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Found 48 results

  1. We are just at the very beginning of this journey and I was wondering if anyone could advise on the best age for vocational school? Year 7 seems very young but are you less likely to find a place in year 9. Cost would be a major issue for us and my initial feeling is the later the better but I don't want my daughter to miss out if the potential is there, a big if I realise
  2. Ballet4Boyz

    Living at The Hammond

    A few forum members have very kindly offered their advice re attending the Hammond, and as my DS is about to join year 7 - I thought it best to ask all of you (in the know) rather than aim lots of questions at any one person ???? Here goes : • do the boarding houses have Wifi ? • is it advisable to take a small laundry basket for his room? - not sure how laundry is collected. • are iPads / phones collected in at a certain time in the evening ? • do all boarders go home/leave the boarding houses on exeat weekends - or do some stay ? • are the children allowed their own snacks/tuck etc ? The list could go on ........ Sorry !! but DS has been asking a few questions & thought it would be nice to find a few answers for him (& me) and perhaps other slightly daunted DC & their parents. Thanks to anyone who can offer some pointers.
  3. Hi I have the following available: 3 sweatshirts 34 inch x2 £3 each age 11/12 £4 2 tracksuit tops 34-36 inch £3 (zip pull working but tab replaced with metal ring so works) 32 inch £4 coat 32 inch £8 (slight cracking to 2 popper casings and one missing but all poppers work) black drama zip up hoodie £3 XL youth Postage at cost.
  4. Hello everyone My delightful pupil starts at the Hammond in September . she would love to hear from any other girls doing likewise . PM me if you prefer and I can make the link kind regards tutugirl
  5. These will be available at end of academic year- Y10/11: black dans-ez cap sleeve leotard. Medium x 2. Good condition £7 each All years (I think) RAD leotard Wear MoI Titania black XS. Good condition £5 28/30 inch tracksuit bottoms. Good condition £7 32 inch tracksuit top good condition £8 32 inch? Tracksuit top. Good condition except zip pull has come off so has key ring pull on. £5 2 x 34 inch school jumpers. Good/fair condition £5 each Coat 32 inches. Good/excuse condition except casing cracked on one popper and missing on another. Poppers all work. (They barely wear them) £10 Year 10/11 pink modern leotards x2. Wear Moi size S. Barely worn. £10 each Tie £3 Postage at cost. Thanks!
  6. Hiya, I'm looking to buy any spare/grown out of Hammond uniform suitable for a small Year 7 girl ( just checked her present school skirt and it's age 6 -7 so I think I'm going to be doing a lot of alterations!) In particular: Ballet leotard Tap/modern leotard Blazer Dance tracksuit Coat (is this compulsory btw?) Thanks x
  7. Hello my DD has just been accepted into the Hammond. She is going to the call back audition, aiming to achieve the scholarship. On the open day we were provided with a sliding scale to get an idea of what the cost would be, but I can’t find it. Would anyone have a copy or know where I can obtain one before I have to request one from the school please? Thanks
  8. MrsMoo2

    Hammond Boys Masterclass...

    Morning ladies, just wondering if any boys are heading to the masterclass on Sunday. My DS will be one of the youngest. Hope he can keep up! He’s planning a mammoth packed lunch...😄😄
  9. Hi! What happens at other schools at this time of year? Hammond seems to abandon dance for the last 2 weeks of term in favour of Carol service preparation !! Just not ideal preparation for auditions for Y11s!!!
  10. margarite

    Audition disaster!

    DD has just had her first Lower School audition today at Hammond. She woke up with a runny nose and sore throat, and even though she had a fantastic day, burst into tears after I collected her. She's distraught as she feels she messed up most of the dance audition. In the ballet she couldn't spot properly in turns as her nose was running and she fluffed some basic steps😔. In the modern section she froze and forgot a sequence of steps too. She's used to auditions, and has had both positive and negative outcomes, and taken the 'nos' well, but I think this is the first time she's felt she's not done her best. I've never seen her like this, she's heartbroken. The school and teachers seemed so lovely which made it worse. Any advice or words of wisdom would be appreciated. Thank you x
  11. I have six Hammond blue Arabesque leotards for sale of varying amount of use - a couple practically new, in sizes 2, 2a and 3. Please contact me if interested.
  12. Hi I have 2 full and 1 concession ticket available for the Saturday 1.30 show. All seated together. Selling at face price full £20 concession£15. Thanks.
  13. Balletdream

    Ballet dream

    Hi , I'm very new to this and after a little help/support? , my Dd has been offered a place for year 9 at Hammond , but is on reserve list for funding , anyone know if this ever happens ??
  14. meltutu

    Hammond 6th form Accommodation

    Hi my daughter starting Hammond 6th form in September and wondered if any one can pass on any information regards Accomadation , not had a list from Hammond as yet but sure it won't be long before we do , if anyone has been through the process of having to sort out Accomadation for Hammond any info will be great thanks
  15. Hi, Just wondering if people can give me the low down on the paper/academic exams pupils have to do for The Hammond, Trying etc. Are they just to get an idea of where that pupil is or do they use them in their decision of acceptance along with auditions? We aren't there just yet but not that long until need to consider our options. Also is it really hard to get in or you just can't tell what they are looking for - dance skills alone, vocal skills, acting abilities, all of it?! Finally, do 11 year olds cope being away from home so young? With thanks in advance
  16. Hi, I have for sale: 3 x size 2 royal blue Arabesque dance leotards - the blue is not a bright as it used to be but good spares - 2 with a chest lining, one without. All have my daughter's name plastered over them (on the inside) so would need to be erased somehow. £2 each plus postage 2 x size 2a royal blue Arabesque dance leotards - much better condition and brighter - one practically new - also with name plastered on in varying degrees - £5 each plus postage. 1 X Wear Moi Elipse in Pacific colour - name also written on chest lining. Age 10-12. £5 plus postage. Tiny dance tracksuit - top and bottoms - would fit a short dancer who could fit into the above leotards - actual size has been washed out, but her overall height on making was 54" I have taken the trousers down by an inch so that it lasted longer! Good for what is needed if on a budget! £5 plus postage. Daughter is still at Hammond so could pass on if required to save postage, given time to bring them back. Please PM with any questions.
  17. sarahw

    Hammond Ballet Intensive

    Just to say Hammond are running a Ballet Intensive alongside their usual Performing Arts course which is mixed dance styles. It is for those at Intermediate standard and above 24-28 July. Info on the website. http://www.thehammondschool.co.uk/dance/easter-and-summer-schools/
  18. Hiya! Just wondering if anyone else is going to the Hammond Associates Audition next weekend?? My DS is auditioning. He's 9, nearly 10 and getting a bit nervous. I've told him it's just a class and wondered what your tips were for pre audition nerves? Look forward to maybe seeing some of you there...S xx
  19. Hi all - for those who don't know this is open to potential and existing parents etc. My first query is - when you get there is it easy to find where your dc is dancing or in academic class? Know us newbie parents will have specific agendas!! Secondly - plea from dd - please keep on going on tours all morning as she is down to do tours late on and is worried no-one will be left! I guess that's a satisfied customer!!
  20. sarahw

    Dance class sizes at Hammond

    Hi all - would be grateful for information about dance class sizes at Hammond. Both now and in past. Thanks!
  21. sarahw

    Hammond Bits and Bobs

    Hi all, I have some items available that were kindly sent to me but wrong year or size. I can post or bring in September. Tracksuit bottoms 28" - most suitable as a spare, bit faded Royal blue ballet arabesque leo (shiny) size 2A yr 7/8 x3. 2 in excellent used condition 1 in good used condition (seam repair) Dans-ez black classical leo petite - excellent condition Postage cost only if needed. Sarahw
  22. may seem like a strange question but i have heard back from mds award regarding fees uniform etc heard from stardust but not heard a thing about boarding. i know my dd was a late acceptance and maybe im a bit impatient as trying to get organised which im not good at.
  23. sarahw

    Hammond MDS Uniform

    I've just had an email saying all uniform for MDS must now be purchased from Stardust. I'm new to this - what do you think about this?
  24. I have a size 2 Hammond royal blue arabesque leotard used for ballet by year 7 and 8 available. Good used condition. My dd is going into year 9 and doesn't need it any more. Happy to deliver to boarding house at the start of term or can post out if UK - no charge!
  25. SwaybackSapphire

    Hammond End of Year School Show

    My DD and I went to watch the finale of The Hammond show yesterday and I was blown away by the talent of these young people. The dancing is very strong. I would have liked to see more ballet in the Upper School part, however the "birds?" (Black feathery costumes) was one of my favourites. Huge well done to all, you should all be really proud of yourselves xx