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Found 10 results

  1. Ralph Fiennes is to direct “The White Crow,” written by David Hare, which centers on the life of Russian ballet dancer Rudolf Nureyev. http://variety.com/2017/film/global/ralph-fiennes-rudolph-nureyev-the-white-crow-1201977389/
  2. a trailer has just been released for Yuli, based on Carlos Acosta's memoir, No Way Home. It seems the movie is just doing the rounds of the film festivals at the moment. I expect its theatrical release will be next year
  3. For anyone who is interested, Thiago Soares has posted on his Facebook page Dear friends, I'd love to see you all on the 7th of November at 7pm @regentstreetcinema for the special screening of ‘Primeiro Bailarino’ a film by @brgfel @losbragas @hbolatam @reetamoreeyes @alicebraga_oficial and I will be chatting to @gwdancewriter afterwards and would love you all to join.
  4. Just found this while hunting around the Greenwich Picturehouse site. I'm assuming it will be on elsewhere at some stage: https://www.picturehouses.com/cinema/Greenwich_Picturehouse/film/the-opera-house
  5. Hello everyone! I love to read books about ballet and to see ballet movies and documentaries (not recordings of ballet performances though!) . I think here we can share suggestions with each other about those books and films we like and recommend. All the following I've seen or read and recommend highly: In no particular order: Books: Nureyev by Kavanagh Apollo's Angels by Jennifer Homens White Swan, Black Swan by Adrienne Sharp (fiction) Winter Season: A Dancer's Journal by Toni Bentley Margot Fonteyn by M. Daneman Does anyone know of any good novels set in the world of ballet or about ballet dancers? Nothing beats a novel for putting you in the mind of a real ballerina/ballet dancer! Documentaries: Ballerina* - follows 5 of the greatest ballerinas of Bolshoi/Mariinsky early in their careers La Danse - Paris Opera Ballet A Beautiful Tragedy* - Bolshoi Babylon Svetlana Zakharova - La Tsarine de la Danse* A Ballerina's Tale Ballet 422 L'ame de la Danse - Lopatkina* Nureyev: Dancing Through Darkness* From Russia with Love: Nureyev BBC* * = available on Youtube at time of posting Films/TV The Red Shoes (famous but now a bit dated.) Black Swan Company (Altman) Flesh and Bone (US mini-series) trailer: Any others? Thanks
  6. Interesting: "Dir Birgitte Stærmose Prod Peter Ålbæk Jensen, Marie Gade Dennessen Scr Kim Fupz Aakeson With Danica Curcic, Gustaf Skarsgård, Ulrich Thomsen Denmark-Sweden 2017 103min Sales TrustNordisk Showcasing a wealth of exquisite choreography and underpinned by a fine script, this provocative drama elegantly probes the nature of creative collaboration and the passage of success. International superstar ballerina ‘Darling’ (Danica Curcic) and her husband Frans (Gustaf Skarsgård, Vikings) return to the Royal Danish Ballet company in Copenhagen where Darling is to dance the lead in Giselle. The production, choreographed by Frans, is highly anticipated by the company and the couple themselves, for whom the job is all consuming – perhaps offering the only space where they can truly thrive together. Unquestionably talented but dangerously obsessive, Darling has already pushed herself beyond her limits, and her uncompromising behaviour threatens what promised to be a highpoint in her and Frans’ professional and personal lives. Curcic’s physically and emotionally powerful performance, guided by Birgitte Stærmose’s empathetic but always precise direction, provides an exhilarating depiction of creativity and the pressures of performance." Anyone know any more about this? It's on at the Curzon Mayfair as part of the BFI London Film Festival next month.
  7. Sounds ... different: Dir-Scr-Prod Superflex Denmark 2017 69min Prod Co Superflex A work of staggering ambition in production and storytelling that matches the stature of its controversial subject – one of Europe’s most contentious building projects. The Mærsk Opera is a musical reworking of the machinations behind the construction of the giant edifice of Copenhagen’s new opera house. It was donated to the city of Copenhagen by the late Mærsk McKinney-Møller, the world’s largest shipping owner and Denmark’s richest man. But there were conditions. It had to be built in the harbour on the sightline between a famous church and the royal palace. The musical composition by Anders Monrad, with libretto by Nikolaj Heltoft, brings to life a cast of characters both real and imaginary. The film deploys an incredible array of techniques, from animation to documentary, to tell this tale of hubris and hypocrisy which witnesses government officials and a city’s population seduced by the grand ambitions of the global capitalist.
  8. A woman who in many ways changed the face of dance for me - one Wendy Whelan - is still at 46 seeking new avenues of dance. She is ever brave; ever brilliant. Her self-commissioned RESTLESS CREATURE programme comes to Sadler's Wells in July. In response to Judith Mackrell's Guardian request as to what her reading audience might like to see I finished my response by wanting to see RESTLESS CREATURE. 'One can dream, huh' I concluded. Who says dreams don't come true (Ref: last paragraph of Deborah Jowitt's wonderful and obviously very personal review: http://www.artsjournal.com/dancebeat/2013/08/restless-creature/)
  9. I saw a marvellous presentation of clips and some previously unseen home movies of the Nicholas Brothers last night- presented as part of BFI Black Stars season, by Bruce Goldstein, New York cinema man and lifelong fan who made a documentary about them in 1991. They are the most sensational dancers and have a definite balletic grace though apparently they were entirely self taught. A short clip of Fred Astaire (who was also a huge fan of theirs) dancing with them in the back lot of a studio was a most exquisite moment. My attempts to post a link are not working but I will try again....It has a limited series of showings at Picturehouse cinemas including Brighton on Sunday-but so well worth seeing if you can; the film Stormy Weather featuring one of their best routines is also on limited release.
  10. DD likes to watch films etc. when she is stretching as she stretches for a long time each day so I was wondering if anyone knew about any ballet related films that she could watch? ( she's 12 so not ones for 18+ etc). She loved first position the documentary about YAGP.
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