expressions in the gloom, which was a particular problem for Radio & Juliet (although it didn't stop me being blinded by the Mugler costumes :) ). I'm not sure I'm sorry to have missed those from closer range. Fortunately, I decided that the performance of Faun alone was worth the (admittedly not very high) ticket price - I particularly liked Vaycheslav (is that really correct?) Lopatin's very floppy, almost boneless, characterisation of the young faun.
  10. It was rather dark throughout in our cinema, but a thoroughly enjoyable evening nonetheless. Lovely to see Merle Park , Darcey Bussell and Marianela Nunez chatting about Coppelia. I also enjoyed hearing about the costumes, and the challenges of conducting for different casts. In fact, all the extra snippets for cinema-goers were interesting. Nunez and Muntagirov were both wonderful; Nunez so delicate, yet vivacious and Muntagirov leaping effortlessly and landing silently. They made the pas de deux look easy!
  11. A very small audience at the Ritzy in Brixton. If only people knew what they were missing... What a brilliant performance. Nunez was incredible, technically magnificent and so funny and believable; Muntagirov sensational in all he was asked to do. Just wow. Yes, the first act was much too dark, which was a shame. But nothing could mar the excellence of the performance. I also loved Annette Buvoli's Prayer - such beauty and grace! I immediately wanted to see her as Odette/Odile. And lovely interviews etc as usual. I thought it was so sweet at the end when Darcey Bussell said she felt so proud of the company; that shows that she still feels part of it, and quite right too.
  12. All 3 acts were too dark. If they can lighten them up a bit, it will make a great DVD: if they can't, it will be even more difficult to see Muntagirov's legs than it was in the cinema, and that would be a huge disappointment (boy, was he on fine form tonight! As was Nunez)
  13. Or the 16th, for the ones I've looked at. Try the search on the ROH website to find out when your local ones are (they may be under "Encore" or under "Recorded").
  14. Yes, we thought that the first act was too dark. This isn't usually a problem at the Odeon in Wimbledon.
  15. I thoroughly enjoyed the live broadcast, but did anyone else find the first act much too dark? Perhaps the old DVD gave a false impression of the production - most recordings of that era were over-lit for the TV cameras - but I was a bit disappointed when the curtain rose to find that twilight had already fallen and Osbert Lancaster's lovely buildings and clouds were barely visible! On the credit side, thank goodness the night hours no longer have to carry those comically huge candlesticks...
  16. How very true! What an enormous treat that was- technically breathtaking indeed, with Nunez on superlative form. I enjoyed the first night immensely with Hayward and Campbell but I must say tonight was just on another plane. Muntagirov's variation! It drew gasps from the audience and the cinema audience and I couldn't help exclaiming 'fantastic' during the applause. I think someone said he was like a race horse or a greyhound let out of the slips..yes indeed, he just unleashed this incredible sequence with such nonchalance and a sweet joyful smile. . I have to go to the encore to see it again. A lovely evening all round. How marvellous to see Merle Park in the second interval.
  17. I have a ticket for sale for the RB Sleeping Beauty tomorrow evening, Wed 11 December at 7.30pm. The cast is Lamb and Hirano. It is a central stalls circle standing and costs £11. It is an e-ticket. Please PM me if interested.
  18. My friend’s daughter’s school in Bromley were given tickets to the Sunday evening programme. They attended and were very positive about what they saw. I didn’t see this programme so cannot comment on its content but am pleased that the producers did at least outreach to the paying audiences of the future.
  19. Open to offers. Trying to clear out some space before Christmas.
  20. Is it going to broadcast again? I thought next one in cinema is Lauren's nutcracker
  21. Hi @Astrid - My DD is 10 & only started dancing this year but has thrived & has a real passion for ballet (although she’s a fab little dancer across the genres). How old is your DD? We’ve just started signing up to workshops & an Easter intensive with her current associate. I just have an intuitive niggle that she needs more regular / local ballet classes & another set of eyes. She would love to go to vocational school in YR 9 so we’ve only a couple of years to get the foundations right! Xx
  22. Watching at a cinema screening - how joyful is Marianela? looking forward to seeing it live at the end of December
  23. Not on that day but on another day... leading to a successful career working as a dancer on cruise ships
  24. Thank you for this, this is just how we are feeling! It’s good to hear from people who have done the same..xx
  25. You would have thought so. As @Newdancermum noted in her post Sadler's Wells is already booked on the usual Sundays in August/September. We have been looking at summer schools and there isn't much time between their senior and junior courses for NYB to go in there. I would need to check last year's diary to see if the days are the same. Looks liek we may be seeing some changes.
  26. Thanks Tiny - got a feeling the new school wouldn’t like us just doing that, but gotta try I guess! 🤪
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