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Found 77 results

  1. Please ask questions about Upper School/6th Form auditions in this thread. Do also make use of the "search" facility (top right of the forum pages) in case your question has been asked before. :-) I apologise for not tagging all Upper Schools but tags are limited in number. If anyone has questions or info about auditions at schools not listed, please do post anyway. Thanks, Spanner
  2. Danceroo

    Tring Park sixth form auditions

    Hi, I wonder if anyone could answer a few questions for me please. I have searched the old threads but haven’t found what I was looking for. My dd is interested in auditioning for the dance course and is currently in year 11. She is pretty academic and we want her to do 3 A levels alongside- is this actually doable? I find it hard to comprehend how you can give 100 % to either area, there are only so many hours in one day. We live within driving distance but it would be complicated to get her there. Do you think boarders settle in more than day girls, would they feel excluded? If you are a boarder are you able to come out during the week to attend other classes elsewhere as long as you are back at a certain time? Are there lots of new starters in the 6th form or do the majority come up from the lower school. From the website it says the audition dates should be published in September but I can’t seem to find them. Lastly I have looked at the funding information. Am I correct in thinking that Tring can offer a 10% scholarship plus a further bursary which is no longer means tested if your income is over £90k. Sorry for all the questions. Thanks
  3. We are just at the very beginning of this journey and I was wondering if anyone could advise on the best age for vocational school? Year 7 seems very young but are you less likely to find a place in year 9. Cost would be a major issue for us and my initial feeling is the later the better but I don't want my daughter to miss out if the potential is there, a big if I realise
  4. KindleK

    Academic Standards

    Hi, does anyone know what the academic standard is like at Tring Park? My ds would like to go full time but he is currently at a very good grammar school and I am very concerned that his studies will suffer as a result. Looking at the Ofsted report there appears to be a few issues with pushing more capable students to reach their full potential. Does anyone have experience of this ??
  5. I have some Girls Tring Park uniform for sale. I have a blazer, skirts, blouses, cardigan, jumpers, t-shirt and tracksuit (hoodie & trousers). If you are interested in any of these, you can message me through balletcoforum or text me on 07708091409
  6. pinkbex81

    Tring Park CBA Auditions 2018

    Hello, I couldn't see one started, so hope it's ok to start a CBA audition 2018 thread. I'm already on the Junior Associates train with my 9 year old son, but now my little 6 year daughter (Nearly 7) wants to give it a try. She loves her ballet just like her brother and is auditioning for CBA this year on 10th June. I always found a thread lovely, helpful and supportive to read when your child is auditioning for these programmes. X
  7. My dd is auditioning on the 17th for the CBA. It will be her second attempt! She has improved and matured so much since last year, I will be keeping my fingers crossed. Just wondered if any of you might know how many places there could be on offer? Many thanks
  8. Cherry

    Host families

    Just wondered if anyone currently has a dc staying with a host family, in Tring. Is there an agency dealing with the host families in the area?
  9. carmen67

    Upper School Auditions 2016

    Hi all. My DD is auditioning this year for entry to a BA in contemporary dance. I always keep an eye on this forum and it has been very informative for me and for her. I was wondering though does anyone know of any forums where they discuss contemporary dance as I know this one is mainly for ballet? She will be auditioning for Northern School of Contemporary Dance in Leeds, and Fontys and Codarts in the Netherlands. All advice or knowledge gratefully accepted! And good luck to all setting off on this rollercoaster year! I am terrified myself!
  10. AdageKitty

    Tring Park Associates

    Hi everyone! My DD is auditioning for Tring Dance Associates this weekend and I was curious whether there is any difference between this and the CBA Associates? I know that for dance you may have the options of choosing tap, jazz, modern as well as classical. However if we just choose classical is that the same as CBA? Thanks!
  11. Did anyone get offered a place for Sept at Tring on the Theatre Arts course? Is anyone already on this course and if so feedback and details much appreciated.
  12. balletjack

    Tring sixth form dance course

    Hi dd has a sixth form dance course audition soon, does anyone know how Tring compares to other schools such as Elmhurst, Central etc? Dd is probably more classical focused so was wondering if Tring is more focused on contemporary, jazz? What is the standard of teaching of classical ballet at Tring & graduate employment etc? Thankyou!
  13. Can anyone give me some information on the academic tests to be taken at audition for the Sixth Form Dance Course? My dd is auditioning there but doesn’t plan to do A’levels too. Thanks
  14. Nicola Moriarty

    3 day Xmas Ballet Intensive Training

    Dear All We are again running our 3 day Xmas intensive on the 28th/29th/30 December 2017. With only 3 places left and we will cover all the key elements of classical ballet, focus on your weak points, or areas your vocational teacher has mentioned. We will work on your confidence, and look to make you stand out and shine in Auditions or during Assessments. For some, the 1st term of 2018 is extremely important. We are here to help, and also make sure you don't lose your edge during the Xmas period and that you go back fully focused and at your best. Please email me with any questions nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com Kind regards Nicola
  15. Hi All *** ONLY 4 PLACES LEFT *** We are again running our 3 day Christmas Ballet Intensive on the 28th/29th/30th December 2017. A MUST for all whom wish to keep in top physical, mental and technical shape for the important "Assessment" term, or for any ballet dancer wishing to go back to their school with an "edge" over the rest! We will focus your mind and your body, and send you back fighting fit and ready to take on 2018, prepared and ready! 3 full days of class with me, Nicola Moriarty, 2/3 nights accommodation, all food and drinks are included - £395.00 (12 places only) Being the festive period we will have lots of fun, and games. But.......... we will work hard and build confidence and focus on those areas of concern within your technique. I trained at RBS and danced professionally for 3 years around Europe. I have taught classical ballet to such a range of students over the last 20 years, I feel I know how to bring out the best in you! We will welcome you into the WDR family and once you in, you won't want to leave! *** ONLY 4 PLACES LEFT *** Please email me for more details nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com and we can have a chat. Kind regards Nic x
  16. Harwel

    New school year

    Well, another school year starts and another emotional drop off at vocational school is looming. After such a lovely summer holidays spending time together, there always seems to be such a hole left when ds is dropped back at school. He is so excited to be going back and of course we are thrilled that he can follow his dreams. With only 2 years left of upper school these long holidays will soon be a thing of the past. I wish all parents of vocational students (new and old) safe journeys and strong nerves for the ensuing days. My Tring-a-ling is returning today to be there to welcome new starters tomorrow. Good luck all.
  17. Hi All If you are looking to dust away the summer cobwebs before the start of the new school term. We have 2 places left on our Live-in all inclusive 3 day ballet intensive starting 31st August to 2nd September. £395 includes all classes, training, accommodation, food etc. We will work on all the key parts to get you fighting fit for the new school term, and for many the important Audition term!! Message for more details nicola@woodsidedanceretreat.com Regards Nicola Moriarty Principal - Woodside Dance Retreat
  18. Mumofpinks

    Tring CBA assesment

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has received the results of the CBA assesments yet?
  19. PopsLulu

    Hosting House Tring

    Hello there, does anyone have any information about hosting houses in Tring please? My daughter has a day place and on the waiting list for a boarding one starting in September. She is 14 and we are not ideally commutable and I'm just exploring if this would be an option, possibly not a full week away but at least 3 nights a week. Any help or advice would be most appreciated. Thank you
  20. Happymum

    Tring auditions for 2017 entry

    It looks like auditions dates are on their website (even though it still says they will be published later). It's time to take the dreaded photos I think as first day of auditions (for theatre arts) is already full!!
  21. Hi, Just wondering if people can give me the low down on the paper/academic exams pupils have to do for The Hammond, Trying etc. Are they just to get an idea of where that pupil is or do they use them in their decision of acceptance along with auditions? We aren't there just yet but not that long until need to consider our options. Also is it really hard to get in or you just can't tell what they are looking for - dance skills alone, vocal skills, acting abilities, all of it?! Finally, do 11 year olds cope being away from home so young? With thanks in advance
  22. Hello forum members - I'm hoping that some of you Northern contingent will come along and support the Tring graduates show . The touring company Encore will be performing at Stanley and Audrey Burton theatre ( northern ballet ) Leeds, on Monday 24 th April . tickets only £10 still some available . It is a great programme - including Elite Syncopations and some especially choreographed pieces . Please try to come many thanks tutugirl
  23. Paleblueleotard

    Audition solo advice (Tring)

    Our DD wants to audition next academic year for year 7 dance at Tring and will need to do a solo, as well as the class with other applicants. She's never done a solo before - any performances have always been as class groups. What do people do about this as I have no clue at all. a) do a dance from a graded ballet class that they know like the back of their hand so no extra work needed, but the dance teachers on the panel may have seen before so maybe a disadvantage? modify a dance they have done for a performance, although as a group performanceso it may require a fair bit of modification to make it work as a solo c) let the child make something up themselves (that may or may not be correct as such or be the best showcase for their ability) d) pay a teacher to choreograph something and shell out for several 1-2-1 private lessons to make sure the dance is perfect. She only does ballet, albeit several classes week, so it's probably not a good idea to try another genre at this point I suspect. Although do people generally do another genre as they are seen doing ballet in the group audition...
  24. After reading an old thread I have to say I feel a little disheartened by some of the comments and would appreciate any more up to date experiences please. Many thanks. http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/1370-tring-park-school-please-help/page-1 http://www.balletcoforum.com/index.php?/topic/1370-tring-park-school-please-help/page-2
  25. tutugirl

    Tring cups

    Don't suppose anyone on the forum is at ballet cup finals tonight ? ( sounds like a football match ! ) Tutu girl x