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The Royal Ballet: Swan Lake, anticipating the new production, Summer 2018

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1 hour ago, MRR said:

I hope Hirano is OK: he bent over and grabbed his ankle (?) after the Black Swan men's variation in today's dress. He hobbled off, laid down in the wings during Odile's variation, but finished the coda and seemed fine from that point. I did not stay for Act IV. 


One word for the Act III set:  LAVISH.  A far cry from the Sonnabend ballroom which looked straight out of The Munsters.  The model shown in the rehearsal insight doesn't do it justice. 


He definitely hobbled off but did complete the ballet, I wonder if it was a touch of cramp.

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3 hours ago, MRR said:

Akane Takada replaces Lauren Cuthbertson in tomorrow (Tuesday's) performance:  http://www.roh.org.uk/news/cast-change-swan-lake-on-22-may-2018


2 hours ago, HappyTurk said:

I hope it is nothing serious as Lauren already missed out on Giselle. 


1 hour ago, RuthE said:



Nothing against Takada but I've been waiting my whole ballet life to see Lauren's O/O because she was injured for both of the last 2 runs...


1 hour ago, alison said:

Me too ... :(  Plus I saw Takada on Saturday.


I was hoping when Lauren pulled out of a gala due to injury the other day that it was only precautionary :(


1 hour ago, Xandra Newman said:


I bought an extra ticket to finally see Cuthbertson... and she's injured again. Surely I'll enjoy watching Takada instead.


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