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  2. Sian Murphy -- an Assistant Ballet Mistress and former First Artist at the RB.
  3. May I ask who this is? As there's no-one with this surname in the current RB company. Is she a former dancer returned to guest, like Hayley Foskitt did in SB recently?
  4. I should’ve added recently. I was referring more to the current cast of principals and from the 2000’s till now. Differently from other famous ( and difficult) roles like Nikya, Juliet, Manon or Aurora where we have many first soloist who have danced those roles but didn’t necessarily receive a promotion.
  5. Something to whet your appetite ! https://photos.alastairmuir.com/Ballet/Royal-Ballet/Onegin-20/i-JpRksjP
  6. I would just urge a little caution when making the assumption that you can always take up a more academic career later in life. I had always thought that until I started looking a little more carefully at things when my DD was making her decisions. Of course there is no reason in theory why a dancer cannot take up a totally different career path later, but there is potentially one big practical reason why it could be difficult - money. I had realised that if you have "used up" your student finance one one degree you wouldn't get a second lot for another degree, but until I started looking more carefully I didn't realise the same would apply after a level 6 diploma. When I thought about it, yes, it does make sense that of you have had a DaDA then you have had your share of the education money pot, but I had always assumed that if you self funded a Trinity Diploma you would be able to get student finance for an unrelated degree in the future. However, thanks to the wisdom of some experienced people here I learned that that isn't necessarily so. It seems crazy to me. If you are funded for your Diploma you can self fund a subsequent degree, but if you self fund the diploma there is no guarantee of funding for a later degree. That seems totally unfair to me, but apparently it is the case. This may or may not be relevant to you, and of course the funding arrangements for education in general could change totally before you get to that stage, but I think it is worth knowing about in advance.
  7. Claire Calvert of the calm and sunny disposition was our first Lilac Fairy and I remember it fondly.
  8. I have an amphitheatre ticket (S60) priced at £25. I'm seeing the performance also.
  9. Ah well, if we are going to post up film from Youtube, here are the following. I am going to make no comment at all about this, I shall wait for others to draw their own conclusions! Here is a clip of Claire Calvert which must be fairly recent: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0eqzWD1HH8 Compare and contrast with one of Marguerite Porter in the same role. She comes on at 5.46: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S8kj260hvCk
  10. Today
  11. Lilac Fairy in Maina Gielgud’s production of Aurora’s Wedding for Ballet Academy East New York City, May 2019
  12. I was very saddened today to hear of the death of Derek Fowlds. I only ever saw him on TV but thought him both a fine comic actor with a superb sense of timing and also excellent in straight dramas. For me, though, my abiding memory is of him as Mr Derek in the Basil Brush show. Sincere condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. https://www.theguardian.com/tv-and-radio/2020/jan/17/derek-fowlds-obituary
  13. Did Belinda Hatley dance it? I know she did Aurora, just wondered if she did O/O as well.
  14. Hi. I invited my DD’s Dance School Principal home to have a chat over a cuppa. Away from distractions of the school and listening ears 😉 Very informative and helpful conversation. Weighing up going at 16 v’s 18 (post A levels). More importantly was it a viable option worth considering. It’s one thing to successfully gain a place at a vocational school/college but did my DD have the characteristics that would take her beyond the training and into the Performing Arts industry. It’s one thing to be a technically beautiful dancer (we’ve all seen them) but to have that drive ambition and sheer determination incl a very thick skin to survive. Obviously, ‘thick skin’ can grow over the years but worth knowing if the roots are there. We also had a conversation with a supportive teacher at school to gain an academic perspective on the situation. The Uni route was a serious contender as far as her predicted grades were but as far as a Degrees subject my DD hadn’t got a clue. Even choosing 3 A levels that didn’t interfere with her dancing was a challenge so it wasn’t that difficult to see where her mind was. Career teachers still do not understand that Performing Arts in all its genres is a career. So I would tread that path very carefully. Then there’s the question of:- 1) Do they want a regular pay cheque every month with a job of regular hours, stop dancing completely 😱 or keep dancing just as a hobby and a way of staying fit. or 2) Travel the world, love what they do and get paid for it but not have the stability of long term income beyond their current contract. There were many conversations over a period of time to ensure there was an opportunity for us to both think things through before making any decisions and counting the pennies 😉 We weighed up academic route and for my DD and we decided that she would ‘stock pile’ the best GCSE grades possible for a later date, if required either by choice or by circumstances beyond her control. Exams do not have an expiry date. There’s a life span to a dancers career but unlimited life in a more academic career, whatever that maybe. Friend performed in different European ballet companies for 8yrs and is now in Medical school, but takes ballet/Pilates in her spare time (as if medical students have such a thing😂). You can have it all, just have to prioritise what has age limitations and what doesn’t. Just don’t go through life with “what if mum had let me” coming back to haunt you in years to come. Good Luck with whatever you both decide on Ps My DD was also 14 when we started looking at dance as a career possibility after attendance at 2 SS’s.
  15. As we are not supposed to comment on General Rehearsals, I am sorry I cannot tell anyone publicly how absolutely fantastic and emotional this was. But for health and safety reasons I must advise bringing plenty of tissues to the performances....
  16. On stage promotions do happen but I think that if it were to happen this season KOH would leave it for Swan Lake. But since only 2 out of the 3 ballerinas that I think are being watched over for that promotion will be debuting on the O/O role, I think they will leave the news to be delivered off stage. I was just thinking that I can’t remember a dancer from the Royal Ballet that has danced O/O and didn’t received a promotion to principal eventually so that says a lot about the role.
  17. I have SCS D39 for sale for tomorrow matinee (13.30) £9. It's an e-ticket so I can send it. Let me know if anyone would like it. Thanks Jacky
  18. Your daughter should be able to ask to see the independent careers adviser employed by or bought in by her school. If you are unsure how to ask about this, the schools website should name the school’s careers lead (statutory requirement to do so) and they should be able to point you in the right direction.
  19. I was going to add courses at the RCS worth looking at as Scottish schools break up earlier than the English ones therefore the SS’s are earlier . NBS in Manchester Wont hold their SS until August. Obviously not helpful fit you. So hopefully this link will work 🤞🏼 https://www.rcs.ac.uk/short-courses/summer-schools/ Glasgow is lovely and has great railway links as well as an excellent International airport. RCS is fairly central as well.
  20. PutYourBooteesOn I just called the school and they said the first batch of emails that went out didn't confirm the date of attendance and residential/non-residential. The person I spoke to said to just assume you got in to what you applied for. Hope that helps.
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