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  2. Do you have a teacher who is checking that what you are doing is correct as it would be pointless doing all those repetitions and gaining the wrong muscle memory?
  3. The dancers who I would tip for promotion are: To become Principals although not necessarily this year : Current First Soloists: William Bracewell; Cesar Corrales; Fumi Kaneko, Mayara Magri, Marcelino Sambe Current Soloists: Reece Clarke; Anna Rose O'Sullivan Current First Artist: Joseph Sissens Current Artist: Sae Maeda Current Aud Jebsen: Yu Hang To be promoted from their current rank this year: Marcelino Sambe; Anna Rose O'Sullivan; Teo Dubreuil; Romany Pajdak; Joseph Sissens; Lukas Bjorneboe Braendsrod; Ashley Dean, Leticia Dias, Leo Dixon, Sae Maeda
  4. Open to offers for these. I’d prefer them to go to someone who will use them rather than sitting in DD’s shoe drawer!!
  5. From the ROH website ☺️ Olivia Moxey responded on 20 May 2019 at 10:54am We're delighted to inform you that this performance will be released on DVD at the start of 2020. Best Regards, ROH Cinema
  6. In theory that is perfectly correct, Sim, I would add, though, that (in my view anyway) that the current state of City Ballet is very depressing, especially on the male side. I've never known the lack of talent at senior levels of that company to be so obvious. The current Spring season has been depressing - there have been performances where simply to get through to the end of a ballet has seemed like an achievement. At the same time, the younger male dancers show great potential. The women are stronger, if not great. Paradoxically, the presentation and preservation of an authentic Balanchine tradition seems secure with much more of the coaching back in the hands of distinguished former dancers (both male and female) This ties in with my view of the Royal, don't wait for people to "get experience"/"work through the ranks"/demonstrate an injury-free period" before promoting to principal level. The director should grasp the opportunity of having some younger dancers who are showing enormous potential at the moment and promote now.The Royal has, in my view anyway, some of the most promising young dancers it has ever had and I fear that if they are not promoted quickly, they won't develop fully and be stifled by dancing their umpteenth pas de trois in Swan Lake and we will be left to consider the "if only..." thoughts. If we worry too much about if someone is ready and opt for so-called safety by waiting for another year to give them more time, then we likely will lose some potentially great dancers. I believe there isn't a fixed number of principals - it seems to be a matter of finance. Historically, the Royal Ballet used to have rather more principals than has recently been the case and certainly the numbers of principals as a proportion of the whole company is far lower now than it used to be. Perhaps reducing the numbers in media, marketing and website development would help fund a few more principals (a joke, but I wish it were serious!). Additionally, I would also like to see a rejection of the idea that every principal dancer gets to dance the lead in every full-length ballet. It's one of the more-stupid ideas that seems to have developed recently. Apologies to have strayed (slightly) off-topic - but if you want names, my suggestions would be O'Sullivan, Gasparini, Stix-Brunell, Sambe, Corrales, Sissens and Hay - for starters.
  7. it also makes you wonder what else they are carelessly getting wrong in the rest of the paper
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  9. Oops! that's what I get for copy pasting from a Facebook post like a lazy person 😉 regarding The Ballet Retreat, August tends to be very popular, they used to sell out within a few weeks but as they do a lot of year it's tended to fall back to 2-4 weeks before the event they book up. there are a lot of regulars on the TBR weekend, for the first few years I wen't to them all but last year I scaled back to just the Leeds ones, if you do come let me know & I'll say hello.
  10. These things are really shameful from august (well, used to be august) broadsheets such as the Times and the Telegraph. I've said it before and I will say it again: how hard can it be for these papers to find one person on their staff to ensure that these things are right? With ballet this is happening over and over again and it is an insult to the readers and the artists to keep getting it wrong.
  11. I've also been meaning to ask - how quickly do The Ballet Retreat weekends (in Leeds specifically) tend to sell out? I'm tentatively considering the August Bank Holiday one, given that I'm free, and I just know if I wait for the convenience of the next time they announce a London date, it'll be on a weekend when I absolutely can't go... I have never done TBR before but seem to have become a regular in David's classes!
  12. All the very best, and wishing him every success in the future. If you find (as I do) that old habits are hard to break, then do pop back onto the forum now and again
  13. Thanks for posting these, sophie_rebecca - however when I click on a lot of the links, they are trying to go through Facebook to the actual website, and as such they aren't working for me on my work computer as they come up as Blocked Content. Not that I can't google them for myself, but this may cause problems for other forum readers who don't have Facebook accounts.
  14. I'm pretty sure the most basic piece of knowledge almost everybody has about ballet, even if they've never seen a live one, is what a dancer dressed to perform Odette in Swan Lake looks like. This therefore seems particularly ridiculous!
  15. The Telegraph joins the act. On today's letter page there is a picture of Fonteyn in the Firebird, captioned Swan Lake!!!
  16. These have been worn a handful of times only, excellent condition. https://www.movedancewear.com/legwear_tights_leggings-capezio_convertible_stirrup_leggings/3149/?sku=CA 10677WSTKM&gclid=Cj0KCQjwoInnBRDDARIsANBVyATbEsIMHxKkVlzM7FJGvIvJ8T1L2iuli6U4T7I46I69Im3mjIlED1caArObEALw_wcB Currently cost £26.50 new, would like £8 plus postage please. Can send photos.
  17. Brand new Bloch black leather split sole jazz shoes. Bought for my DD to grow into but she never did! Style is very good fit on slim feet Size is indicated 4.5 and I think this is USA sizing. My DD is UK 2.5 and they're a bit big so around UK 3. I think they are style S0461L £10 plus postage at cost
  18. @Spamcat strange they were slightly different. maybe because there were more boys in her group. This week is going to be painful I have to say. At least it’s a diversion from the waiting from RBS I guess 🤦🏼‍♀️..also waiting on a job interview I went for. couldn’t be more waiting if I we tried 😂😂
  19. Brand new untouched. DD has changed shoe type. Cost £39.95. Would like £20 plus postage at cost please.
  20. Well I agree with you Sim but I must say that, sadly, Paris Opera Ballet has been unable to maintain some parts of their repertoire (Lifar for instance). They even seem to be a second NDT at the moment by the way !
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