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Inserting an image

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Okay, that's still what I get when I try to insert a Word image.  I can access it, but then it's on my computer, so I would be able to.


"Insert existing attachment" doesn't work, and I'm sure "Insert image from URL" would work if there were a URL ...


(I'm actually trying to insert an image on a forum which is still using the old software, but the commands here have changed out of all recognition, so I don't think trying here is helping)

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Links – Thursday May 18, 2017


Reviews - Rambert, Ghost Dances, The 3 Dancers, The days run away like wild horses, London:

Clement Crisp, Financial Times

Jenny Gilbert, The Arts Desk

Mark Monahan, The Telegraph

Zoë Anderson, The Independent

Judith Mackrell, The Guardian

Debra Craine, The Times

Lyndsey Winship, Evening Standard

Anna Winter, The Stage

Charlotte Kasner, SeeingDance


Feature - A conversation with Cassandra Trenary & Alexei Ratmansky: Mary Cargill, Danceviewtimes


Feature - Li Cunxin and Queensland Ballet: Tegan Jones, Business Insider Australia


Review - Northern Ballet, Casanova, London: Rachel Elderkin, Fjord Review


Review - Limón Dance Company, New York season: Joel Benjamin, TheaterScene


Preview - Washington Ballet’s space race ballet, Frontier: Jason Fraley, WTOP


Review - James Wilton Dance, Leviathan, Manchester: Georgia Wells, British Theatre Guide


Review - Sydney Dance Company, Orb, Melbourne: Jordan Beth Vincent, Sydney Morning Herald




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I've a feeling that the days of using Photobucket as a method of importing images is pretty much at an end.  I've had a number of emails in the past two weeks telling me that I have to 'upgrade' if I want to continue using the site as a 3rd party route to others.  I've not bothered to enquire how much that might cost but, from another site, I've seen a suggestion that it might be up to $399.  I will not be doing that nor, do I imagine, will many others.  

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