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RBS Junior Associates 2018

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Mr Annear said results will be out by early July unless they get a chance to look at things over half term, in which case late June. Best to try and forget about them as the time really will drag otherwise. 


My younger DD was there this afternoon & really enjoyed the class. Managed to avoid seeing all the ‘bendiness’ thanks to being later arriving than planned (over- turned car with caravan on the M4) but really don’t let that worry you. My elder DD auditioned four years ago & came out saying she wouldn’t get a place as she couldn’t do the splits whilst others could. A couple of weeks later she was offered a Y6 place and is ending her second year at vocational school. The bendiest DC may not have the elusive factor that RBS are looking for and JAs really is about potential plus aptitude for their style of training. 


Big well done to all those DC auditioning as you’ve had a fab day out doing class with an exceptional teacher and hopefully made some fantastic memories. 

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Apparently "not easy and not hard". "Nobody spoke". 'we did 8 gallops across the room by ourselves then that was the only dancing we did on our own (does demonstration- looked odd- i said that looks odd, she says well the music was jumpy) ." "we had to be seaweed attached to a rock."  'i tried exquisitely hard and managed to be more flexible than normal today." 😂

Clearly i don't think we will be getting much useful info from my DD! 

Think they lined them up from the get go in 4  lines of about 5. They looked at feet and posture early on. Looked at them in different profiles and bends.

 It kind of sounds like they're going for body proportions and posture for most the audition- what I don't quite understand is how they can tell who is trainable into a better posture and who isn't, as We all know it can be improved... Then a few more physical exercises to demonstrate flexibility. Then a little musical stuff I guess to confirm if they're musical/have dance style required. I thought there'd be more dancing than DD described. Hope that helps. 

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